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The Science of Life Discovered From Lynnclaire Dennis’ NDE

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Near-death testimonies often include an encounter with a heavenly “Light.” But to my knowledge, no experiencer other than Lynnclaire Dennis (www.mereon.org) has ever brought back a detailed scientific description of the Light’s complex geometric structure and movement. First presented in her 1997 book entitled The Pattern, Lynnclaire described in detail her amazing NDE and description of this Light. Many years have passed since I first learned of her profound NDE and it remains one of the most transcendental NDEs I have ever come across. Her NDE testimony has graced the “Exceptional NDEs” section of my website from its very beginning. We continued to stay in touch over the years and I continued to follow her work hoping what she brought back from her NDE would develop into the scientific discovery we now know it is – the very science of life and living. So when she invited me to write the Preface to her new book, Discovering Your Youniverse and Living Plan Be, I jumped at the opportunity.

Lynnclaire Dennis

The PatternFrom the very beginning, despite her religious upbringing, Lynnclaire courageously refused to give this Pattern of Light the ambiguous label of “God”. She prefers to simply call it “The Pattern” and describes it as an all-connecting pattern of Light – a three-dimensional mandala representative of time and space, and the energy generating matter. Because she experienced The Pattern as pure Love, she has always maintained this to be the reason why Love is all that matters. In simple terms, The Pattern is a knot; but not just any knot. The Pattern is the simplest and most profound knot as you will discover in this article.

While Lynnclaire was still investigating The Pattern, she met Nechung Kuten of Tibet who is the spiritual advisor to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. He told her The Pattern is a “terma” – a Tibetan word for “a hidden treasure meant to be disclosed to the world at this time.” Following his advice, Lynnclaire published her NDE testimony and then took this geometric Pattern to the world of science. Nechung Kunten knew scientists would have the knowledge to confirm what the Pattern might be – a viable candidate as “the Source of all creation” leading to a possible solution to the Theory of Everything – the unifying principle of the realm of quantum physics. So without denying her otherworldly experience, Lynnclaire placed The Pattern’s geometric structure into the hands of such scientists as a gift to humanity and the world. I have done extensive research into The Pattern and what follows is my perspective on how this gift is currently changing the world.

1. Lynnclaire Dennis’ NDE and Mission in Life as a Catalyst for Change, for Love

On January 15, 1987 while hot-air ballooning in the Swiss Alps, Lynnclaire Dennis along with her fiancée and a friend who was piloting their balloon, unwittingly climbed to an altitude of 17,000 feet causing Lynnclaire to lose consciousness resulting in perhaps the most important NDE ever documented. During her NDE, Lynnclaire encountered an incredibly beautiful and loving Light she instinctively understood to be “The Pattern” of all life. In her book, The Pattern, Lynnclaire explains what she saw:

“And then, in one ephemeral glimpse, I saw the Pattern, the single strand of the tapestry I knew was the essence woven through matter in every reality. Its design was so complexly simple that I knew it could only have been fashioned in the exalted intricacy of infinity. Seeing the Pattern, I knew I was looking at life itself. It was light; it was time and space. It was the energy of all matter, the heart of all that mattered. It was the very essence of all being. It emanated from Source, illuminated to my mind by “the Source behind the sun” as it moved in perfect harmony with all the universe. As I prepared to meld into the Source of Light and absolute Love, I knew with all my being that the Pattern was the core of all substance. I knew that the MUSIC emanating from the Pattern was the song of my heart, a testament of unconditional Love. The single step I had taken was the first in a dance that would take me into the single point of Infinite Light, which contained the power of Love that would forever illuminate my mind and heart.”

During her life review, Lynnclaire was informed of her mission in life – a rare occurrence in NDEs – because often the experiencer is told they cannot know it or that they will be made to forget it upon return. In Lynnclaire’s case, a Being of Light she refers to as “The Presence” reveals to her a special mission she was to perform:

“The last person to walk on the stage of my life was a man unknown to me … Although I was certain this was not someone I knew, I could feel him at the depths of my soul. He began to speak, communicating directly to my heart. The message he shared that day was engraved on both my mind and my soul.”

‘Lynnclaire, you will be a catalyst for change, for love. You will bring forth, hold, and honor remembrance. You will bring to conscious awareness the realms, realities, and remnants in order that the spirit may remember the dance.’

“I knew this was Truth … Yet, when he turned to leave, instead of following the others and walking off the stage through the door to my left, he turned toward the right. As I watched him return through the doorway from which he had entered, I clearly recall thinking this was important. Since that day I’ve identified him as ‘The Presence.'”

When Lynnclaire was resuscitated from her NDE, she knew this Pattern of Love and Light had changed her life forever. But what she did not yet know was how this transcendental Pattern was going to change the world.

On February 7, 1987, three weeks after her first NDE, Lynnclaire had a second NDE that was more profound than the first. In her first NDE, she was “hauled back” to Earth “against her will”; but In her second NDE she was allowed to make a choice while in eternity. At this juxtaposition of time and space, she made a conscious decision to return to her body, having no idea it would take four long and arduous years to remember exactly what it was she had seen. Over the years she would have to put all her pre-existing beliefs on the “back burner” – the most difficult belief to put away was her reluctance to trust the mystical aspects of her own being.

