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Nothing Better Than Death: Insights from Sixty-Two NDEs

Nothing Better Than Death is a comprehensive analysis of the near-death experiences profiled on this website. This book provides complete NDE testimonials, summaries of various NDEs, NDE research conclusions, a question and answer section, an analysis of NDEs and Christian doctrines, famous quotations about life and death, an NDE bibliography, book notes, a list of NDE resources on the Internet, and a list of NDE support groups associated with IANDS.org – the International Association for Near-Death Studies.

The unusual title of this book, “Nothing Better Than Death,” was inspired by NDE experiencer Dr. Dianne Morrissey who once said:

Dianne Morrissey

Having read every NDE book I could get my hands on, I didn’t want to create just another NDE book. My motivation was to give readers a large variety of information about NDEs challenging both the seasoned NDE enthusiast as well as the novice. This book gives readers the means to understand the NDE phenomenon from the perspective of a large number of some of the most profound NDEs ever documented. My hope is that you will enjoy this book, my labor of love, and that you will be truly blessed by the heavenly insights within it.

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Nothing Better Than DeathAll sales and Royalties from this book go directly to IANDS.org:
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Paperbook: 340 pages
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation (October 2002)
ISBN-10: 1401064124
ISBN-13: 9781401064129
Product Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches