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Near-Death Experience and Related Internet Links

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1. Near-Death Experience Websites (A-Z)

Division of Perceptual Studies (DOPS), University of Virginia School of Medicine – (virginia.edu)
Horizon Research Foundation – (horizonresearch.org)
International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) – (iands.org)
Chicago IANDS – (chicagoiands.org)
IANDS NDE Radio with Lee Witting – (talkzone.com)
Journal of Near-Death Studies – (iands.org)
Seattle IANDS – (seattleiands.org)
Israel Near-Death Experiences – (israelnde.org)
Life After Life Institute – (lifeafterlife.com)
Light Stories Beyond the Explosion (Combat NDEs) – (lightstories.org)
NDE Accounts (Videos) – (youtube.com)
Near-Death Experience Experts and Researchers – (near-death.com)
Near-Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF) – (nderf.org)
Near-Death Experiencers Spiritual Retreat – (wmthost.com)
Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife – (near-death.com)
Nour Foundation – (nourfoundation.com)
Royal College of Psychiatrists – (rcpsych.ac.uk)
Science and the Near-Death Experience – (scienceandtheneardeathexperience.com)
Skeptiko Near-Death Experiences – (skeptiko.com)
The Formula for Creating Heaven on Earth – (the-formula.org)
The Self-Conscious Mind – (selfconsciousmind.com)
Thoughtful Living: A Study of Near-Death Experiences – (aleroy.com)
Website of P.M.H. Atwater – (pmhatwater.hypermart.net)
Wikipedia Page: Near-Death Experience – (wikipedia.org)
Wikipedia Category: Near-Death Experiences – (wikipedia.org)
Yahoo Groups NDE Discussion Group – (yahoo.com)

2. Survival After Death Websites (A-Z)

A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife – (victorzammit.com)
Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies – (ascsi.org)
After-Death Communication (ADC) Project – (after-death.com)
After-Death Communication Research Foundation (ADCRF) – (adcrf.org)
AfterlifeData Online Database – (afterlifedata.com)
Afterlife Forums – (afterlifeforums.com)
Afterlife Research and Education Institute – (adcguides.com)
Afterlife Research Centre – (afterliferesearch.weebly.com)
Afterlife TV with Bob Olson – (afterlifetv.com)
Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment – (edgarcayce.org)
Evelyn Elsaesser’s ADC Research – (evelyn-elsaesser.com)
Evelyn Elsaesser’s After-Death Communications – (adcrp.org)
Gary Schwartz’s Website – (drgaryschwartz.com)
Greater Reality Publications – (greaterreality.com)
Ian Lawton’s Supersoul Spirituality – (ianlawton.com)
Institute for Afterlife Research – (mikepettigrew.com)
Institute for Mystical Experience Research and Education – (imere.org)
International Survivalist Society (ISS) – (survivalafterdeath.info)
Survival Research Institute of Canada – (islandnet.com)
Swedenborg Foundation – (swedenborg.com)
The Search For Life After Death – (thesearchforlifeafterdeath.com)
Your Eternal Self – (youreternalself.com)

3. Reincarnation Websites (A-Z)

Brian L. Weiss’ Website – (brianweiss.com)
Carol Bowman’s Website – (carolbowman.com)
Eric Weiss’ Website – (ericweiss.com)
Erlendur Haraldsson at University of Iceland – (notendur.hi.is)
In Another Life: Reincarnation in America – (ial.goldthread.com)
International Association for the Science of Reincarnation – (thescienceofreincarnation.org)
Jim B. Tucker’s Website – (jimbtucker.com)
Past Life Healing – (healpastlives.com)
Reincarnation Research — (reincarnationresearch.com)
Roger Woolger’s Deep Memory Process – (deepmemoryprocess.com)
Wikipedia Page: Reincarnation — (wikipedia.org)
Wikipedia Category: Reincarnation — (wikipedia.org)

4. Out-of-Body Experience Websites (A-Z)

Afterlife Knowledge – (afterlife-knowledge.com)
Astral Info – (astralinfo.org)
International Academy of Consciousness – (iacworld.org)
Monroe Institute – www.monroeinstitute.org
Out-of-Body Experience Research Foundation (OBERF) – (oberf.org)
Phase Research Center – (obe4u.com)
Robert Peterson Website – (robertpeterson.org)

5. Parapsychology Websites (A-Z)

Daily Grail – (dailygrail.com)
Dean Radin’s Website – (deanradin.com)
Exceptional Human Experience Network – (ehe.org)
Institute of Noetic Sciences – (noetic.org)
Integrative Energy Medicine Institute – (integrativeenergymedicine.com)
Koestler Parapsychology Unit – (koestler-parapsychology.psy.ed.ac.uk)
Parapsychological Association – (parapsych.org)
Parapsychology Foundation – (parapsychology.org)
Paranthropology Journal – (paranthropologyjournal.weebly.com)
Psi Encyclopedia – (psi-encyclopedia.spr.ac.uk)
Rhine Research Center – (rhine.org)
Society for Psychical Research – (spr.ac.uk)
Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) – (scientificexploration.org)

6. Transpersonal Consciousness Websites (A-Z)

Association for Transpersonal Psychology – (atpweb.org)
Charles T. Tart’s Article Library – (paradigm-sys.com)
Daryl Bem’s Website – (dbem.ws)
Global Consciousness Project (GCP) – (noosphere.princeton.edu)
Institute for the Scientific Study of Consciousness – (spiritualscientific.com)
International Transpersonal Association – (transpersonalassociation.com)
Metanexus – (metanexus.net)
Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) – (maps.org)
NeuroQuantology Journal of Neuroscience and Quantum Physics – (neuroquantology.com)
New Dualism Archive – (newdualism.org)
PhilPapers Philosophy Bibliography Archive – (philpapers.org)

7. Mediumship Websites (A-Z)

Association TransCommunication – (atransc.org)
Ghost Circle – (ghostcircle.com)
WindBridge Institute – (windbridge.org)

8. Religious Experience Websites (A-Z)

Alister Hardy Religious Experience Research Centre (uwtsd.ac.uk)
Alister Hardy Trust (studyspiritualexperiences.org)
Hermetic Resource Site – (hermetics.org)
Holy Books Archive – (holybooks.com)
Magis Center – (magiscenter.com)
Summit University Press – (summituniversitypress.com)
Tentmaker Ministeries – (tentmaker.org)
The Mystic’s Vision – (themysticsvision.com)
Theosophical Society – (theosociety.org)