Then in 1991, Lynnclaire began having exceedingly clear, vivid and absolutely real recurring lucid dreams that would propel her back the Other Side to view The Pattern again and again. This brought more subconscious memories of The Pattern into her consciousness. She writes:

“Through my dream state, I had again made a sojourn into another realm, a dimension that usually remains invisible unless a divine light illumines its presence… In my dream, I moved toward the light, heading for the end of what I knew was the same tunnel I had voyaged through four years before… Leading me gently by the hand she (her guide) assured me that I had nothing to fear and I knew that I was not going to die… Hand in hand, my guide and I ventured to the end of the tunnel where we looked out into the universe. It was there, standing on the precipice of eternity, that I saw the fields of time and space merge. There, poised on the edge of infinity, I again saw The Pattern – a matrix that was somehow singular yet as vast as the stars.”

Lynnclaire’s life review and aftereffects of her NDE indicates she is on a mission to be a catalyst for Love. Her NDE validates how positive change is the by-product of this Love. I have no doubt her role in the future of this planet will be significant as it is already turning out to be the case. For several decades now, Lynnclaire and her team have spent time understanding how The Pattern can solve problems in quantum physics, mathematics, psychology, politics, and education. There are also implications of other possible solutions that are, quite frankly, mind-boggling.

2. The Geometric Shape of The Pattern as the “Mereon Matrix”

In developing the science behind The Pattern, Lynnclaire and others gave The Pattern the scientific name of the “Mereon Matrix“, hereafter referred to as “Mereon”. The source of the word “Mereon” was derived from “Mer-eon” where “eon” is a reference to “epoch” – a measure of time. “Mere” in English means “small” and is French for “mother” which gives Mereon a feminine connotation similar to “Gaia”. Implicit in “Mereon” is the word “merry” as in being full of joy. “Matrix” is a mathematical term referring to an array of numbers, symbols, or expressions.

While Lynnclaire’s NDE is remarkable in and of itself, what is even more remarkable is how she was able to accurately map such a structure as Mereon in its complexity as visualized in 3D animations. Her experience with Mereon is unparalleled in how scientists have reconciled it with proven laws and theories of mathematics and physics. Their conclusions suggest the potential of a unique energy source arising from Mereon’s toroid field.

In 1995 Lynnclaire’s description of Mereon’s geometric structure became of interest to top scientists around the world who were interested in its unique knotted topology and the geometrical structure it generates. Dr. Louis H. Kauffman, the world-renown mathematician and knot theorist from the University of Chicago, joined Lynnclaire as the second principle investigator. Dr. Kauffman’s research includes knot theory’s relationship with quantum theory, statistical mechanics, algebra, and combinatorics. He and others view Mereon as an algorithm that can used to generate a large number of both living and non-living systems whether they are physical, mathematical, or philosophical.

A scholarly book about the Mereon Matrix written by Lynnclaire and her team was published in Elsevier, the world’s leading provider of science and health information. In this book, the authors presented the “First Principles”, Mereon translated into twelve functional terms. Their goal was to define a rigorous General Systems Theory and in the process demonstrate it to be “universal”. Finding a connection between Mereon’s geometry and physics is remarkable, especially because it originated from Lynnclaire, an individual having no knowledge of geometry, knot theory or science. The Mereon knot’s polyhedra structure originating from her NDE reveals Lynnclaire’s greatest ability is in Pattern recognition; In particular, the Mereon Pattern.

In general terms, Mereon has the shape of a trefoil knot which “lives” on a torus (a donut-like shape.) In specific terms, Mereon as a whole is a dual polyhedra: one polyhedron inside another. The inner most polyhedron is diamond-like; has 144 triangular faces and grows to 300. In its dynamics, light emerges from 48 vertices. The outer polyhedron is watery, akin to a bubble; it has 120 triangular faces and grows to 180 faces. In the space between the two polyhedra, the energetic interconnection between the two, ties into multiple Pattern knots.

The 120/180 polyhedra Mereon defines 10 tetrahedra; five cubes; five icosahedron; five octahedron; one dodecahedron; five rhombic dodecahedrons; one rhombic triacontahedron; and one scaled icosahedron that “hides” the entire Matrix. With every “breath” Mereon produces ten dodecahedra.

In my view, much of this is compatible with the knotted pattern believed to define 10-dimensional space in Superstring Theory which is one of the candidates of the so-called Theory of Everything. Furthermore, Mereon unites all the building blocks of nature – not just once as described above – but twice. It is also noteworthy how one perspective of the Pattern resembles the atom as drawn and described by the great Danish physicist Niels Bohr. Mereon instantly transforms the concept of the awesome power of the atom, which the world has long feared, into the Source that generates the forces we know that holds everything, including atoms, together. That this Source can be called Love is truly remarkable.

