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Naina’s LSD Near-Death Experience

Splendid peacock with feathers out (Pavo cristatus) (shallow DOF; color toned image)

The following is Naina’s LSD near-death-like experience submitted to Kevin Williams by email.


I just read on your website about the LSD near-death experience. I have been researching for a long time on this subject because I had a very similar experience about 5 months ago when I bad tripped on 800 micrograms of LSD. I think you might be interested in knowing what happened.

It’s crazy how you can just loose control over everything. I got a heart attack because I couldn’t handle what was happening to me. It was sheer paranoia – confusion to the extent of not being able to take out words from my mouth to speak. Turning into a heart attack I choked until I died and for 1 minute I was dead. It’s like I did it to myself.

When I was going to go, I knew I was going to go, and I was holding on so tight. But then I couldn’t take it anymore and I gave up.

I had been seeing colors around me for hours before that, due to the acid of course, and they started spinning faster and faster.

The air around me and the voice in my head started spinning faster and faster. I could feel it, hear it, and see it. All the colors fused together to become this white light.

When I died it was so strange. I didn’t want to go but I was so exhausted by the experience I just let go.

I felt this 10-foot big man carrying me up some stairs. I felt as light as a feather. I thought I was going to heaven but when I finally opened my eyes I was back in the room, alive, with my friend sitting beside me. But then I thought I was dead. I didn’t know I was alive.

I got a glimpse of hell which you cannot imagine. It’s nothing like what people say it is. It’s all about repetition of your fears.

I was on acid, so what I saw was strange. In reality of my sight, I saw my friend kill me again and again and again and again, forever. But the truth was that I was afraid that the only people I trusted would go against me and try and harm me. That was my greatest fear I guess, and death of course. So that’s what happened. That’s what hell’s about.

Well I do not know whether what I saw actually happens after death or if it’s just something we have to go through to understand life better when we are not learning, eradicating our fears, and bringing us knowledge. But what I think hell, heaven, and alternate realities are all in this planet, its just the way you perceive them and after you die, you don’t go anywhere near these realities. That’s what I think. That’s what I hope.

What saved me from that experience was when I saw the same friend (the one I thought who was trying to kill me) cry, I felt love, trust and compassion for him. That’s how I came back – because of love. Love saved my life and that’s how I got back to what everyone else calls reality.

An experience like that would drive people mad forever, but I got back, and today I am struggling to figure out what’s going on. I am getting there.

I did acid to figure out everything about life, to get knowledge and I got too much. So it’s time for registration. I agree with the person who wrote about their experience that God is love, because the love inside of me saved me.