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Daniel Rosenblit’s Near-Death Experience

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Daniel Rosenblit (www.living-martyr.org) was not beneath ridiculing people who practiced religion or believed in God. He believed that religious people were weak-minded and that religion was their crutch. But all that changed in 1978 when, after weeks of failing health, he died and was forced to “face the music.” While dead, he was shown true reality for the first time – from God’s perspective. While dead in body he was tutored by God Himself. Daniel was taught the “spirit of the law” and how “the letter killeth,” but “the spirit giveth life.” Daniel returned from bodily death and his private tutoring session with God and was given his divine mission. His mission, most importantly, is to first practice the holy way he was taught. As he was in the process of practicing this holy way, he was to share his testimony with others of what constitutes “true religion.” Daniel states, “If one doesn’t practice what they preach, that is hypocrisy; and hypocrisy is a stench before our righteous Creator. Today more than ever, Bible believing Christians need to learn how to follow the “spirit of the law” rather than only being disciples of the “letter of the law” as most unknowingly are!”

1. Why Daniel Rosenblit’s NDE is Important

Daniel Rosenblit

God moved Daniel to write about his experience of when he was dead in body and divinely tutored. Throughout his testimony, he purposely backs it up with scripture in order to prove to the reader that his entire experience with God was authentic. Because he has proven himself to be an eyewitness to the Truth, as was the apostles of Jesus, Daniel’s testimony is on equal par to theirs.

Daniel’s NDE is especially important because it proves several important things:

a. Christendom has misinterpreted some of Christ’s statements.
b. Christendom has wrong perceptions concerning the spiritual validity of other monotheistic faiths.
c. The priceless spiritual value of performing good works.

I read Daniel’s NDE testimony many years ago at a time when I was having a severe crisis of faith. I was in the middle of a gradual process of transforming from a strict fundamentalist to a much less restrictive Christian. I was learning how the real meaning behind the teachings of Jesus and the NDE were one and the same. That meaning is the supreme importance of practicing of unconditional love. At the same time, my Christian colleagues suspected that I was straying from the true faith. And it didn’t help that I wasn’t yet aware of all the Biblical support to defend NDE insights. Then I came across Daniel’s NDE testimony in his book Transformed by the Light. His NDE insights and Biblical support provided me with a better interpretation of Christ’s teachings and how Christ’s teachings are universally applied in other religions. In his book, Daniel gave an interpretation of one particular Bible verse (Luke 10:25-28) which, after I read it, put me in a state of total “shock and awe.” This was because it was the Biblical proof I had been searching for to convince my Christian friends that Jesus affirmed the greatest universal truth found in so many NDE testimonies. That truth is this:

The way to heaven is through the practice of unconditional love. (Luke 10:25-28)

Learning about the existence of this Bible verse and Daniel’s interpretation of it from his NDE, was the proof I needed to become more of a disciple of Christ and less of a religionist. For this, I am extremely grateful. The following is Daniel Rosenblit’s NDE testimony.

2. Introduction to Daniel Rosenblit’s NDE

“He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant – not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.”

If one sees the world from God’s viewpoint (the big picture), the mess we see from down here is not really a mess at all … It is perfection!

Through right thinking and right action you can radically change your destiny for the better! The following information will show you how to become more spiritual and less religious, and show you how to make your life more rewarding … and show you how to become blessed … forever!

Note: To fully comprehend my death experience, the information below must be read completely from beginning to end without skipping any of it.

I know that the Almighty One wanted me to display the details of my death experience. I had heard about the recent popularity of books on this subject and I thought to myself, “Maybe I should write about my own personal experience. No one’s death experience could possibly be more profound than mine.” Also, I can remember most the details of it after so many years!

Then I thought of an old friend who edited and published a book. I hadn’t seen or heard from him in over six years. Then to my great surprise he telephoned me the very next day! I took this as a sign that I should proceed with writing down my death experience.

Through my death experience, God totally transformed my life. He graciously revealed to me the true purpose of life and exactly how anyone could become successful in attaining Heaven … and even prior to bodily death! I learned that we are not on earth by accident or by chance, and that there is a higher, divine purpose for our lives which most of us are completely unaware.

Hopefully, the divine light that God shined on my life will also shine on yours as you read this manuscript. I sincerely pray that my death experience will act as a “Light unto your path.”

In 1978, while in college, I had a death experience. It was not a near-death experience, but a death experience. Fortunately, I was given another chance by God to live my life properly … in the light.

Again, to paint the clearest picture possible for you of my death experience, it is essential that you read the following completely from beginning to end.

First, I must give you a little background information which will help you understand this life-changing experience.

3. Some Background About Daniel Rosenblit

The information below will make the important spiritual aspects of my death experience far more understandable, so please take the time to thoroughly read this segment of the manuscript.

I grew up in a Jewish home and my family observed the Jewish holidays. But they did this for tradition’s sake rather than for the love of God. Through my innocent eyes, these practices appeared empty and lifeless. As a young child I was taught by my parents that we were the “chosen people”. But through the objective eyes of innocence I didn’t see my father acting nobly, as a chosen-one ought. On the contrary, I observed my father’s preoccupation with chasing the buck … and it looked grotesque to me; like a dog panting for table scraps. It appeared that he was acting not like a Chosen-one but rather as one who is insane. This hypocrisy bewildered me.

When I became old enough to attend Hebrew school I was at first elated because I felt that I was going to learn about God. But to my dismay all I was taught was Jewish customs and love for the Jewish people. Because the spiritual side I was born with was not affirmed by anyone, at this point it died. The public school curriculum further buried it!

If I had contracted some physical disease, my parents would have rushed me to the hospital. But my spiritual disease went undetected. How many children die within as I did and for similar reasons?

In Synagogue I observed that most of the people who regularly attended religious services were old men. I had surmised that they were merely afraid of death, so that it was just a fear-based, self-interest trip for them. I saw that the few young people who were religiously observant were considered the “rejects” (those who did not fit in anywhere else). None of the popular kids went to Synagogue unless their parents forced them.

Note: This was my young Jewish experience, I’m sure this doesn’t mirror all Jews in America, but I’m quite sure it mirrors most!

After my spiritual self died, I was neither interested in God, nor concerned about spiritual matters whatsoever. As I grew older it appeared to me that religious people were weak and used religion as their crutch. I considered myself to be a strong, self-reliant person who did not need any crutch, so I felt superior to them. I grew into puberty a purely carnal creature. Pretty girls and squeezing the gusto out of life became everything to me.

I was the type of person who was successful in everything I did. I was a good student and an excellent athlete – as a wrestler and football player. Though I was short in stature (5’6″), I won awards as a wrestler and was an exceptional running back in football. God blessed me with being an excellent football player and many of my classmates admired me for this. But instead of acknowledging God’s hand for my skills, I was becoming puffed-up with pride. I was not grateful to God, nor did I give Him any credit for anything (At this time in my life I doubted whether a Higher Power even existed).

I considered my friends and myself to be upper crust people, and I looked down with contempt on people in school who I viewed as physically weak. Additionally, I considered ugly or fat girls to be utterly useless. A few of my classmates would regularly make jokes directed at the mentally retarded and physically handicapped kids, or racist jokes directed against blacks or Puerto Ricans. I grew up in an all-white school. But I never laughed to their faces, but I laughed along with the crowd behind their backs. One exception was that I belittled a black fellow who was in my troop when I was a boy scout. I believed that there were a few winners and mostly losers in life, and I considered myself one of the winners.

Note: Sadly, the path of the “big ego” is the road that many worldly and successful people travel. It is one of the main roads to hell.

Anyway, not everything in life went my way. My coach was known for playing favorites with guys he favored. Rarely would he play an underclassmen in varsity. Frequently he would say, “The cream will rise to the top,” so I figured I would just bite the bullet until I became a senior. Then I would get my chance at glory!

The summer preceding my senior year, I worked out intensely all summer long. By the start of the season, I was confident that I would break many records, I was quite elated. But this elation did not last long. A few days prior to our first game I was sidelined for the entire season due to an injury. It appeared to be a fluke accident. Ironically, it was the wimpiest and lightest fellow on the entire team who felled me! When I was returning a punt in practice, he grabbed me by one of my ankles and it tore the ligaments. That same day I was on crutches! My season was over. My shot at glory abruptly ended. I was furious! I angrily shook my fist at the heavens and exclaimed, “Why me? It’s not fair!”

At the age of sixteen I started having personal health problems … but didn’t focus on them much till about the age of twenty. At the age of twenty I went to doctors for relief, but they had no solution. After having a brief “pity party” I made up my mind I would one day cure myself. I was a confident fellow, so I took personal charge of the situation. I got involved in many different things: herbs, self-hypnosis, health foods, fasting, etc. After a few years, I actually became grateful for my problems! Despite the initial anguish, I actually became a happier and more balanced person. I became happier because I was forced to look within myself, instead of spending all my spare time chasing my carnal urges.

I began college by majoring in pre-vet, but I couldn’t make the high grades required to get into veterinarian school. In those days it was harder to get into vet school than it was to get into medical school. Because I lost my career goal, I lost all academic motivation.

I learned early upon entering college that this so-called higher education (bettering yourself) was a big sham. Higher education, for the most part, actually meant higher pleasure-cation. It was an opportunity for most of us big kids to let it loose and party. For the first time in our life, we were free from our parents. I hung out with my new friends, smoked a lot of pot and drank a lot of beer.

On campus, there were Christians whom everyone called soul-talkers. They would diligently speak about Jesus and try to get us to attend their Bible study meetings. Even though I mocked them along with most of the other kids in the dorm, in their presence I felt very uncomfortable – because I sensed that they had an inner strength, which I did not have.

Nevertheless, behind their backs my friends and I would make fun of them while we were drunk or stoned. Within our immature group we dehumanized them; we laughed at them and joked about them being brain-washed fanatics. Once I even went to one of their Bible studies with the sole intent of arguing with them.

I witnessed a lone Hare Krishna devotee with a shaved head who used to chant and dance ecstatically in front of the campus library. Most of the students, including myself, would scorn and/or mock him. I figured this guy had to be the most “whacked-out” person I had ever encountered! I was genuinely scared to get too close to him for fear I too might lose my mind, shave my head, and become crazy like him!

I judged many other people and things that I did not understand. Also, I viewed people who lived and worked in communes as being “suckers” because they worked without being paid. I considered all religious people to be weak.

The ancient healing art of acupuncture had then just recently become well-known in this country. Many people had joked about acupuncture as being fraudulent – a myth that had been perpetrated by the American Medical Association. I thought that these acupuncturists had to be quacks since they claimed they could heal people by sticking needles in them! What kind of weak-minded people would go to them?!? In like fashion I would laugh at or judge most everything I did not understand, or things that made me feel uncomfortable.

Like some great Lord on a throne, I had my views on how others should live their lives wisely. But in my own life I was doing absolutely nothing for anyone but myself. I was such a hypocrite, but I honestly did not realize this about myself. Indeed, I was a thoroughly selfish person! When I went to Synagogue on Yom Kippur – the Day of Atonement. I never knew what to atone for. That is how jaded my consciousness was!

At that time I had not yet learned that all forms of selfishness are sin!

By the time I dropped out of the pre-vet program all my distractions were gone so my primary focus and goal in life was to deal with my personal health problems. I stumbled across an amazing book entitled, Survival into the 21st Century by Viktoras Kulvinskas. This book covered many subjects, but what really caught my attention was the information it contained concerning a “raw-food” diet and the need for detoxification of the body. The book touted this regimen as the “fountain of youth” and after reading this book I whole-heartedly believed it. It gave me the answers I had been searching for. Finally, I believed that I had found it. After reading a small portion of this book, I got so excited about the purification diet that I converted from eating the typical American diet to a raw-food diet virtually overnight. Months later I discovered the hard way that radically changing your diet, even for the better, can be very dangerous for your health; especially like myself, if you don’t fully know what you’re doing. The old adage, “A little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing” was certainly true for me in this case.

But a raw-food diet can be wonderful if it is implemented properly.

Over a period of six months, I dropped from a muscular 145 lbs. to an emaciated 105 lbs. My college buddies were always telling me that I was now always irritable and I looked horrible! I dismissed their comments. I didn’t notice any changes in my appearance nor mood. I was not an introspective person at that time in my life, as I am today.

As my health was gradually deteriorating I was led to another book entitled, Be Your Own Doctor by Anne Wigmore. She stresses that the critical part of the detoxification diet was something called wheat-grass juice. I had failed to incorporate this into my regimen which was a major blunder. So, I started following the book’s advice to grow the wheat grass, but I couldn’t extract the chlorophyll-rich juice without a special juicer. So, I ordered one through the mail because there were none sold locally at that time (1978 – Tallahassee, FL). Intuitively, I knew I needed the wheatgrass juice badly, and that it would rescue me from my failing health. As the days passed as I was waiting for my juicer to arrive, I began to become progressively weaker. As I neared the time of my death experience I felt my vitality rapidly leaving me. It was as if my life force became like dry grass in a field that suddenly caught fire and burned all at once! During this time I didn’t visit a doctor for two reasons: First, I had no faith in them. Second, I didn’t realize how dangerously ill I was rapidly becoming.

This downward spiral in my health happened at the worst possible time … around the time of finals week of my senior year! I clearly remember returning from classes feeling exceptionally fatigued. I looked in the mirror and was suddenly hit with the reality that my body was emaciated. My skin and the whites of my eyes were yellow. I looked at my hands and was shocked to find that my fingernails were purple. I couldn’t urinate and noticed that my abdomen was so full of liquid that I could barely breathe. Common sense told me that my kidneys must have backed-up. I was now drowning in my own toxins! At that moment, I was overcome with fear. A deeper reality hit me, I realized I was dying!

Note: At the time of my death experience, I was your typical narcissistic college student who was solely seeking personal pleasure and personal goals. Like most middle class young people in America, I had no responsibilities. With all my spare time and energy, I desperately tried to squeeze the most fun and pleasure out of life than I possibly could. Spiritual matters meant nothing to me.

Before describing my death experience, I must mention the format I used to describe it. At that time I was spiritually and scripturally ignorant. But after my death experience I’ve done much spiritual studying. For the book God wanted me to pepper my entire experience with passages from the Bible and other sacred teachings in order to prove to all that my visionary experiences were authentic; thus it is worthy of your undivided attention. I could have backed up my entire experience solely with Bible verses, but chose to also use wisdom from other sources in order to prove to Christians that the Word of God is bigger and more widespread than what is written down in the Bible. What we get in the New Testament is merely snapshots of Jesus.

Bible: “Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.” – John 21:25.

4. Daniel Rosenblit’s Near-Death Experience

“Those with ears to hear, let them hear!”

I knew I was dying, but I rationalized that I was too young to die! I was only twenty-two years old but for once I understood that the catastrophes that at times happen to our neighbor, such as cancer, stroke, serious auto accident, etc., can easily happen to us.

What happened next will not make sense to the rational mind because the many revelations and experiences during my death all seemed to occur at the same time, so please bear with me. I will do my best to describe my death experience for you.

At that time, I looked up and saw God. Even though I was not a spiritual person, something inside of me instantly recognized Him. At that very moment, I knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that even an atheist would instantly recognize Him. I looked up and saw what looked like a ball of fire in the clouds.

The Bible teaches the following:

  1. Jesus will return with the clouds of heaven. (Matthew 26:63-65)
  2. God is a consuming fire. (Deuteronomy 4:23-25)
  3. The Holy Spirit descended on the Apostles during Pentecost in the form of fire. (Acts 2:1-4)

Immediately, I placed my hands over my eyes and wept. Instantly, I knew that all the spiritual people my friends and I used to mock were all right, and I had been 100% wrong!

Dedicating ourselves to be faithful to God in all things is the only purpose for life!

Bible: Jesus said, “Those who save their live will lose it, and those who lose their life for my sake will preserve it.” (Matthew 10:39)

Sadly, I had lived my entire life in disregard of God and His ways. Now I was so painfully aware of this fact. It was like this scenario: Imagine working hard all your life, then making a gamble by selling everything you have to place one huge bet, and betting on a losing team – and instantly losing everything!

But this was far, far worse because this was not my possessions that I was losing, but my very own soul!

The emotional pain and anguish I was experiencing was so awful it was beyond human comprehension!!

Bible: When Jesus describes the emotional state of unfaithful souls on their Judgment day when they are shut out of heaven, He proclaims, “There will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth.”

Also, I instantly understood that if I had built my life around God and the things of God, I would have been overjoyed at this awesome sight. It would have been far better than winning the Powerball Lottery! Sadly, since I had lived such a totally self-serving (sinful) existence, I was now paying for it by experiencing a hellish state of indescribable agony and sorrow.

Next this great ball of fire descended upon me. This light was so bright, that it totally blinded me. I attempted to dim it by putting my hands over my eyes … but this brilliant, blinding light just could not be dimmed! It was like an all consuming fire … and more blinding than I can describe.

Bible: Saul encountered this same light during his conversion on the road to Damascus. He stated later that, “This light was brighter than the sun.”

Additionally, eastern mysticism describes the light of God as being brighter than the sun.

Again, I repeat that throughout this experience, I was in sheer agony on account of the selfish (sinful) life that I had lived. I still remember being on my knees while this brilliant, blinding light broke and crushed my hard-heartedness, which was the prideful nature that dominated in me, and had actually made a home in me as a consequence of sinful (self-centered) living. This crushing process was extremely painful. But so was God’s mercy!

Next, I saw myself as though I had been living behind a curtain my entire life … that all my thoughts and deeds had I had assumed had been conceived in secret; that I was this physical body and that this world is only physical, devoid of Spirit (God). All of a sudden, this veil of illusion – this curtain – was lifted and the floodlights shone on me. For the first time I saw Reality. Reality is that everything that appears to be physical – devoid of spirit – is God’s energy. Incredibly, I saw that I had been on display my entire life. Every thought, word, and deed of mine that I had assumed was conceived in secret, had been recorded since my birth and were now being fully exposed. Everything that I ever did in secret was brought out into the light for review in front of God and all the Heavenly Hosts! Now, my entire life was laid out bare before them. I knew they were all there. The awareness of their presence was clearly felt by me.

Shakespeare describes it best when he declares: “We are all actors on a stage.” He knew!

The truth that I experienced is that the finality of death is clearly false. When “I died,” I merely dropped my physical body, and my consciousness never died but instead crossed-over into another dimension. But because I had lived such a narcissistic and sinful life, this transition was extremely, extremely, extremely painful!!!

The Bible states that for those who sinned out of ignorance – people such as myself – that they will receive fewer lashes as compared to those who sin and knew better. I can’t imagine how painful it will be on Judgment Day for those who, unlike myself, knew righteousness and still lived a sinful and selfish life!!!

Later in life, God taught me this: The spreading of the gospels is called the “Great Commission” because the knowledge of holy gospels had to be spread throughout the world. Because this has already been successfully done throughout the western countries, now the “Great Commission” for us all is to WALK THE TALK!

It seemed that all the cumulative actions of my entire life happened all at the same time. Strangely enough, though, my brain had no difficulty dealing with this explosion of experiences.

Yes, this was my JUDGMENT DAY! Sadly, it was something that I had never given any fore-thought to.

In this new divine light, I saw more Reality. The Reality was this:

My entire life had been one huge test and I was now being graded on literally everything! Every word, deed, and even thought!

Interestingly enough, my judge was not some immense being on a great white throne. Something had emerged from within myself which I believe was my soul, and “It” sat in judgment of me. I had never recalled ever being in touch with this part of myself before. My soul showed absolutely no partiality towards me, even though “It” had resided within me my entire life. My own soul sat in Judgment of my entire life. It assumed a totally objective and impartial role. At this time I was fully aware that this soul of mine would just as soon plunge me into Hell rather than offend God. “It” knew perfection, which is God’s standard, and all of my actions were compared to this standard. By “perfection,” I mean pure, untainted Love. Also, because I was living contrary to God’s ways, I learned that all of creation considered me their enemy and was poised to persecute me! I learned that all of creation serves God except for human beings. This is because we are the only creatures with free will. But most of us choose to misuse it!

I was shown that pure love was serving God and others without any self-centered motives. Even if one was motivated to perform a good deed in order to feel good about one’s own self or to attain future treasures in heaven, this would be considered to be a tainted act; totally unacceptable to God. I was shown that God only accepts selfless acts of love. God is Love. Love only recognizes love.

Now this does not mean that if someone rewards you, you are not to accept it. It means that your actions are not motivated by desires of any personal reward.

I saw that pure love is God’s divine measuring stick, and that all of my actions were compared to this divine standard. Pleasing God and doing what is right in His eyes must be one’s sole motive. Also, God revealed to me that pure acts done for love of Him purify the heart; thereby eventually leading the one who learns to live right and live selflessly back home – back to God. Becoming pure within is the way back to God.

Bible: Jesus said, “The pure in heart shall see God.” (Matthew 5:8)

Later in life I learned that walking by faith and obedience is the highest form of religion. By walking this way, God leads us down a harder road. Walking this harder path will purify us even faster! Street ministry is one way to experience this.

Until this point in my life I had thought of myself as being basically a good person. Though being a good person was never the motivating force in my life. After all, I used to reflect that I had never robbed, raped, nor killed anyone. I certainly was not a criminal. Merely because I had never done anything horrible, I assumed that I was a good person! What a stupid man I was!! When I compared myself to others around me, I seemed all right. When I used to go to the synagogue on Yom Kippur, which is the Jewish day of Atonement, I never knew what I had done wrong to atone for. I honestly felt that I had never sinned. This is how jaded my consciousness had been.

Now, for the first time, I saw everything from a totally different perspective … from God’s perspective. For me this was a most shocking and extremely painful experience.

Important note: God showed me that it is a grave mistake that we make by judging our level of goodness by comparing ourselves to the righteousness of our neighbors.

Since most of our neighbors – the entire human race – live their lives in darkness and are headed for very great sorrow at the time of death, we are real fools if we compare ourselves to them! God showed me the wise alternative is to compare ourselves to the holy ones … the saintly – people such as the eastern mystics, Mother Teresa, etc. Truly, God expects us all to become like these holy ones! I’m not kidding!! Indeed, God’s expectations of our character are far, far higher than most realize or want to admit! Jesus taught people to ”be perfect as your Father is in Heaven.” My friends, this is not an opinion. It is a commandment! He fully expects us to sincerely strive for it!

Catholic teachings state that the only way to go straight to heaven and skip purgatory is to die a martyr or become a living martyr by becoming a truly crucified, totally selfless saint, such as an apostle, and no longer having the lower nature and becoming all good as Jesus and His Father are!

Concerning these exalted expectations of God, please don’t despair. If one perseveres on the spiritual path like a soldier, with God’s grace eventually anyone can attain sainthood … even ME and YOU! Jesus stated, “Humanly speaking it not possible to become perfect, but with God’s grace all things are possible!” I saw the truth of this statement with my own eyes!

Note: Even if you don’t attain God consciousness in this life, God is merciful to all those who sow sincere effort – those who try hard.

Later in life I discovered that our holy efforts attract grace like a magnet attracts iron filings! If you desire to reap grace, then sow holy effort! Jesus declared, “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.”

The Holy One showed me that throughout my entire life, my ego had occupied the center-stage of my life. I had lived solely for gratifying myself. I was motivated by self-interest in everything that I did; though, I had never consciously thought about this before. The foundation of my life was myself and all of my actions were performed to obtain some type of reward for myself; either tangible or intangible. Either I wanted money, sex, a pat on the back, a wink, a smile, someone to think well of me, etc. Thus, all of my acts had been polluted by selfish motives in varying degrees. Thus, until this point all of my life’s deeds had been totally unacceptable to God!

Bible: Our deeds and self-righteous acts are described as being like “dirty rags” before God.

Actually, I was shown that I had not even performed one deed that was acceptable to God my entire life; not even one! I was shattered, speechless, and panic stricken all at the same time. I cried, “I cannot believe it, I have wasted my entire life!” I had absolutely nothing to show for all my entire time spent on Earth.

Fun and pleasure, which were once everything to me, were not in my mind anymore. At this point, all that mattered to me was to find pure acts of love to offer up to God so that He would accept them. I feverishly searched, but to my dismay I could not find any!

Later in life the Lord taught me the added importance of “offering up” all our devotional acts to Him! If we don’t “offer them up” we don’t receive the full credit from God. This wisdom is in line with Catholic teachings.

God showed me that if I would have put Him on the throne of my life and lived to please Him, that this would have been the most important thing that I could have done! Then I surely would have produced acts acceptable to Him! The reason why groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are successful is because this is precisely what they do – among other good things.

Totally submitting one’s life to the one God and striving to live His precepts sets the foundation for a proper, successful life. Previously, I had thought that people who had lived like this were fanatics. But I now saw that this was what the Eternal One expects from us all. It is not fanaticism, but the minimum requirement!

Then, I saw that once God was on the throne of my life if my actions I performed were motivated solely by a desire to please Him, they would be acts of pure love. These acts of pure love are not dirty rags, as the others had been. God would readily accept these selfless acts as holy deeds!!!!

I must stress the point that this is the most important part of my enlightening experience. Actions motivated solely by love of God or doing what is right are holy deeds – not “dirty rags” – and have the power of “spiritual dynamite” that can be felt right up in Heaven! I saw this with my own eyes!

Note: One doesn’t have to be in the ministry or one who works for a charity to please God – the Lord accepts any honest work as a love offering!

For example, a few years after my death experience I had the good fortune of spending time in an “ashram” which is a Hindu spiritual community. Life in the ashram is centered on devotion to God. Everyone in the ashram is given work. Work there is called “seva.” Seva is a Sanskrit word translated into English means “selfless service.” In the ashram all work performed is performed as a selfless service to God. Ashram life trains a person in the art of making your life sacred. When you leave the ashram the holy intention is to take the disciplines that you have learned by doing with you into the real world and continue practicing this newly learned sacred lifestyle. Even though in the real world we all work for a paycheck, with this sacred lifestyle people now work for their “seva” (selfless service) and thus it becomes part of your devotion to God! You will receive your paycheck all the same whether you think about it or not!

In a documentary video about Mother Teresa, she made the statement, “I have to be holy at what I do, and you have to be holy at what you do.”

As long as we guard our lives from sin, God always remembers our pure deeds … forever!

Many people desire to leave their mark on the world when they die. They desire to be remembered favorably. Many desire fame. God showed me that if I would have dedicated my life to Him it would bring Him great pleasure, and He would favorably remember me … forever! This is far better than earthly fame! How incredible! I was in aguish. If only I received this wisdom beforehand! But I thank God that I received it then!!!!

The Eternal One showed me how easy it would have been to attain the kingdom of God. He gave me a bird’s eye view of my past, and I saw all the effort I had exerted in my life toward the attainment of worldly pursuits such as money, glory, sex, and other pleasures. I was shown that this whole creation was like a rigged roulette wheel in a gambling casino. As much as one tries, one can never be able to fully satisfy one’s selfish desires. It is virtually impossible, because this whole world is rigged.

Some people are as rich as King Solomon of the Bible and have the opportunity to thoroughly satisfy themselves as he did. Solomon possessed over a thousand women and had an incredible amount of wealth. Yet he proclaimed that he thoroughly satisfied himself and learned that everything is vanity – a chasing after the wind.

St. Francis of Assisi, one of the greatest saints of all time, stressed the great importance of living a life of “holy simplicity.” Holy simplicity means to cut everything out of your life that is not necessary for you to perform your “dharma” which is Sanskrit for “sacred duty.”

By attaining the kingdom of God (i.e., God consciousness), I am referring to something both very great and extremely rare in this world. I am talking only about someone whose heart has become purified, and who has thus become a living saint – a person who has attained heaven while living – a person who has made it back home.

Bible: Jesus said, “The pure in heart shall see God.” (Matthew 5:8)

If I would have attained the kingdom of God, I would have passed the most important test one will ever encounter. Compared to this test, all other tests are worth less than nothing. Only if you pass this test has your life been successful. This is the test of your character or the “Test of Life.” Believe me, whether we like it or not, the Lord is testing us all! Having an impeccable character is far more valuable than winning the Powerball Lotto! It is the absolute prerequisite to attaining God consciousness.

Later in life I learned that God tests us to see what we are made of – whether we are worth saving. Many Christians say, “Jesus knows my heart” and use that as an excuse for inaction. The Lord wants me to respond to this way of thinking by saying this: Just as Jesus demonstrated His love for us on the cross, God desires us to demonstrate what is in our heart!

Holy actions are what God desires!

Note: Jesus and the holy ones only know God only because they are/or became one with Him at varying degrees. To be one with God is the only way to truly know Him. That is how Jesus knew Him. So for us, the two essential ingredients here are being pure at heart and having an impeccable character so we can become in the image of the Father just like Jesus!

Bible: “The purpose of life is to know God.”

The only way to know Him is to become in His image. Note that you don’t have to be a Christian, but you must strive to be a person such as Jesus! The famous quote of Christ, “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no-one comes to the Father but through me” means to be in His image. My death experience repeatedly pointed to this truth.

At this point, if I had been in touch with my physical body, I would have pulled out all of my hair in anguish and I would have torn all my clothes to pieces in agony over the realization that I had discarded this “more than a golden opportunity.” The pain I experienced was greater than mere human words can convey. This “golden opportunity” I am referring to is to live a holy life in this dark world – a world that is full of temptations and distractions at every turn.

It states in eastern mysticism that all the angels in heaven desire a human body. The reason is that being faithful to God in this carnal world demonstrates a higher love of God than the angels can demonstrate. Unlike humans, they perform their dharma in a temptation-free environment. But if we can successfully perform our dharma in a temptation riddled environment like we live in now, we demonstrate a higher love of God than them! Thus we are greater in God’s sight! Now you know one of the main reasons that unfaithful souls on Judgment Day have such a great gnashing of teeth. It’s because they see that their golden opportunity of living a human life was squandered!

The Bible states that there will be “gnashing of teeth” on Judgment Day for the ungodly. On the other hand, for the godly ones it is written, “No eye has seen nor ear heard, nor the heart of man conceived, what God has prepared for those who love Him.”

Winning the Lord’s favor is far better than having the most beautiful women or winning the lottery! If we follow God’s recipe, anyone can win! The good news is that your neighbor winning does not exclude you from winning. In fact, God desires everyone to win, and no one to lose! This reveals how great God loves everyone. But His love can’t make you win, although it can inspire and motivate; it’s only your own wise actions which will be the deciding factor!

Bible: St. Peter said, “Truly I perceive that God shows no partiality, but in every nation anyone who fears Him and does what is right is acceptable to Him.” (Acts 10:34).

Sadly, because of man’s inherent selfishness and lack of interest in the divine ways, very few, indeed, win in life.

Bible: Jesus said, “The path to heaven is straight and narrow and few there are that find it; the path to destruction is wide and most walk thereon.” (Matthew 7:13-14).

Few find it. Not because God is that tough, but because hardly anyone is crucifying their flesh and diligently walking the path. Studying the scriptures without walking the path makes you a worse sinner!

Bible: “For him who knows righteousness and doesn’t perform it, for Him it is sin.”

Bible: Jesus proclaimed that the two most important commandments are: “To love God with all your heart, mind, and soul” and “To love thy neighbor as thyself.” He said, “If you do these two things, you fulfill the entire law.” (Mark 12:27-30)

The key here is to always strive to live the Golden Rule as Jesus affirmed in Luke 10:25-28:

On one occasion an expert in the law stood up to test Jesus.

“Teacher,” he asked, “What must I do to inherit eternal life?”

“What is written in the law?” he replied. “How do you read it?”

He answered: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and love your neighbor as yourself.”

“You have answered correctly,” Jesus replied, “Do this and you will live.”

Other religions have very similar teachings, although not exactly the same. This shows that God wants everyone to follow it. However, Christ’s Golden Rule is certainly the most excellent formula. Here are the similar teachings from other religions which parallel the Golden Rule:

Hinduism: This is the sum of duty: Do naught unto others which would cause you pain if done to you. (Mahabharata 5:1517)

Buddhism: Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find harmful. (Udana-Varga 5:18)

Confucianism: Surely it is the maxim of loving kindness; do not unto others what you would not have them do unto you. (Analects 15:23)

Taoism: Regard your neighbor’s gain as your own gain and your neighbor’s loss as your own loss. (T’ai Shang Kan Ying P’ien)

Judaism: What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow man: That is the entire Law; all the rest is commentary. (Talmud, Shabbat 31a)

Islam: Not one of you is a believer until he desires for his brother that which he desires for himself. (Sunnah)

Sikhism: I am a stranger to no one; and no one is a stranger to me. Indeed, I am a friend to all. (Guru Grath Sahib, pg. 1299)

Jainism: One should treat all creatures in the world as one would like to be treated. (Mahavira, Sutrakritanga)

Baha’i: Lay not on any soul a load that you would not wish to be laid upon you, and desire not for anyone the things you would not desire for yourself. (Baha’u’llah, Gleanings)

Zoroastrianism: Do not do unto others whatever is injurious to yourself. (Shayast-na-Shayast 13:29)

The more that my past was examined, the more tears and regrets consumed me. In high school I had considered my friends and I to be the best of the lot, but from God’s viewpoint we were among the lowest of men! At one time I had considered most other people beneath me, but in this new perspective I saw I was beneath most others. Now, the entire celestial kingdom was mocking me as I had once mocked others! Due to my prideful attitude, I was among the lowest of sinners. Because I had thought so well of myself and so badly of others – especially less fortunate people and God’s devotees – I had sealed my own hellish fate!

Bible: Jesus said, “Whatsoever you have done to the least of them, you have done to me.” (Matthew 25:40)

I had actually been serving the false-god (Satan), although unconsciously. My prideful, self-centered attitude had put me at odds with God. Since I had lived a totally self-centered lifestyle, absolutely everything I did was sin!

Note: Sadly, I never knew that living for self was sin, until this moment.

My friend, the pain of these realizations was beyond words. Even thinking about all this now, sixteen years later, is still extremely painful.

In this divine light, I saw God’s heavenly barometer. I was on the lower end. Because of my arrogant, puffed-up attitude for which I considered myself on the top, I was actually on the bottom. Some of my bedfellows were the arrogant lawyers and businessmen that most people despise because of their egotism. I was spiritually as low as them because, inwardly, I was as prideful and egotistical as they were.

I was shown that the masses of people – the silent majority – were above me. They also were living in darkness, but not as deep of a darkness as myself because their love was greater than mine. At least they served their families, whereas I only served myself.

I saw that the handicapped and mentally retarded people, the ones at whom I had once laughed at, were exalted above the masses of people because they were humble and innocent. They had remained relatively pure because they had not looked down on others or thought badly of and never judged their neighbors. They were similar to cars idling in neutral. They were not moving forward spiritually, but neither were they moving backward as most of the human race sadly is! In hindsight, I came to realize that, spiritually, they are situated at the same neutral level as the animals. Since animals do not have free will, they cannot pollute themselves with sin. Therefore, they are innocent and do not live in darkness like the majority of the human race.

Orthodox Judaism teaches that if a man or woman does not serve God in his life it would have been better for this person to be born a worm; for a worm is only capable of being a worm. But a person, because of free will, can either rise to great spiritual heights (higher than an angel), or sink to degraded realms (becoming like a devil).

Unfortunately, since most people misuse the gift of free will by not striving to be faithful to God in all things, it would have been better if they never had been born! This is the sad and shocking truth I saw with my own eyes!

Note: And at the time of death this God of love is stuck with the disgusting task of being involved with punishing the overwhelming majority of the human race … billions of us!

Bible: In the story of Noah, it states that God was sorry that He had created man. Now you know why!

Note: Today, there are far, far more people on the earth than in the days of Noah. One doesn’t have to be a genius to realize that sinful mankind has become a much heavier burden to our Creator than in the days of Noah!

Next, above the innocent retarded and crippled folks were the soul-talkers. Remember those brainwashed religious fanatics that I had so often mocked in college? Well, I saw that these people were so exalted in God’s eyes because they were consciously using their free will to seek out God and please Him with a total commitment of their lives. Even though they were not as humble and innocent as the retarded and handicapped people, they were more exalted in God’s eyes. I saw that this was the case because their holy efforts were appreciated by God and had made them dear to Him – earning His respect. Holy effort earns God’s respect!

Bible: Saint Paul proclaimed, “Present your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.” (Romans 12:1)

Interestingly enough, when the soul-talkers witnessed to me about Jesus, they had informed me that I would surely go to hell if I did not accept Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior. On account of my upbringing, I hadn’t received their words of life, but instead I had stopped up my ears to their preaching.

Understand that at the time the New Testament was written, the flawless reputation of Jesus had not yet been tarnished by those who claimed that they represented Him. This “tarnishment” was a problem that developed after the Bible was written. The name of Jesus has been demonized in the eyes of countless Jews the world over because of widespread anti-Semitism and persecution that had been propagated for centuries in the name of Christ through pogroms, inquisition, crusades, etc. Additionally, most of the Christian nations didn’t lift a finger to help the Jews during the Holocaust. This is the reason most Jews have been raised to block their hearts and minds to the teachings of Jesus. This is the reason why many are so unreceptive. I know this because I was once one of those Jews. However, God who is perfectly Fair and Just takes this fact into account. He judges each soul individually, taking all factors into account. Thank God! Thus, I was never condemned for rejecting Christ which is a huge sin! But instead, I was merely slapped on the wrist!

Note: The Word of God that the soul-talkers had previously preached to me was now being relived by me. Only this time, it was causing me extreme pain and remorse.

Bible: God said, “My word will not return void.” (Isaiah 55:11)

God requires Jews, Christians, and everyone else to strive for perfection and attain the perfect love which Christ commanded us to attain in order to be saved. He expects all of us, including atheists, to strive to live the noblest lifestyle we can. For this reason, those who study holy books like the great philosophers, but who don’t strive to walk its path, are unknowingly paving their way to hell!

The thing that surprised me the most here was that the solitary Hare Krishna fellow with the shaved head, who danced and chanted God’s holy names on the college campus, was actually the most exalted in God’s eyes! It was not that his religion was superior to that of the Christians that made him superior, but rather it was the fact that he personally had the greatest love of God. In fact, this particular Hare Krishna fellow loved God so much that he was continually willing to publicly display his praises to Him alone in the midst of ungodly people like myself who continually mocked and scorned him. I was shown that this man was so very much in love with the Lord, that he was oblivious to those of us who mocked him. The soul-talkers had not transcended their egos and were still on the mental platform, but this Hare Krishna devotee was on a transcendental platform of consciousness. Greater than the soul-talkers was he, because unlike them he truly loved God more than his own self (ego). As a result, he was in direct union with God. For him, it was as if the very heavens had opened up, and I saw him encircled by a glorious light. God was by far the most pleased with this individual, and I had mocked him the most! How shocking!

The one whom I had thought was the most insane and whom I had mocked the most was actually the most exalted in God’s eyes!

What pain in seeing this truth!!

Bible: Jesus proclaimed, “Those who save their lives will lose it, and those who lose their lives for my sake will preserve it.” (Matthew 16:25)

Note: That Hare Krishna fellow was the only one of the lot who loved God more than his very life. Also the Bible states that, “God is searching the whole earth looking for the man whose heart is perfect toward Him.” Many Christians believe that just because Jesus went to the cross, God is not continuing to weigh the hearts of men. But that is not true! God continues to weight our hearts! So let this be a wake-up call not to become complacent!

Then I saw that retarded and crippled people are all disciples of the Lord and are practically the only ones living in the light. As for myself and the vast majority of other people, we are living in darkness – places of great torment. It was clear to me that the vast majority of people, including religious folk, are not headed for heaven. I’m not saying they are going to hell either – I don’t know. All I saw was that the vast majority of people are headed to a place of very great torment.

Additionally, the times I acted as a racist was a huge sin. God especially detests racism because it is one of the sins that is tearing the world apart. There is never an excuse for racism!

To favor only attractive people or to make ridicule or ignore less attractive people is also a form of racism. Once again:

The only purpose for our existence is to be faithful to God in all things.

And the reason why most don’t go to heaven is not that God is unreasonable or unmerciful; He definitely is not. It is that most people are disinterested in the spiritual path of living a life of love and truth. Most people are disinterested in working on or correcting their own flaws so that they can become better human beings. Most people love their own life, comfort, and habits more than molding themselves into becoming Christ-like people. As a consequence, they don’t have the power or motivation in their lives to overcome the enticements of this world. Thus, they are serving the flesh and living in total darkness. Because they are living for self (the flesh), they place their priceless souls in great peril!

You can proclaim that you are a Christian till you are blue in the face … but if you live a life of selfishness – He will know you not!

I was shown that people who worked in communes were not weak-minded as I had previously believed. In actuality, they were wiser than most because they were motivated by love, sharing and altruism, instead of being motivated by selfishness as most of us are.

Also, I saw that acupuncture was a gift given by God to benefit mankind. I still remember seeing God literally drop this wisdom out of the heavens.

Bible: “Every good and perfect gift comes from above, from the Father of heavenly lights.” (James 1:7)

I was shown that, unlike the times of the ancient Hebrews, God is behind all the monotheistic religions in the world today. However, within these paths, truths and falsehoods are also mixed. I was shown that if great multitudes of people used a certain healing practice or followed a monotheistic religion for several hundred to thousands of years, they would obviously receive some benefit from it or else the practice would not have endured. They are receiving some benefit from it because God has His hand in it. Because of this, practices which are foreign to us – or of ancient wisdom – should not be routinely discounted. The reason why such people are benefiting from these practices is because God is helping them. Wherever the Lord is involved, know that mercy and healing are also there! Know that the merciful Lord has His hand in countless things throughout the world. I have learned that just because I don’t understand something, it doesn’t mean that God is not somewhere within it. Also, it is not necessary for a person to understand the validity of all the spiritual paths – unless, of course, you desire to become personally involved with one. So, I learned it is always wise for us to bow our heads low, be humble, and think carefully before passing judgment upon some practice that is foreign to us.

Sadly, in my past, too often I mocked the works of God!

I also saw that I had to repent for all of my mocking. In fact, I saw that I had been mocking God and His friends – His servants! To even recall this grave error of mine makes my knees shake in fear. What a huge sin! But if you are sure that what you are mocking is of Satan, then don’t hesitant to do it!

Though, if you are positive that something is of Satan don’t hesitant to say it!

As we walk in the light, God by His grace gradually removes our sinful and selfish nature and we become gradually purified. In this purified state, we become more and more innocent and less and less carnal; more like an angel and less like a beast. Thereby, we become more godly. When we fall short and sin, God is more than willing to forgive us if we repent, clean-up our mess, and then return to the narrow road. This is the path to perfection.

With His help, I actually saw that we are capable of becoming perfect. God is perfectly Fair and Just and would not hold us accountable to His high standard if we were not capable of attaining it! He wants us to be sincere in our hearts and be willing to back it up with the commitment of our lives through deeds. God is really not that hard-line. It is that we, the human race, are so selfish and sinful.

Note: It’s important that you understand the essence of this: God is a pure and holy God. Most of us are so filthy in our sinful ways we don’t even know what holiness is. Being aware of our extremely fallen state and the paramount importance of holy-humility on the spiritual path, it is wise to only come before the Lord in the name of Jesus or some great saint … not by yourself! For this same reason the Muslims wash themselves before prayer, and the orthodox Jews reserve a special name for God only to be used in prayer.

Also, God revealed other aspects of my life. Remember the times when things did not work out for me and I used to get so angry? This was God, Himself, who was protecting me by stopping me. In my football days the most insignificant, wimpiest fellow on the entire team felled proud me. Often, God uses the humble, base things of the world to fell the proud; This is one of His signatures. God used the wimpiest man on the team to fell proud me!

Bible: “God uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise.” (1 Corinthians 1:27)

Some examples are:

  1. David, the shepherd boy, felled the seemingly invincible giant Goliath with two smooth stones.
  2. Nebuchadnezzar, the proud evil king of Babylon, was humbled through having to eat grass like an ox for many years.
  3. God’s apparent weakness of Jesus hanging on the cross demonstrated his greatest power over evil.

Only truly humble, God-fearing people in this life have the eyes to see His hand at work in their trials. What a rare gift this is for the person who has developed it!

God had shown me that He had blessed me with being a gifted runner. But since I had no spiritual foundation, I did not attribute my skill to God’s grace. Therefore, I did not give God any credit for my success; thereby I was robbing His glory. Therefore, my success was gradually swelling my head; I was becoming puffed up though at the time since I was such a shallow person I was not aware of how this talent was negatively affecting me.

Bible: God warns, “No man shall rob my glory.” (Isaiah 48:11)

Now you know the reason. It swells your ego, thereby making you extremely difficult to become saved!

By that injury which abruptly ended my high school football career, God was further protecting my immortal soul by keeping my ego from further swelling, as would have occurred when fame would have knocked on my door … if I wasn’t stopped or injured!

Remember my health problems. This is God’s mercy again! How incredible! God’s mercy for me was at its height when I felt I was the most unfortunate. Who could figure it? All this time God had actually been protecting my soul from my own self-destructiveness; I just did not have the spiritual eyes to see it. Even though I had never cared at all about God, He cared deeply about me!

If God favors you and you do not submit to Him voluntarily; He will personally break you. His intent is to humble you so that your soul can be saved; so this is His very great mercy. Though, God would much prefer that we humble ourselves voluntarily since He loves us and therefore takes no pleasure in making us suffer; but would prefer the sinner voluntarily humble himself, so he can be saved.

In the Hindu holy book called the Bhagavad Gita, an incarnation of God named Krishna said, “To my most beloved devotees I give poverty, disease, and dishonor.”

God also showed me that all of creation – plants, trees, and animals – is groaning in pain over its separation from Him. He also revealed to me that He is behind all monotheistic religions that submit to His laws of sacrificial love. They are all dear to Him, even though few people truly practice them in the proper spirit as the Eternal One requires.

God also revealed to me the kind of love that He has for people. He looks at all of us through the eyes of eternity. His overriding desire is to remove the darkness from our souls; to purify us. The suffering He has to put us through to achieve that end is secondary. In order to atone for big sins we must experience great suffering. But it will greatly minimize our sufferings if we learn to accept it and see God’s hand in the painful things in our life that we cannot change. We must learn to see the “silver lining” in our troubles. We minimize our suffering by voluntarily humbling ourselves, doing penance for our sins, and walking the spiritual road.

Many of us, myself included, have looked at the seeming injustices of the world and said to ourselves, “If I were God, I would run this world differently” or “If there is a God, then why is there so much suffering in the world?” Many things in this world appear to us to be unfair. Well, God straightened me out – and now hopefully you too. He took me on top of “His Holy Mountain” where I saw the whole creation from His viewpoint. It was as though I were sitting on the cornerstone of eternity and for a moment in time my mind merged with God’s! In that moment I saw the timeless journey of each soul – not just this present short life. I was shown that we have all lived before! That everyone born in this world is born with a debt; some people have small debts while others have large debts. I saw that the entire creation was perfect! It only appears imperfect because we as humans have limited knowledge which prevents us from seeing its perfection. If I had the wisdom and power of God, I would not change a thing! Indeed, I saw that God is perfectly wise and just.

Bible: In reference to God, it states, “He is Just; all the angels proclaim it.”

It also states in eastern mysticism that, at the time of death, the spiritual master brings the disciple before the throne of God and all disciples leave with the same conclusion on their lips, “If I were God I would not change a thing!”

Important note: It’s very important that I educate you on the fact that in these modern times the ancient teachings of reincarnation have been tampered with by heretical “New Agers” who refuse to accept the fact that the awful severity of divine justice is hanging over all our heads if we walk the sinful road. Thus, these heretical New Agers have taken reincarnation as their own philosophy, but “conveniently” omitted an uncomfortable portion of the philosophy called “transmigration.” A half-truth has the same terrible effect as a lie. Isn’t this true?

This philosophy of “transmigration” teaches: “People who don’t make good use of their human birth, who live as they please, who refuse to bend the knee to the Eternal One, and who refuse to live the sacred way He has ordained for us to live by, usually in their next birth will lose this blessed human form and become lower life forms such as a rat, a bug, a tree, etc. As a result of this “transmigration,” the soul’s journey back to its heavenly home is very greatly prolonged, as are the terrible sufferings they must experience!

As you can now see, the true philosophy of reincarnation is not represented by the New Agers who refuse to face the truth concerning the great perils of all souls born into this creation.

Sadly, humans by nature seek a painless and discipline-less way to attain heaven. We want to believe the lie that just because we say the sinner’s prayer or believe in the heretical, New Age, candy-coated version of reincarnation, then we’re saved no matter what we do.

The bottom line is that the whole world despises the cross! By “the cross” I am not referring to Christ’s cross, but our own cross.

Adherents of the Catholic teaching on purgatory or the ancient teachings of reincarnation both develop the priceless virtue of fear of God.

Bible: “The fear of God is the beginning of all wisdom.” (Psalm 111:10)

Thus, devotees of both of these philosophies are equally motivated to get off their lazy, pleasure seeking butts and do something for God in their lives to overcome themselves. In reality, the philosophy of the Catholics and the eastern mystics about how to deal with sin are far closer ideologically than that of the Protestants and the Catholics! Followers of the ancient form of reincarnation or the purgatory philosophies both understand sanctity; whereas, most Protestants sadly have only a very shallow understanding of it.

Also, the Jews at the time of Jesus believed in reincarnation.

Bible: “I tell you that Elijah has already come and people did not recognize him … Then the disciples understood that He (Jesus) was talking to them about John the Baptist.” (Matthew 17:12-13)

Bible: The disciples asked Jesus, “Teacher whose sin has caused him to be born blind? Was it is own or his parents’ sin?” (John 9:1-3)

How could the blind man’s fault be considered when he was born blind?

Continuing with my death experience, I felt myself in God’s arms. I did not actually see Him at this point; but I felt incredible comfort and felt His divine love. This feeling of God’s divine love is so wonderful that it is virtually impossible to describe. So I will not even attempt to do it. Though, I will say it makes the greatest pleasures of this world seem pale by comparison.

Anyway, at this point I knew beyond any doubt that I had been granted forgiveness for my past sinful life.

Interestingly enough, because God had totally forgiven me, the door to heaven was swung wide open. But because I hadn’t performed any good works, my very own soul prevented me from entering therein!

Important note: Therefore a deathbed conversion does not insure a repentant person will attain heaven. It merely saves them from hell! Note that the good thief on the cross had the honor of demonstrating compassion to Jesus in the Master’s final hours. This was a priceless honor! For that reason Jesus personally took him to heaven.

Anyway, the pain I experienced was purely emotional in nature. There was no more physical pain like I had previously felt from being punished for sins. Now I was only punishing myself and this was plenty bad enough!

At this point, even if God had taken me to heaven, it would have still been like hell to me because I was living in hell within myself because I hadn’t performed any good deeds! I was most painfully aware of the fact that I hadn’t any good works credited to my account. Because of this, I was in enormous, seemingly endless, emotional pain, and the real hell is much worse than this!!!

Bible: “There will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth.” (Matthew 8:12)

Bible: Additionally it states that, “The one who didn’t know he was doing wrong would receive fewer lashes.”

I can’t even image the pain backsliders experience at the time of death – those who knew the truth and didn’t return to God!! The pain that they experience is incomprehensible!!!!!! My pain was incomprehensible, but theirs will be far worse than mine!

Still, my entire being was intent on remembering everything I had learned just in case I was given another chance. I was begging God to give me another chance; but in all honesty I didn’t think that I would get one.

Then, I felt as though my entire being dissolved and merged with the atmosphere of the room. I do not know exactly how much time elapsed. I heard a knock at the door which stirred me out from my trance-like state.

I struggled to answer the door. It was the mailman with a package. I opened this package, and found to my surprise that it was the wheatgrass juicer which I had waited so long for!

I immediately assembled it as I had a few trays of the wheatgrass growing that were ready to be juiced. I had needed this special juicer in order to extract the life-giving juice from the grass. I then juiced enough grass to fill a 7-11 Slurpy cup – approximately 16 oz. This juicing process zapped all of my strength because the wheatgrass juicer had to be manually operated. Then I held the cup up to the heavens and exclaimed, “God, I don’t know if this will help me, but I will try anything” and then I drank the glassful of juice.

Those of you who are familiar with wheatgrass juice know that 16 oz. in one sitting is far too much!

About twenty minutes elapsed before my heart suddenly began to pound uncontrollably. I thought I was having a heart attack! I then laid down on the floor because my entire body began to tremble. After about 45 minutes, I stood up. Amazingly, I felt strong and clear-minded. Miraculously, I urinated … instantly! This was something that I could not do prior to drinking the grass juice. But shortly thereafter, I started feeling weak and sick again. So I juiced more wheatgrass, drank the juice and was buoyed up once again.

From this point on, my health took a gradual turn upward. All told, it took me about a full year for my physical body to adequately recover from this trauma because all my muscles had atrophied during just during those last few hours! Even today, my health is not what it used to be. But what I have lost in strength and vitality, I gained in wisdom. It was a worthwhile trade. As you can clearly tell, this experience was both incredibly painful and incredibly blessed at the same time. Words cannot adequately describe it.

After this experience, I was what Christians call “born-again.” I began to perceive life from a totally different perspective. Now, God was on the center-stage of my life and my desire to please Him was the motivating force in my life. I knew I was not perfect, but I could sense the kingdom of heaven for the first time since early childhood.

Bible: Jesus proclaimed, “One must be born again to see the kingdom of heaven.” (John 3:3)

It is as the song Amazing Grace proclaims:

“Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me
I once was lost, but now am found was blind, but now I see”

Everything I had previously learned or believed in before my death experience, I counted as being less than nothing. Now my mind was like a blank slate and I was beginning life anew. I literally felt as though I had just been born. Everything was brand new to me and my life was now a gift. Now, I would not take it for granted as I previously had done.

God truly blessed me beyond imagination. He showed me everything I had done wrong. It was as though I was given a divine spanking for it. And it really hurt!

Note: God is a big dude. When He blesses, it’s incredibly pleasurable. But when he punishes, it’s soooo painful. When you are on the Other Side, the feelings of either blessings or punishments are beyond the comprehension of our finite, earthly minds.

Then he graciously showed me how to live in a selfless and sinless fashion. He gave me back my life and said in a wordless way, “Now live it; but in the proper way!” And now you have also been taught! God had personally taught me (and now you) the basics of spirituality. I was given a fresh, new start and I began to practice living properly. And now, hopefully you will make a brand new start as well!

Interestingly enough, at this point I thought that because I had committed myself to live entirely for God, my whole life would be boring. I humbly accepted that fact. I didn’t think that I was going to get anything for myself anymore.

At the time, I was so spiritually naive that I didn’t even know the famous spiritual principle, “It is in giving that you receive.” I had just made a deal with God to strive to serve Him in all my actions and, at the same time, I resigned myself to living what I thought would be an extremely boring life.

But to my amazement, I later discovered that my expectations were completely wrong. My life became anything but boring! I will not tell you what happened to me after I committed my life to living totally for God because I do not want to rob you of that personal discovery which you need to experience for yourself. It is the mystery of the spiritual life which the world can never comprehend. It is something which must be experienced yourself.

Mysterious things happen when you “jump off the cliff” within yourself and totally submit your life to God and strive to live out His teachings daily in every aspect of your life. His teachings must become your lifestyle. So if you haven’t yet done so already, I urge you to consider the spiritual life a lifelong commitment. But once you make the commitment, you can never break it under any circumstances. Breaking vows to God are gigantic sins. It was for this reason that Jesus taught us to “count the cost” before making the commitment.

Note: There is no rule stating that you must live the spiritual life through a vow. However, the commitment to God we make is not a one-way commitment either. God commits Himself to us as well. God always reciprocates!

If you have served God in the past and have fallen away, you must repent and recommit yourself or enormous sorrow awaits you when you die. Remember this: we are dealing with the Creator of the universe! He is not a mere man!

Bible: Jesus said, “For whom much has been given much will be expected.”

Also, recall the parable of the rich man giving out talents.

Life does have a higher purpose. This total commitment to God, whether it is with or without a vow, is only the first – but absolutely necessary – step to becoming a man or woman of God.

As it is within a bee hive, where the sole purpose of the worker bee’s existence is to serve the Queen Bee, so it is the sole purpose of our existence to serve God in all that we do. By refusing to do this, we are only acting against the purpose for which we were created and become a “lost soul.” Unfortunately, most people are lost souls. Therefore, please act wisely and not waste anymore of your precious life! Most of us have already wasted too much already!!

Through my experience, I saw that nobody gets away with any of their evil actions. Many times we hear about people who seemingly escape punishment for terrible crimes. We might say that it’s not fair or that they are getting away with it. Perhaps you have done something evil or dishonest in secret and never got caught. I will tell you for sure that nobody gets away with anything … not me, not you, or anyone! I have seen this with my own eyes!

For the benefit of those people who consider themselves part of any particular religion, I must explain what I know to be a fact:

Only the person who lives God’s teachings is a true Christian or Jew or Buddhist or Muslim, etc.

Mother Teresa once said, “I’m not trying to convert others to my religion. I’m trying to make them into human beings.”

My friend, Mother Teresa understood the sole purpose of religion. Anyone who preaches contrary to this is self-deceived.

If you are not really trying to reform yourself to become all-good like He is (i.e., become Christ-like), then you are deceived.

Note: The bottom line is this: You don’t need much book knowledge to be Christ-like.

To get close to God, you don’t have to study your brains out like many people seem to believe. The Jews of the Old Testament took God’s simple teachings and made them complex. But Jesus came and made it all simple again and easy to understand. But over time, Christians have once again made it complicated! It’s good to study scripture as the Apostle Paul admonished us. But it becomes a sin if this knowledge is not practiced.

Bible: “Whoever knows what is right and fails to do it, for him it is sin.” (James 4:17)

Many are wrongly taught to spend all their time going over the same scriptures again and again, thinking they will obtain the ultimate truth from the words. But the scriptures merely point the way. We must strive to fully LIVE the teachings in our day-to-day lives. Only then will our spiritual eyes open and wisdom come. When a person becomes one with the teachings by walking the talk, only then does one begin to understand the heart of Eternal One.

The Bhagavad-Gita states: “Out of great number of people, only a few sincerely seek Me. Out of a great number of those who sincerely seek Me, it is a rare soul who truly knows Me.”

It is far wiser to learn what we must do and, instead of continuing to study, spend the bulk of our time obeying God and developing those virtues which the scripture speaks of. This famous saying is good advice: “An ounce of practice is worth tons of theory.”

Bible: Jesus said, “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” (Matthew 5:1)

St. Francis of Assisi also said, “Christ preferred action above teaching.”

When we live the holy teachings which scripture admonishes us to follow, our religion becomes alive and real. It becomes a direct link to the living God. But if a person only quotes scriptures like a parrot and doesn’t live it, their religion is dead. If we are not willing to give our religion a whole-hearted effort, then we are wasting our time because we can’t fool God. We only fool ourselves.

Salvation is not easily attainable as most people art taught. Salvation entails striving to sacrifice all of our selfishness in order to love God and righteousness more than anything in the world – even more than life itself!

Bible: Jesus said, “Those who save their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for My sake will preserve it.” (Matthew 16:25)

The Apostle Paul was a great man who spoke many great truths; but with all humility, I’m sorry to say that a few things he said were contrary to the teachings of Christ! Namely this: “There is no name under heaven and earth where a man must be saved!” This statement is contrary to the teachings of Christ! When Jesus spoke about salvation, the apostles were amazed and said things such as, “Who then can be saved?” I wholeheartedly agree that the name of Jesus is above all other names; but we can never say to God that He is obligated to save you. The Bible says, “Only those who preserve to the end” have salvation guaranteed. There is no other guarantee! Here are some important teachings of Jesus which support this:

“Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God. Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are the merciful, because they shall obtain mercy. Blessed are the pure at heart, for they shall see God. Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

“If you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your heavenly Father forgive your trespasses.

“Pray for those who persecute you so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven; for He makes the sun rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.”

Jesus gave us these principles. He never said we must first accept Him as our personal Savior for these principles to work. These are universal principles. If we follow and practice such principles in our lives, they will work for us and we will receive the desired results. Even if we have no religion at all or are even an atheist!

Christians in general often say that being a good person does not get you into heaven. But I’m not so sure about that! Recall the parable of the Good Samaritan. Jesus was telling us to be like that man. According to what was written about the Good Samaritan, we don’t know anything about him except that he had a great love for his neighbor. My question to you is this: Do you suppose Jesus would call the Good Samaritan one of His sheep or a goat? I believe that that parable speaks for itself!

Bible: “Knowledge puffs up but love builds up.” (1 Corinthians 8:1)

Many foolish intellectuals waste their precious time playing with scripture verses instead of developing an inner purity and being fruitful in good works.

The thirteenth-century Saint Francis of Assisi was possibly the greatest Christian of all time. He stated it correctly when he said, “Christ preferred action above teaching.”

Sadly, most of Christendom makes a terrible mistake by following the very opposite path by placing teaching above action!

My dear friend, if you study the life of St. Francis of Assisi and his companions, it will definitely deepen your understanding of what it takes to be a good Christian. I guarantee it. It certainly has worked for me!

Truly, I tell you that many pastors, rabbis, and spiritual scholars will go to hell because they do not practice the holy teachings they preached to others to practice but did not follow it themselves. This is hypocrisy. It is especially bad if one is a hypocrite and subsists off the charity of others – such as tithes. Their punishment will be far worse!

Sadly, as I mentioned before, most people are not interested in God or His ways. For them, it would have been better if they had never been born! Remember, religious hypocrites are far worse than them! Woe to them! Now you know the reason that Jesus reserved his harshest criticism for the religious leaders of his day.

If secular people only understood the fact that God is not on a power trip and that all His laws were designed by Him which, if obeyed, can make us into better human beings, restore our character, and purify our souls. Through His holy laws, God is trying to teach us to live nobly so we can become like Jesus – a Saint who is the image of our noble Father in heaven. God wants us to act in a humble and righteous fashion as He Himself acts! Since we were created in His image, God expects us to act accordingly! If people only realized these simple truths, I believe that all good people would be willing to take up the cross of self-denial.

For the benefit of my Christian readers, I must inform them that there is no assurance of salvation! Yes, I said the scary thing. Now let me explain. If someone truly repents for their sins and accepts Jesus on his or her deathbed … no problem. If they are sincere, God will show them mercy. However, as I mentioned earlier, this does not mean that they will go to heaven. But it will save them from going to hell. And for those who call themselves Christians, I must say that it is worth nothing to call yourself a “Christian” if God does not consider you one. Please stop reading and think about that for a moment.

Christ is the one who separates the faithful from the unfaithful – the sheep from goats. His great sacrifice on the cross will ultimately only benefit His flock. My friend, when you die, you might just see people from all different religions accepted in His flock. Many people who professed to be Christians will be turned away. His flock consists only of those who earnestly strive to live God’s sacred teachings, thereby becoming noble human beings.

Bible: The only guarantee of salvation is this: “Those who persevere to the end will be saved.” (Matthew 24:12-13)

Bible: Jesus said, “In my Father’s house there are many mansions.” (John 14:2)

Some of these mansions were created for people practicing other spiritual paths.

In the days of Jesus, the Pharisees assumed they were God’s children merely because they had Jewish blood. They claimed their father was Abraham. However, Jesus revealed the hypocrisy that they were really made of. Therefore, Jesus said of them, “Their father is really the devil.” Dear reader, please make sure you are not like one of them! I’m sorry to say that many religious people today are just like those depraved Pharisees!

We must walk the talk!

If you are sincere, then there is no need to fear for your salvation. Your ultimate salvation is assured if living to please God is the greatest desire of your heart. God wants us to sincerely strive to put Him and His higher principles first in all things. “Striving” means “winning” in God’s book! God is extremely merciful and patient towards all sincere people who desire to live noble lives. As I said previously, because everyone was made in God’s image, the Father expects us to act like He acts … like Jesus. Think about it, don’t you think God is being reasonable here?

But even if a person is very sincere, if they don’t cultivate discipline as well, they cannot bear much good fruit. However, with sincerity and discipline, a person can even become a spiritual giant … and bear much good fruit.

Bible: “Other seeds fell on good soil and brought forth grain, some a hundred-fold, some sixty, some thirty.” (Matthew 13:8)

If you are not sincere, you ought to fear greatly because you are gambling with your very salvation. Salvation is not cheap. It is a great honor reserved only for those who are sincerely striving to love God and what is right more than anything else in this world. You must be very sincere about your spiritual life or the pleasures of life and cares of this world will draw you away from the right path.

When a student studies for a test, it helps them to pass the test. In this same way, but far more importantly, when you read the holy scriptures or the teachings of the saints, it gives you the wisdom you need to pass the all-important tests of life. The enemy of our soul lays many hidden traps. Humility and wisdom is needed to defeat him or he may very well defeat you. Just remember that studying is not an end in itself. If it has become that for you, you are following a false path.

A Franciscan saint once gave this parable: “Sometimes a ship appears on the sea which is beautiful, large, new, and full of rich treasure. But then some disaster happens to it and it does not reach port safely and sinks miserably. What good did all its excellence and beauty do it? Again, sometimes there is a ship on the sea which is small, ugly, old, contemptible, and not full of treasure. And with great difficulty it escapes the dangers of the sea and safely reaches port. That alone is worthy of praise. This happens also with men in this world. So it is right that we should all fear.”

Bible: This is why St. Paul admonished us to, “Work out your salvation with fear and trembling.” (Philippians 2:12)

It’s best if we repent for our sins and make restitution whenever possible. This way we can clear the “black spots” from our souls. Otherwise, if we die with these blemishes on our soul, we will suffer more horribly than our mind can conceive. Christians often say that we must “get right with God.” I will tell you truly that this is by far the most important thing that you can ever do! So please, if you haven’t done so already, do it straight-away by making it a priority. That way you are proving to God that you honor Him as Lord of your life … and that is what He desires from us.

Bible: Jesus said, “Unless you repent, you shall perish” (Luke 13:3). He also said, “Seek the Kingdom of Heaven first and all these things shall be added unto you” (Matthew 6:33)

God’s mercies are greater than our sins. Therefore, no sinner who is sincere about reforming himself should ever despair of God’s mercies. Also, the greater your sins are, the more you will have to sacrifice and suffer to come out.

Bible: “Return to me, though your sins be as red as scarlet, I will make them white as snow.” (Isaiah 1:18)

God loves us more than we can conceive. He truly desires to forgive and bless those who repent for their sins, make restitution whenever possible, and strive to walk the right road which is the path of humble and righteous living. This is the experience of countless servants of God.

But God has one huge problem – the free will He has entrusted to us human beings. If we misuse it, even He cannot help us. As merciful as God is, He is also righteous. He will punish sin. So your salvation to a large extent is in your own hands. So be wise about how you use your free will.

God speaks through the holy scriptures and His holy servants (the saints and prophets), to show us the way back to Himself. This is our true home. Some people believe that the great scriptures were only written by men; but I know they were written by God through men.

Bible: This is why King David, speaking of the word of God, proclaimed in the psalms, “Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” (Psalm 119:105)

Jesus said concerning Peter, “Upon this rock I will build my Church.” In this example, Jesus is not glorifying the physical man; but rather the spiritual gift of revelation that Peter possessed. In the same vein, when Jesus proclaimed, “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man comes to the Father but through Me,” Jesus was not speaking of His outer man – which is not different from other mortals – but rather He was speaking of us becoming one with His inner man.

Having that same purpose in mind, St. Francis of Assisi, the most Christ-like mortal of all time I believe, labored at maximizing every godly virtue within himself such as great love, compassion, humility, selflessness, purity, obedience, and courage. In a very practical sense, dying to self and perfecting these virtues within oneself is what it means to become Christ-like. To a large extent, this is what is meant by “making Jesus the Lord of your life” and “you cannot have Him as Savior without having Him as your Lord as well.”

Just as Jesus is one with God, as we become like Jesus, we automatically become one with the Father as well. All the truly saintly people of any spiritual path are Christ-like. Of course, though, not as perfect as Him. Again, the greatest love of Christ, or of any true spiritual master, is to die to oneself and, with God’s help, remold oneself into their image – just as they are in the likeness of God.

Bible: In part, this is what the Bible means when it states, “To lose your life for His sake.” (Matthew 10:39)

Additionally, eastern mysticism teaches that the highest love for the spiritual master is to become as the spiritual master. Mahatma Gandhi, who was probably the most Christ-like man of the twentieth century, once said, “The greatest flattery is imitation.” This is because becoming Christ-like, such as the early Franciscans strove for, is what really counts!

Hear this: If you consider yourself a Christian, you must truly strive to please God with your entire life; otherwise you might not get to heaven.

Note: Sincere people in other monotheistic religions which teach and practice sacrificial love are your brethren also; just as fellow believers in your own faith are. Understand?

Now I feel it is necessary to smash another Christian sacred cow by saying this:

The blood of Christ is not the only way for a person to atone for their sins.

The Bible itself attests to other ways to atone. The Master Himself stated, “Blessed are the merciful for they will attain mercy.” Also, “Blessed are those who suffer for righteousness sake for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” And “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” What we have here are different formulas to attain heaven. If a person was already going to heaven simply because they were a “Christian” – or considered themselves as one of the elect – what is the reason for Jesus to mention these other ways?

For this reason, these Bible verses reveal that the shedding of the blood of Jesus was not the only way for fallen humanity to become pure of their sins. Though, it is the only gratuitous (free) way.

According to Jewish teachings there was always three different ways to atone for sins; the sin sacrifice which is the blood and known in the Jewish scriptures as Korban Chatat, repentance, and love. In Christianity’s zeal to glorify Jesus, some passages of the original Hebrew Bible were misinterpreted and taken out of context. These falsehoods were then passed down from generation to generation until they were institutionalized! By taking God’s word out of context, we have inadvertently covered over – and buried for dead – other mercies of God the Father (i.e., other than the blood).

The Lord wants me to raise these other mercies from the dead for all Christians so they will receive a more in-depth understanding of the atonement. Check out this website: www.outreachjudaism.org and read their response to the organization known as Jews for Jesus. If you investigate it, you will find that the blood of Jesus is the only purely gratuitous way (i.e., free gift) to atone for sins. The other ways to atone involves having to pay a price. Remember that Jesus said, “I’ve come for the sick. Those who are well don’t need a doctor.” Those who are “well” must do penance for their own sins!

More ways from the Bible: “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covereth a multitude of sins” (1 Peter 4:8). This is yet another way to atone!

Also from the Bible: “Remember this: Whoever turns a sinner from the error of his ways will save him from death, and covers over a multitude of sins” (James 5:20). Still another way!

The whole world needs to wake up! Christ never said we had to be a Christian in order to be blessed by practicing these spiritual principals. Anyone who practices the spiritual principals listed above will receive the blessed promised results … whether they are a Christian or not.

Some believers are afraid of stepping out into “unchartered waters” as I have done and are afraid of heresy. This is a valid concern. Although I am a man who fears God, I do this work fearlessly. Why? Because I know that Truth is Jesus as in “I am the way, the truth and the life.” Therefore, as long as I stand on what is true, I am always in the center of God’s will.

What I am going to say now is common sense. Please ponder this: Selfless love, put into action through hard work, gradually purifies the sin-darkened heart. The evidence that we are inwardly cleansed is when we begin to see with our own mortal eyes that God is everywhere!

When we walk the hard road for God’s sake, it purifies us even faster!!

Bible: “The pure at heart shall see God.” (Matthew 5:8)

Additionally, Mother Teresa once said, “I am grateful for the poor, because without them I would have never found Jesus” Mother Teresa’s definition of “finding Jesus” is a lot different from most people’s. She is talking about seeing the Divine everywhere!

When the psalmist made this statement concerning God, “The entire earth is full of His glory,” it was the personal experience of the writer. He was a man who was pure at heart. Now when a person walks the hard road – the road of penance – it takes a greater love. This greater love purifies the sin-stained heart much faster than performing easier services to God. Am I making sense?

Here is a parable which illustrates why many born-again Christians are misinformed. Please receive this parable – even though it is rather vile. The parable is vile because it represents reality! Here it is:

Imagine that the entire world is like a giant toilet with no water in it and a pile of feces at the bottom of the bowl. All of us vile sinners are living at the bottom of the toilet bowl on the pile of feces. When we accept Jesus and are spiritually born again, we then rise a little bit off from the pile of feces. But because we are accustomed to living on a pile of feces where it smells real bad, we mistakenly think we are out of the toilet! However, it is only when we put into practice righteous living that we start rising out of the toilet. But while we were still in the toilet and living a little bit away from the feces, we thought we were free in Jesus – but were not. This is because we had nothing but feces to compare our new situation with! The fact is that rarely does a soul make it out of the toilet and breathe the fresh air for the first time. Such a soul has become a fully sanctified Christian (i.e., a living saint). Living completely away from the toilet is the only situation where a soul is really free in Jesus. Such was the situation of the psalmist and Mother Teresa! Everyone else, by comparison, is covered in feces in varying degrees, but don’t realize it. Instead, they think they have reached the Promised Land!

Now do you understand?

Note: God wants me to share this parable with people. I’m not trying to take anyone away from Jesus at all. I am merely attempting to open the minds of others to God’s larger spiritual providence.

Even after all I have said, some people may still consider my views to be heresy. But the real heretics are those who believe and teach that a Christian is saved no matter how hypocritical or evil he is. In other words, the doctrine of eternal security is pure baloney! Not only is it heresy; it is the ultimate heresy! It is a lie that is the devil’s crowning achievement. Because of this lie, millions of souls who call themselves Christians will go to hell. In large part, it is for the benefit of such souls that the Lord wanted me to write this manuscript.

But sadly, it is uncommon to find anyone holding to the true spirit of the scriptures of any religion. But by putting righteousness into practice, we have the opportunity to experience the true spirit. The truth can be found in all the sacred teachings for everyone to learn and, most importantly, to put into practice. The true spirit can be observed within the holy and saintly people in every true religion. So, my message for people is this: Read the holy teachings and LIVE THEM!

Bible: “Whoever knows what is right to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.” (James 4:17)

Finally, we shouldn’t be impressed by leaders who are popular, smart, good looking, highly educated, charismatic, or even gifted preachers. If they don’t have a good character … don’t even receive their words!

This manuscript could be called an “Instruction Manual on the Art of Living.” When a person combines this wisdom with regular daily spiritual practice (such as praise, worship, chanting, mediation, prayer, etc.) they enhance each other. When they are strictly put into practice, they work together like two wheels working together to move a chariot – to bless your existence.

Additionally, it’s absolutely imperative that we learn to become “greatful”: to God for all the good things He has given us in our life – both material and spiritual.

God really does honor a “greatful” person. When you think about it, of all the praise and worship done in churches and in all the Eastern religions, chanting is being “greatful” to God!

Note: A great Sikh saint by the name of Kirpal Singh once said, “The biggest sin is the sin of ‘ungreatfulness’.” Although I don’t believe this is the biggest sin, but it is certainly very bad.

Notice that the grammatically correct way to spell “greatful” is “grateful.” The reason I changed its spelling is because God taught me to be “Grateful” to God. It should be spelled “greatful” because to be greatful to God is something truly GREAT!

God also showed me that the most important thing is to live the good things that our religion teaches us. Even if you follow the greatest of all religions, it won’t do any good if you don’t put their teachings into practice.

Brother Giles, a great thirteenth century Christian and Franciscan saint, once said, “A man has only as much wisdom as the truth he puts into practice and no more.” I have found that there is hardly a soul in the West who practices the deeper things in Christianity. But God wants to create a new way – a higher way – which is not centered in a building; but rather, in the streets.

The Bible reveals God’s most important anointing on the planet – what He did through the ancient Hebrews and the advent of the Messiah. Subsequently, they spread the gospels throughout the Middle East and parts of Europe. But the Bible does not even address those “good things” that the Lord was doing in other regions of the world, such as India, China, or Tibet in those ancient days.

The point I am making here is that the Creator has blessed westerners with Jesus and the gospels. However, He did not forget about His other children in other lands. He also shed His grace on them in other ways.

Note: Ever since this death experience of mine, I’ve been involved with many Bible-believing Christians and Hare Krishnas. Sadly, many of them are like “know-it-alls” who believe they have reached the Promised Land. Although many of them speak with authority (and I’m including Hare Krishna gurus and Christian pastors here), many of them dispense a certain amount – but certainly not all – faulty spiritual advice. Many of them are like the Pharisees who rejected Jesus in His day! I haven’t been involved in all of the spiritual paths, but I’m quite sure that this problem exists in all organized religions.

Before I go any further, our Eternal Father wants me to comment about people who do horrible things in His name – or in the capacity as His representative. Examples of such people are these: the Muslim terrorists, the Catholic priests who molest children, and those who refuse to resign when they are caught in the cover-up of these terrible sins against innocent ones. Whenever religion, anger, people-pleasing group pressure, and politics are mixed together, it creates a real perverse outcome.

These perverse and deceived people who purposely murder innocent ones while proclaiming “Allah Akbar” are giving a horrible witness of God to the secular world of God. Their horrible witness chases many good people away from God. By publicly performing such evil deeds in His name, they are making an all-good God appear instead as Satan. They slander the holy reputation of God throughout the entire secular world. To slander God’s flawless reputation the world over is such a huge sin, that it makes all my worst sins look like holy deeds by comparison! Sadly, these terrorists actually believe they will receive a Martyr’s reward!

Someone might make the claim that Israel is the terrorist’s land and that I only speak this way because I am Jewish. My reply is to give you the simple answer that God revealed to me. Both Jews and Muslims believe Moses to be a prophet. It’s common knowledge that 3000 years ago, Moses brought the Hebrews out of Egypt and led them into a land given to them by God – the Promised Land. Since God gave them this land, how can any devout Muslim claim Israel to be Muslim property? It’s an affront to common sense. I’m writing an article on this subject entitled, “Revelations and Common Sense on the Middle East” You can request it from me if you like! I will email it to you.

Also, the Jews are willing to share their God-given land with anger-addicted and violent terrorists. But we never see any Muslim mullahs standing up and saying this simple truth. It is because the “God” of the terrorists is not the God of heaven. Instead, they worship their own people and sadly don’t realize it. How disappointed God must be with most of this insane humanity!

5. Important Conclusions To Be Drawn

Shortly before I wrote this section of the manuscript, God spoke to me through a good lady who was picketing an abortion clinic. I believe that God wants me to grandstand the statement she was making which was this: “WE WERE MADE FOR HEAVEN”

Through the death experience I had, which I call my Judgment Day Experience (JDE), I am convinced of the truth of this statement. God created human beings because He wanted children to bless. Our soul is made in the likeness of the Father – only in miniature. The Hare Krishnas also teach this.

When the Eternal One created human beings, it was a massive experiment where He trusted us with the gift of free will. Free will, by nature, is something outside of God’s control. He assumes that most of us will choose the right road by striving to live humble and righteousness lives. This is why we were created. God would then be able to bless our lives and we would be greatful to Him. In the same way that love wants to share with others, God loves to bless and to share His glory with those who merit it by consciously choosing to walk the right road. But God is also a righteous Being and will only bless right action while punishing selfish actions – actions that violate the way of Love.

Sadly for God, His massive experiment turned into a massive nightmare! Most of humanity chose to misuse their precious gift of free will by rejecting the right path – the path of taking up the cross of denial-of-self and, for His sake, living humble and righteous lives. Instead, most of humanity chose to live their lives for their own enjoyment and against the divine order of things.

As a consequence of the vast majority of humanity’s selfish living, God was stuck with the disgusting job of having to punish the majority and only blessing a small percentage. He also assumed the role of a judge dispensing punishment. Also, sinful humanity kept procreating which forced God, who was at one time only experienced in unceasing love and bliss, to punish more and more countless multitudes of souls! But God is certainly no sadist! The disgusting task of punishing sinful humanity is like a good father having to continually rear spoiled and ungrateful children without end.

For this same reason, the Bible states that during the days of Noah, God was sorry that He created humans and so resolved to destroy most of them. Yet there are far, far, far more sinful souls on Earth today compared to then!

Through my Judgment Day Experience (JDE), I learned that God expects us all to attain the platform of perfect love and to ultimately become living saints such as the prophets and the apostles.

I don’t exactly enjoy using the word “saint” because most Protestants falsely assume that they are saints once they commit their life to Christ. But they are clearly deceived because most Christians have never had the good fortune of meeting a real-life saint as I have. Sainthood is the spiritual condition of reaching your full spiritual potential, thereby becoming a son of God.

Also, whenever I speak on this topic to wrongly discipled Christians, I say this: “Is a caterpillar a butterfly? Most of us are caterpillars. There are very few cocoons and almost no butterflies! A saint is like a butterfly – one who has become pure, and who has entered and resides in heaven prior to bodily death.”

Bible: Jesus said, “I give you power to become sons of God.”

Notice that Jesus didn’t say that they already were one.

If you realize how very few living saints there are in the world today, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what a very great disappointment and burden sinful man is on the Lord. Before God created man, His joy was complete and unceasing. Now He has a constant and undeserved pain. Although God’s bliss is so great – far beyond our mortal comprehension – stiff-necked fallen humans have become as a constant low level pain, such as a person who has an infection in their foot.

Instead of consciously manifesting a love which would bring great joy to God, most of the humanity lives for self (selfishly) and this really bums God out – much in the same way that a severely depressed person can hinder the joyful atmosphere of a party. Also, the more that sinful man procreates, the more punishment God is stuck with dispensing!

This is why God despises having to punish us for our sins. Therefore, if we always clean up after our own mess and punish ourselves here and now by doing penance for our sins, God will let us all off lightly!

So if you love God, discipline your life and punish yourself for your sins through penance and you will be letting God off the hook. Then He will let you off lightly. See what I mean?

Note: When you punish yourself for a particular sin, as long as you are fair with God by not being too lenient on yourself, God will usually honor it! A great example of a big sinner doing penance for his sins is depicted in the movie called The Mission. This is a deeply spiritual movie and there is much that can be learned by watching it. I believe that whoever produced this movie should get an Oscar. I believe God Himself loves this movie!

P.S. The Lord desires to create a mega-massive interfaith spiritual revival that will bless the entire world! This is a big claim I have made, but if you request more info, I will gladly show you the blueprint! If you would like to help make this message manifest to the world, make a donation of time or finances, or to learn more about it, please contact me and I will send you the information via email.

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