There is an overwhelming consensus among experiencers, including Lynnclaire, that Love is supreme. Love is the Source we came from; and where we return to after death. As Lynnclaire says, “Perfect is what we are, not something any of us can do. Learning to be loving is, for me, what life is all about.” I couldn’t agree more. I view life as an opportunity to understand divine perfection, goodness and love in action. Life is certainly a “school” and the important lessons are learned through understanding relationships as the Mereon Matrix makes clear. Think about how a simple smile has the power to start a chain reaction that changes the whole world. Lynnclaire has learned that Love defined as “Understanding realized through diversity” is essential to Unity. It’s product is how we can spread love throughout the world. The opportunity to spread love to others is to understand that transformation begins at home by first loving ourselves. The principles defined in the Mereon Matrix can help us learn to love ourselves and others while improving our lives and changing the course of history for the better. The simple secret to improving humanity is to make “loving the Universal” the measuring stick to measure our attitudes and actions.

For more information about the geometric structure of The Pattern, visit Robert W. Gray‘s excellent article entitled Lynnclaire Dennis’ Geometry: The Pattern.

3. Mereon as an Archetypal Solution to the “Theory of Everything”

When viewed from multiple perspectives, The Pattern reflects mathematical symbols and the iconic symbols of the major world religions. According to Dr. Kauffman:

“The fact that you can see many different forms in it as you turn it around makes it very beautiful for teaching purposes. You can say to people, ‘Here is something that if you look at it one way shows you the Star of David, and if you turn it another way shows you the Yin-Yang, and if you turn it again you see the crescents sacred to Islam, the symbol for infinity, and the conventional image of an atom. And they’re really all the same thing.’ Mathematics is slowly teasing out those kinds of patternings by stepping carefully and slowly through various structures that give rise to puzzles. Those puzzles become centers of attention for people, and from them we begin to understand how everything is knitted together in the universe.”

Lynnclaire’s revelation of Mereon as a pattern of love and universal connectivity is certainly proving to be true. Her long assertion that “spirituality and science are one and the same” is in accord with other NDE experiencers who are also returning with scientific discoveries. Indeed, Mereon is a catalyst for bringing about spiritual and scientific unity. The co-authors of The Mereon Matrix published by Elsevier consider Mereon to be a bridge linking physics and metaphysics, human conscience and consciousness.

Historically, one of the most significant mathematical discoveries was the Platonic Solids, a well-known class of geometric shapes and polyhedra named after the Greek philosopher Plato in whose writings they appear. These Platonic Solids, along with the Kepler Solids, are the fundamental geometric solids for which all other geometric solids are subsets. Researchers discovered that all of these solids are also fundamental to Mereon’s structure.

The science behind Mereon is in harmony with Pythagoras, perhaps the first great mathematician, who believed the cosmos is divided into 10 heavens based on the perfect number 10. In Jewish mysticism, God’s entire creation is composed of 10 emanations of Light from the 10 utterances of God “Let there be” to create the world by the perfect order of 10 along with a hierarchy of 10 angelic realms and the law of the 10 commandments. The Biblical prophet Enoch in his writings (2 Enoch) mentions that he ascended through the 10 heavens. In Buddhism, there are 10 levels of realization toward enlightenment and 10 directions of the Buddha’s light to ten Buddha-realms. Christian Gnostics believed in a cosmology of 10 heavens which they based on information from the NDE of the Apostle Paul which they recorded in their scriptures (see The Apocalypse of Paul). In Islam, an oral tradition exists where Muhammad journeyed through 10 heavens which was more than likely an NDE because of his wife’s statement that Muhammad’s body remained with her the entire time. America’s so-called “sleeping prophet”, Edgar Cayce, learned from his thousands of self-induced out-of-body journeys how our solar system’s 10 major spheres (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) are three-dimensional representations of invisible higher and lower dimensional afterlife realms.

4. Mereon and the Pattern of Synchronicity

When I wrote the Preface to Lynnclaire’s book, “Discovering Your Youniverse and Living Plan Be,” I decided to give it the title of “Synchronicity” for two reasons. The first reason is because Lynnclaire’s life is filled with synchronicities; and from my perspective, this reveals she has a continual connection with the underlying Source that gives rise to the forces of nature. It reveals she is “caught up” in the flow of an intelligent and benevolent universe. The second reason comes from a personal and deeply meaningful experience I had involving a synchronicity intersecting my life with Lynnclaire’s.

For those of you who are not aware of the term “synchronicity“, it is a concept developed in the 1920s by Carl G. Jung, the famous Swiss psychologist and NDE experiencer. Synchronicity is an experience of two or more events that are meaningfully related, but are apparently not causally related; and are viewed as a meaningful coincidence. Jung developed the phenomenon of synchronicity after meeting with Wolfgang Pauli – a Nobel Laureate who made important contributions to the development of quantum mechanics. The physical basis of the phenomenon of synchronicity is that time can be viewed as a dynamic connective link of patterns expressed every single moment with equal patterns around the world aligning with each other. Pauli extended this principle to the whole cosmos which can be perceived as one great system of patterns at equilibrium. In theory, whenever you move an object, you change the entire universe in all-encompassing synchronicity.

