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Victor Borras’ Out-of-Body Experience

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The following is Victor Borras’ OBE testimony sent to Kevin Williams by email in his own words.

Victor Borras

I’m 54 years old now. When I was 19 years old I had become a Christian and I began preaching the Bible. I read the Bible every day and prayed daily.

I met these missionaries one day and they were different. Two families each had children and they were all dressed in this white robes and all wore their hair long brushed backwards. The men, husbands and older sons, never shaved. I learned from them that God had told them to practice this tradition.

Well one night after I preached, I went home happy and excited but tired and sleepy. So instead of praying for about a usual 30 minutes or so, I did a quick 10 to 30 second prayer and jumped to bed and fell into a very deep sleep. I don’t recall how long I slept but suddenly I heard the door knock. I quickly got up.

To me this was no dream. It was real.

I answered the door. There standing in front of me was one of the husband missionaries and with a great smile he simply said, “God bless you.”

As he was dressed, everyone compared him to Moses or a prophet from the Old Testament days.

I was happy to see him visit me so I quickly invited him to my room. But he didn’t walk in.

The next thing I knew I was back on my bed and he simply floated to the foot end of my bed. While floating there in a standing position, he asked me to get him some fruits. I quickly went to the kitchen and from the refrigerator I grabbed oranges, grapes, bananas, etc. It seemed I had an assortment of all kinds of fruits that I was more than desirous to give to him. But when I got to the bed and motioned to give them to him, he made a gesture that he did not mean eatable fruits but spiritual fruits. I understood this to mean converts into Christianity by my continuing preaching the Bible. But I wanted him to take the eatable fruits too. But he suddenly disappeared.

I then felt myself alone but thankful that this had occurred.

Then something strange happened as I lay in bed. I saw this cloud descending from my ceiling and coming down towards me but I wasn’t scared, just apprehensive.

When the cloud was descending on me, I had this feeling of fear. That part confused me, I could never understand why fear? But when the cloud covered me completely it was magical, a smile came over me, not a physical smile where my mouth was curved to form a smile, but something that tingled sensations of the GREATEST joy any human could experience, for I could feel my feet, my chest, arms, brain, heart and soul all consumed into a joyous smile of my soul! That’s why I knew this was GOD.

When the cloud covered my body, from toe to top of my head, I felt the most enormous and immense sensation of LOVE. It was so beautiful that I began laughing out of the joy this gave me. It was like too much for my body to contain this. And it seemed that I heard this voice from heaven speak to me and say, “Well done my son.”

Upon hearing this, I then believed that I had been carried to heaven or before the Almighty God.

I was so filled with LOVE and JOY. I was content and NEVER wanted to go back to Earth, ever. But I again heard these words, “It is not your time for you have much fruits to bring to me.” But I did not want to return back to this Earth.

Suddenly I felt myself back on my bed and the cloud had left. I felt so immensely sad and wanted to cry. I knew I wasn’t being rejected, but had things to do, only I couldn’t think of being back to Earth and going back to things of this Earth.

Next to my bed I had a window. This was during the summer and I always kept my window opened. So I thought or I heard a voice say, as if from the basement, “If you jump off the window you’ll go back to that wonderful place and you wont have to spend any more time on this Earth.” The logic seemed true and clear.

So I sensed myself putting my legs first through the window. Then an image came flashing to my head quickly. I received a message that if I jump I’d be killing myself, committing suicide, and this does not please GOD. I’d be escaping HIS WILL and would be wrong to do in the eyes of GOD. And it is better to be faithful and patient and pleasing then to be so self-willed and do what I knew was wrong and unfavorable to GOD.

So I simply returned back to bed and accepted my destiny. As I moved my body closer to where my pillow was I noticed that as I was awakening, my legs were actually sticking out of the window.

Then I went to sleep, with a smile and at peace.

I’ve always wondered if this was like a near-death experience. Even though there was no hospital, surgery, or a flatliner situation, some of the other scenarios did seem to be there. Any ideas?

Kevin Williams‘ reply: Very interesting experiences you have. These kind of experiences can labeled many different things and they could be one whole experience involving three separate kinds of aspects to it and this is what I think you had.

In my opinion, you mentioned your were greeted by a husband missionary at the door. If this man was the “essence” of a deceased person (i.e., spirit, ghost, whatever) and you were wide awake, then the first part of your experience may have been what is called a “pre-death” vision. Before many people die, they are visited by someone on the Other Side, usually to tell them they are soon to join them.

Because you didn’t die, your second experience probably was a near-death experience or a vision (these kind of things overlap and even are part of other experiences) but probably a near-death experience because your third experience was obviously an out-of-body experience.

The reason I say your third experience is an out-of-body experience is because of several reasons. You mentioned a point in time when you were awakening yet saw your legs sticking out of the window. This kind of thing has happened to me twice in my life and it is the result of “sleep paralysis.” When you are asleep, your consciousness leaves your body and your physical body becomes more out of your control. This is because nature does not want you acting out your dreams, like a sleepwalker, when you are dreaming. But in your case, because it does appear you had a near-death experience, returned to your body then had a brief out-of-body experience involving sleep paralysis.

It is during out-of-body experiences where people are more apt to come in contact with earthbound souls of the kind that might tell you to kill yourself, in my opinion. Also, the realm of your dreams is the same realm where out-of-body experiences occur and the realm is called the “astral realm” or the “earthbound realm” because it is close to Earth. This realm is like a never-never land where we can see our loved ones on the other side, experience whatever our minds desire, and even hear the voice of God. When you are finished dreaming, your soul body or “astral body” returns to your physical body.

Sleep paralysis happens when you awaken before your astral body has returned to your physical body. It is a strange sensation where your physical body is paralyzed for a short while and you can momentarily see two of yourself. In my case, I once woke up but was paralyzed. For a brief moment, I saw that I was half-way out of my body. It was like being at two places at the same time. The first time this happened to me I was terrified. Then I realized that it was an extremely brief out-of-body experience resulting from sleep paralysis.

Of course, all near-death experiences start out as an out-of-body experience and then progresses to certain stages. I think your experience began with a pre-death vision where the missionary appeared and told you what was about to happen. Then the near-death experience. When you returned to your body, you had a brief out-of-body experience resulting from sleep paralysis and it was at this time the earthbound soul (probably a suicide) told you to kill yourself. Very interesting experience(s) I believe. But not unusual in of themselves. Having all three of these in one experience: pre-death, near-death, out-of-body, is not common I believe. But not impossible. Thanks for sharing this.