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Roberta Misikin’s Suicide Near-Death Experience

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The following is Roberta Misikin’s suicide NDE testimony sent to Kevin Williams by email in her own words.

Kevin Williams

I had a near-death experience in 1989 from a suicide attempt. I was in a psychiatric hospital and I hung myself. Well, to be honest, it happened after I came out of the coma I was in. Very short and simple message that has had a profound effect on me.

I woke up strapped down in four points. I didn’t understand why, so I asked the nurse why was I strapped down like this. He told me I hung myself, and I laid back thinking, “Oh no. Now what is my boyfriend going to think of me now?” At the time I was dating a very mean guy.

All of the sudden the room exploded with millions upon millions of diamond like objects, each with a rainbow inside each of them, and the most incredible love, a love beyond any description I can think of, it filled the room.

I then heard a male voice say to me, “Who cares what he thinks! I have given you your life back to you, this is my gift to you, go forward and live your life to its fullest.”

It is as real now as it was then, and I get chills all through my body just thinking of it today.

I am writing today because of a concern of what is going on very recently, and have many people concerned with me.

I am used to strange things happening and I view it as normal. However, recently these experiences are becoming apparent to others, which is unusual, and to be honest, it is downright scaring them to death, no pun intended.

It would appear that when I am near any type of electrical anything, it is affected. At least that is what it seems to me and everyone else. TVs turn on and off, change channels by themselves, have messages appear on them, lights blow out, computers blow up, blackouts in the room I am in, microwaves turn on by themselves, etc.

To me, I am not scared in the least. I just ask the Spirits to please leave them alone or turn them back on — whatever. Now, because I live with other people and they see this happening on an on-going basis, it is scaring them into believing that I have a “Poltergeist” or something weird like that.

I have tried to explain to them that it is okay, that there are no Evil Spirits around, or that I am not evil myself, and that it is just that they (the Spirits) like to do this with me. But it is of no comfort to them, and to try to explain even more only scares them more, so I just quit trying to explain.

Is there anything you could tell me that I could tell them that would make them feel a bit at ease?

Oh yeah, is this common among other NDEs? How about hearing my name being called out when no one is around? Someone sitting on my bed? Tapping on the windows? Things being moved around? I am quite sure you have heard this before, but this is happening so much now, what am I to do? Do I answer them?

Roberta Misikin: johnmisikin@hotmail.com

Kevin Williams’ reply:  Roberta, it is widely known in NDE circles that experiencers return and discover that watches no longer work when they wear them. Electrical and electronic things go haywire around them. NDE researchers speculate that NDEs can dramatically change a person’s electromagnetic energy field around them – aura if you will – such that they have these kind of electromagnetic things happen. You probably also have become psychic and this too can be an unusual thing for NDErs. There are some excellent pages on the Internet about this on the IANDS website.

Also, because I am manic depressive, I know what these intense suicidal thoughts are like. One of my passions in life is to help people understand depression and suicide, and to dispel the myths surrounding them which have been around for a long time, especially the religious myth about suicide being a one-way ticket to hell. At some point in my NDE research I became flustered about all the nonsense concerning suicide and how it relates to NDEs and religion. I have received heartbreaking emails from people about a loved one who committed suicide and their added burden of this religious fallacy gnawing at them about the possibility of their loved one burning in hell for eternity. NDE research overwhelming provides evidence that it is not how we die that determines our afterlife circumstances; it is how we have lived our entire life.