My synchronicity with Lynnclaire came about in 1997 after reading her first book The Pattern (which I highly recommend reading.) Her book and experience so astonished me, I spent a lot time afterward talking about it with my parents. They were more than skeptical about NDEs at the time and concerned about my obsession with them. Shortly after talking with them, they went on vacation to Monterey Bay, California. Upon returning home, they sat me down and told me about an incident that occurred while they were there. The incident they described was as stunning to me as much as the incident was stunning to them.

While shopping in the city of Carmel they wandered into a book store and there, to their great amazement, was Lynnclaire getting ready to make a presentation about her book The Pattern. Their vacation intersected with Lynnclaire’s one and only book tour. Their experience of synchronicity was a turning point for my parents as they began to take seriously what I had been telling them about NDEs.

5. Bringing Mereon Into Scientific Reality

Lynnclaire first experienced the Pattern during an NDE in 1987. She spent the next four years struggling to regain her health and remember The Pattern she experienced. This culminated in a lucid dream (auspiciously on February 14, 1991, Valentine’s Day) after which she was able to fully recall and draw the Mereon Matrix as a Trefoil Knot. That same year she began using the knot as a model to understand the flow of time and to gain perspective relative to relationships and social organizations. Through a series of amazing synchronicities, she spent the 1992-1994 living in a monastic retreat where she was able to fully reflect upon Mereon and her purpose in life before setting out to do what would seem impossible to most people: launch a scientific investigation into Mereon. In December of 1995, Lynnclaire began a quest to recruit scientists to quantify Mereon which she knew had important scientific implications. She sent letters to the directors of every supercomputing center in the U.S., one of whom was Dr. Tom De Fanti, an internationally recognized pioneer in visualization and virtual reality technologies. As the director of the pre-eminent supercomputer center at the University of Illinois, the Electronic Visualization Lab (EVL), he recognized the picture she sent was a special knot. De Fanti then contacted Dr. Louis Kauffman who became captivated by Mereon as a knot he had never encountered before. So he contacted Lynnclaire and after their first meeting the scientific investigation began.

In March of 1997, Kauffman and Lynnclaire presented Mereon at the University of Illinois before the American Society for Cybernetics. According to the imminent cyberneticist and systems theorist, Gregory Bateson, Cybernetics is a branch of mathematics dealing with problems of control, recursiveness, and information, focusing on forms and the patterns that connect. Dr. Bateson, whose lifelong search for the pattern of patterns connecting all other patterns, once said, “The pattern that connects is a Pattern of patterns.” One of the most profound discoveries of Mereon is that it is indeed “the Pattern of patterns.”

6. The Sequoia Symposium: Calling the First Scientific Dialgoues to Explore the Pattern, the Mereon Matrix

When the scientific investigation grew to a critical mass, Kauffman and Lynnclaire and three others co-founded the Sequoia Symposium. In March of 1998, the Sequoia Symposium’s first formal conference was held in the San Francisco Bay Area to investigate Mereon. An impressive group of fifty scientists and theorists from many disciplines came from around the world to attend the conference. The meetings continue to this day, although the last “formal” Sequoia Symposium was held in 1999.

Robert W. Gray is a mathematician, physicist and recognized expert in the geometry of Buckminster Fuller, the renowned architect, systems theorist and futurist who coined the term “Synergetics“. Gray immediately saw a correlation between Mereon’s system of complex polyhedron and Fuller’s geometric forms and designed software that generated animated proofs validating Mereon’s geometric precision. Since 1998, Gray has modeled thousands of images revealing how Mereon unites the fundamental, geometric building blocks of nature. Lynnclaire’s book, The Mereon Matrix, shows specifically how the core center of Mereon matches the theories regarding the atomic nucleus.

Main Conclusions Drawn From The Sequoia Symposium

  1. In reference to sound and light, Mereon is a complex, dynamic, spinning and vibrating geometric form.
  2. Mereon’s dynamic structure reveals the presence and simplicity of multiple realties.
  3. Mereon is a “breathing” living structure and may be the blueprint of consciousness.
  4. In reference to physics, Mereon’s 120/180 triangular facet structure may be the “mother” of all physical matter.
  5. Mereon suggests a bridge between science and metaphysics in how substance, symbol and process are one.
  6. Because the knowledge of Mereon originated from an NDE, this has implications for the human understanding of life and death.
  7. Dialogues about Mereon continue on a regular basis around the world involving many academic and scientific disciplines.
  8. Mereon defines all the fundamental forms, the building blocks of the universe.
  9. Mereon includes cultural, philosophical, mathematical, and religious symbols. It is universal.
  10. Mereon charts the complex dynamics of living and non-living, life-like, systems.
  11. The multi-disciplinary knowledge gained from Mereon fulfills Albert Einstein’s vision that “the most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is comprehensible.”
  12. Mereon is a catalyst for developing new theories about how the universe works.
  13. The mathematics of Mereon’s spheres can be described as connected spiraling rainbows producing the Music that Lynnclaire heard during her NDE and continues to hear.
  14. The fact that the “prime frequency” of Mereon – derived from the mathematics of Mereon’s dynamics – generates the same geometric knot in water is mind boggling to researchers who are now exploring the Mereon Matrix’s relationship with sound, light, time, matter, and gravity.
  15. Mereon is an articulation of fundamental creative processes on both the microscopic and macroscopic scale including those involving human beings. In this regard, we might consider the human being to be a microcosm of the universe.
  16. Because of its scaling factor, Mereon may be leading us to an understanding of what Lynnclaire calls a “DynaVerse”: a meta-multiuniversal system.
  17. Mereon reveals the Unity behind apparent diversity.
  18. The investigation of Mereon includes and exceeds mathematics, science and art. This agrees with Albert Einstein’s view that, “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.”
  19. Mereon provides a deep understanding of the relationship between a chaotic system and an observer.
  20. The re-discovery of unity and the space residing behind all conflict provides humans with the power to transform.
  21. Mereon compels us to examine what is going on in our world; showing us how to innovate for new solutions.
  22. The implications of Mereon’s existing and potential applications are practical and are already making a positive difference in this world.
  23. Mereon offers us a new beginning. Lynnclaire states: “Mereon is pure Gold; every point, plane, layer and angle is based in the ratio known as the Golden Mean, the Divine Proportion that guides all creation. But it’s even more: Mereon defines a rational Golden Ratio, a repeating fraction. As she weaves through all life, Mereon shows us how health, physical, emotional, psychological, instinctual and spiritual follows this beautiful geometric dance. The intention of the Mereon Legacy CIC, a UK based nonprofit, is to generate benefits that improve the quality of life for humanity and the planet. By expanding understanding we can live and share a common purpose, living the unity that Mereon implies as we explore our innate and unbreakable interconnection.”

7. The Ongoing Academic Scientific Investigation of the Mereon Matrix

In January 1999, The Sequoia Symposium met at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. There Lynnclaire, Louis Kauffman and others presented Mereon to a group of mathematicians, physicists, philosophers, medical personnel and other professionals. These scholars were gathered for the purpose of understanding Mereon’s intricate geometry in decoding the basic structure of the universe and in searching for the grand unified theory of physics. Along with its scientific applications, members of the Symposium believe research into Mereon’s structure might led to a higher awareness of the Earth as a whole system whose ecology is best understood as a living organism rather than a repository of natural resources to be exploited. Foster Gamble, the President and co-founder of the Thrive Movement, envisions practical applications of Mereon including:

  1. The creation of stronger building materials and structures with less consumption of resources.
  2. Achieving breakthroughs in the understanding of cellular and molecular structure, promoting healing and possibly preventing the formation of tumors.
  3. Incorporating the same energy principles of harmony from Mereon into our lives for better human relations by applying them to psychology, interpersonal communication and the human connection of love that is the heart of our essence.

Foster writes, “Lynnclaire is a walking commitment to that evolutionary imperative for humanity, and serves as a leader toward that purpose, stepping up to fill whatever role is most effective in that moment. She acts in the world with great compassion, astounding intuition, and a grounded professional sense. I have no doubt that this is why she was shown the Pattern, and why she came back to live here a while longer.”

Dr. Ashok Gangadean, Professor of Philosophy at Haverford College, Haverford, Pennsylvania, commented that, “The Pattern is the key to our survival, healing, wellbeing, and human flourishing.”

8. Mereon as a Template for Modeling Human Clinical Molecular Genetics

In 2000, Peter McNair and Jytte Brender McNair joined the Mereon Team. Peter McNair, an MD with a doctorate in Medical Science, is a specialist in biochemical pathology. Jytte Brender McNair brought a scientific focus relative to theoretical and practical aspects of research in biochemistry, computer science and medical informatics. Following his work experience with the Mereon Team, Peter McNair worked as director for a diagnostic laboratory in clinical genetics where he realized there were separate models for particular specialties in molecular genetics. He asked his wife, Jytte, to see if the Mereon process might be used as a model that could help organize the vast amount of information within the field of genetics. Her investigation in 2008-2009 demonstrated that it could. Peter and Jytte McNair then became authors of a study on genetics called ATCG to apply the Mereon system as an information model in clinical genetics which exceeded all expectations. Mereon’s seven functions and its fractal principle were applied using the latest original molecular genetics literature as the source of domain information. ATCG was elaborated through all seven functions with each further explored through its micro-functions. Mereon was extremely useful as a modeling tool because it constantly forced the team to pose specific questions with respect to the topics inherent at different micro-functions. This allowed the team to search for answers in the literature using an iterative and incremental modeling process. Upon completing the project it was concluded that Mereon as a template for modeling human molecular genetics met and exceeded what the team anticipated.

9. Mereon is Applied to Map the Formation of Matter Since the Big Bang

The second law of thermodynamics states that if there were no generating, driving, creative “force” of energy/information behind the Big Bang flowing into this universe, the pattern structure of our universe would have decayed. And although mainstream scientists generally avoid quantifying the nature of this driving force arising outside of spacetime, it is safe to assume such a creative force exists and is the force behind our universe of patterns and geometry. Mathematicians simply refer to this force as “pregeometry” while physicists refer to it as “pre-space” or “void“. Since ancient times, people have referred to this force as “God”. In near-death studies, experiencers such as Lynnclaire have described this creative force as a nonlocal, spaceless and timeless dimension that is the source of all creation including knowledge and consciousness. Jung and Pauli have defined the foundation beyond spacetime as “archetypes” or formless patterns which become meaningful symbols for those who consciously become aware of them.

Concerning consciousness, the brain itself is like a dynamic pattern recognizer whose primary function is to convert the patterns it receives into electrochemical feedback to the body which alters the body’s behavior. Recognizing patterns and symbols is what the brain does best. In ancient times, the symbols used for numbers and letters were considered sacred and closely connected to patterns existing beyond the physical world. In modern times, science uses mathematics to study the patterns of nature without really focusing on the WHY the universe operates on mathematical laws and patterns. From a NASA probe (WMAP) launched in 2001, cosmologists now believe the shape of the universe is finite with the geometry of a 3-dimensional torus (a doughnut shape) composed of interpenetrating levels. The torus shape is a vortex and has fractal characteristics to it. It is the most common shape found in nature. In mathematics, the area of specialization dealing with patterns such as the torus is known as knot theory. Kauffman believes knot theory may be the best way to find the underlying reality between the universe and patterns found within it.

If a torus is divided into regions, then it is always possible to color the regions with no more than seven colors so that neighboring regions have different colors. Arthur Young, who viewed the universe as a process purposely set in motion, believed the seven-colored regions of a torus might correspond to seven steps in its three-dimensional process. Other even more basic sources of the principle of seven expressed in three dimensions may be realized when processes such as the “Laws of Form” as developed by Dr. George Spencer-Brown are studied further. The Laws of Form, at once a work of mathematics and of philosophy, emerged from Spencer-Brown’s work in electronic engineering and mathematical logic around 1960. Spencer-Brown referred to the mathematical system of Laws of Form as the “primary algebra” and the “calculus of indications.” Laws of Form have influenced Kauffman who modified and extended its primary algebra with interesting consequences. Kauffman’s research into how Mereon is brought into three dimensions agrees with Lynnclaire’s description of it as a universal symbol of the energy of creation which she experienced as pure love.

In 2007, Neville “Nick” Woolf, Emeritus Professor in Astronomy from University of Arizona, joined the Mereon Team and began working to identify the sequential functions of Mereon. He was the main force in developing the team’s first scholarly peer-reviewed article. It was published in Foundations of Science and is entitled “A Framework Linking Non-Living and Living Systems: Classification of Persistence, Survival and Evolution Transitions.” This article describes the fundamental processes of Mereon as a method to analyze and improve the survivability of all systems, living, non-living or organized groups. The article predicts how Mereon has the potential to be applied to areas of research including: the exploration of the origin of life, the search for life beyond Earth, a better understanding of the process of evolution, and a better way to understand and correct social systems not functioning well.

In 2011, Woolf gave his first presentation of the origin of life entitled, “Living and Non-Living Dissipative Systems“, using Mereon to map the development of life beginning with the Big Bang. Woolf presented his perspective on this work to packed audiences at the Carnegie Institute, NASA and the SETI Institute.

For more information on Mereon and the origin of matter: life, learning and survival, read the Mereon Institute’s article on “A Perspective on Origins“.

10. Mereon as the Foundation for a New Educational System

To say that Lynnclaire is passionate about education is an understatement: not only of children, but for adults, to become Lifelong learners. In regard to social applications using Mereon, Lynnclaire’s prime concern and priority today is to bring coherence to educational systems in crisis around the world. Her approach to education is in line with Socrates’ view that the purpose of education is to “kindle the flame.” In 2003, seeing how schools extinguish this flame by putting children in a “one-size-fits-all” box, Lynnclaire used Mereon to articulate a way to revision learning. She designed a program called “BeLonging” which begins with reviving the hearts and minds of teachers and then shifts to the social dimension of the classroom. While teachers facilitate learning, the “game” she developed allows students to both learn and lead by accepting responsibility for an array of tasks that make their learning environment workable and fun. A key advantage of BeLonging is that it does not infringe upon the curriculum: the formal dimension of the learning environment.

In 2004, Lynnclaire’s BeLonging program was introduced into schools in Italy with great success. It is now in its 10th year of operation. BeLonging promotes diversity, open-mindedness and fosters unity. After visiting the Lynnclaire’s educational program in Italy, a businessman from Switzerland named P. Schenker stated, “BeLonging is to education what Google is to the Internet!”

In 2005, Lynnclaire designed a program for a class of thirty-three high school seniors in Germany. After finishing the course, their burning question was “Why wasn’t our entire learning experience like this?”

Using the Mereon process, what Lynnclaire refers to as a technology of Mindfulness, she also articulated an applied model for business renewal and development that focuses on an array of competence leading to conscious cooperation.

11. Mereon and the Emergence of Cymatic Science Using the CymaScope

Lynnclaire is one of many NDE experiencers who describe hearing transcendentally beautiful, heavenly music during their NDE. Lynnclaire was blessed to be able to remember this music and it still brings tears of joy to her eyes. She originally described this music as emanating from The Pattern and used words such as: “sublimely perfect, a celestial symphony of angels, the song of the universe, the Music of the Spheres, a resonant vibration coursing through her essence, a song whose mystical tone her entire being knew and sang, playing on unseen instruments of peace, the song of her heart and a testament of unconditional love.” Insights from other experiencers about this heavenly music includes: a revelation that the universe was created using the tools of music, harmony, and balance; and that everything is kept in place by this all-pervading vibration of God. Perhaps the most interesting aftereffect from NDE is that she has the rare ability to see sound. Her special gift is powerfully evident in much of her art work which she describes as ”Essence Illumined”. Painting the inexplicable has kept inner world vibrant through her many healing experiences.

Lynnclaire has long held The Pattern to be a living structure generating tonal frequencies that are important to the dynamic balance of the planet. This agrees with the ancients who believed there is something about tonal music that puts it in tune with the entire universe; thus making it a real source of healing and regeneration.

In August 2012, the Mereon principle investigators initiated cymatic research meeting with John Stuart Reid who invented the CymaScope – a technology which imprints sonic vibrations on the surface of ultra-pure water. Because vibration underpins all matter, the implications of the CymaScope’s results affect every branch of science. Using Reid’s technology and skills, the team’s long ambition of making the invisible Mereonic realm visible in water through sound was realized (see this video). The visible patterns of Mereon observed in the CymaScope agree with Robert Gray’s modeling. Mereon’s exact vibrational patterns are clearly visible in 3D beneath the water’s surface.

For a profound meditational experience, watch the video of Mereon appearing in water.

For years, people have called elements in Lynnclaire’s unique style of art “Christmas ornaments”. You can see how she captures the same geometric patterns that appear when viewing Mereon through the CymaScope by visiting Lynnclaire’s Mereon Art Gallery.

12. “The Mereon Matrix; Unity, Perspective and Paradox” is Published by Elsevier, the World’s Leading Provider of Science and Health Information

Lynnclaire once said that she has Ph.D.’s in chutzpah, tenacity and audacity. This was proven true in May of 2013 when her book entitled The Mereon Matrix: Unity, Perspective and Paradox was published by Elsevier – the world’s leading provider of science and health information. This scholarly work gives scientific and academic researchers the basics of a universal system. The fact that it took 601 pages, a quarter of a million words, 1500 images and 45 animations to present the basics of Mereon, makes it clear that the complexity of the science behind the Mereon Matrix is as deep as the Mereon Trefoil Knot is simple. While this book is intense, Lynnclaire and her co-authors address many serious problems facing humanity today and suggest how Mereon can help us make innovative resolutions and solutions.

In The Mereon Matrix, Lynnclaire makes the case that because natural and social sciences are linked, Mereon can help renew nature through social transformation. Mereon offers to be a scientific tool to synchronize man-made systems with natural systems. Mereon proves that everything is connected and participating in a cycle of cycles. Mereon allows decision makers to evaluate the consequences of their action before they act. It reveals the process to establish a connection to other patterns, a Pattern of patterns. The Mereon process is humanity’s link with the creative process at the heart of the universe. Mereon demonstrates that life itself came from non-life. Using the Mereon process, we can understand all aspects of a system and its relationships with other systems.

Mereon shows how chaotic experiences in our lives are symptoms of change happening within and without. Building relationships requires constant cultivation of its foundations. Mereon allows people to reconsider the nature of space and time by allowing them to understand their past actions in relation to their current realities. It allows us to make predictions about our future to plan and act in advance.

The will to survive, along with the ability to change, creates social transformation. Mereon is a natural method for analyzing the current state of our planet and society. It can find solutions and build on innovative technologies. It reveals how everyone is an active participant in the world’s ultimate fate and how it can help us make important decisions regarding what must be done to survive and determine the best way to do it. Mereon reveals that everyone is critical in this process. Scientists with multiple disciplinary backgrounds with the will to unite with other such scientists can make a powerful difference. Things change when a critical mass of such people chooses to use their power to influence society. Their actions can create a ripple effect felt around the world.

Mereon reveals how positive transformation can lead to sustainable harmony. As a tool for discovery, it can identify common values and refine them when needed. As an organizational tool, it makes diverse actions unite to create sustainable change. But the first step is uniting our inner lives with our outer lives. Internal unity is the key for harmonious relationships. Mereon allows us to create mutually beneficial solutions that are critical to help us conserve limited resources. Solutions which are not mutually beneficial can lead to disorder and oblivion. Our greatest threat is not from outside our planet, but from within human beings. Man-made processes that damage our environment are wreaking havoc on the health of this planet and humanity. An event once viewed as unlikely can unleash a series of unpredictable and catastrophic changes. Events such as droughts and economic collapse are just two examples. People in high positions of power have lacked the moral will to legislate critical changes needed to prevent disastrous human behavior before it is too late. It is time for societies to bring about positive actions to prevent these disasters. Scientific information must not support an agenda that benefits a “privileged” few. Mereon can help scientists make decisions based upon unifying principles before their action is taken. Mereon’s stabilizing nature allows a balancing point where a system extends its resources to its boundaries and then maintains this connection until the system gives “birth” to an optimal state.

Lynnclaire presents a strong case that although nature and science may be at a tipping point, what is needed is a turning point in social processes. The toroidal nature of Mereon shows how all resources in an optimal system must be distributed equally. Otherwise, when any part of a system breaks down, the entire system is at risk. We must bring social and scientific processes together to create new ideas to benefit society. People with strong social influence must come together to identify shared values to ignite a mutual vision. To create new technologies, we must remove those things which block us from finding mutual understanding. We can do this by cultivating transdisciplinary cooperation to create new types of communication. Ground-breaking discoveries come from such cooperation. Lynnclaire has witnessed how even elementary school children using Mereon principles can resolve problems and create remarkable new solutions. Competent groups of people where everyone “fits in” can quickly evaluate options based on historical data. They can then use the best method to perform actions that ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

Because Mereon reveals how diversity is fundamental to unity, it provides a way for diverse people to come together to solve and evolve. It requires communication that prevents exploration from being locked away in places for only a few, as in many universities and research centers. Mereon originated from an “outsider” of academic circles – Lynnclaire Dennis – a non-scientist with no training or understanding of mathematics. This demonstrates how a single person who is “outside” of the system can have a direct impact upon the entire system itself. Her experience with Mereon led her to understand how conscious cooperation requires the following traits:

  1. Have solid values on which to ground a clear vision.
  2. Have a will to set aside, temporarily or permanently, past dogmas if they are invalidated.
  3. Have the courage to accept your experience no matter how others might view it.
  4. Have a readiness to share and accept responsibility for an ongoing vision and doing so with open-minded individuals who were able to learn, unlearn and re-learn from one another, especially those who think differently.
  5. Have an ability to retain that knowledge and work together.
  6. Have the tenaciously to have it implemented wisely.

Near the end of Lynnclaire’s Epilogue, she writes:

“The Mereon Matrix is an innovative model of learning and relearning; of reconciliation and renewal that allows your work, whatever it is, to be measurable, important and personally significant. As a conscious collective we are the answer we seek. A union of intention, honoring uniqueness and recognizing fundamental sameness the Mereon Matrix introduces a new Monad: a unitive concept behind many long-awaited ‘messiahs’. Survival, another name for ‘salvation’, is up to us and means bringing all our scientific ideas down to Earth for earthly good … In this ending, you have arrived at a turning point; and what is next is up to you.”

13. “Discovering Your Youniverse and Living Plan Be” and How This Work Applies To You

What Mereon reveals about science and technology, is as compelling as what Lynnclaire’s new book, Discovering Your Youniverse and Living Plan Be, reveals about our life and humanity. This new book provides us a way to end humanity’s collective insanity. It is a simple book which outlines a simple way to make life choices. In this book, Lynnclaire fulfills another important purpose in her life in bringing heavenly matters down to Earth; and that is to make this profound knowledge accessible to everyone. Her program, “Living Plan Be” is as simple as it is meaningful – like the harmony and interconnectedness people feel when viewing her artwork. In this new book, you will discover how Loving is really the only thing that matters; how the first person you must love unconditionally is yourself; and that by applying the simple process described in her book, you can become catalyst for positive change: for Love. Lynnclaire’s experience inspires the courage it takes to remember and honor your own experiences as you identify your values and vision. As you bring conscious awareness to all your realities, you will understand and move with what she has long called “The Dance”.

Discovering Your Youniverse and Living Plan Be presents Mereon to the average person, those who want to understand it from a personal perspective based on the science. It begins by answering today’s existential questions such as: “What’s in it for me?” and “Why should I care?” In her book, she defines an Absolute Axiom:

“You and I, a toad and the pond scum it swims in, a dirt-rimed rock and a flawless diamond are all made of exactly the same stuff. Everything including the invisible matter that pervades our universe is made of stardust, hologramic embers that were emitted from a single cosmic sparkler. Life emerged from nonlife, and nothing being different save the difference in how each form of matter arises out of this primordial stuff. Your uniqueness is due to the fact that, like every form you are uniquely arranged, the atoms that make you are distinctively informed by discrete elements that came together at a different time and space than anything else.”

So simply put, the answers are:

  1. All forms are defined by the Mereon process which means that you are a part of the Mereon process and Mereon is a part of you.
  2. Mereon reveals how what works for you, and what works for someone else, actually works in the same way. That difference does not mean different.
  3. Mereon reveals two more life-changing reasons for you to care:
  4. You are unique and must decide for yourself what works for you.
  5. It shows how you can make what you love, work well for you!

The scientific discoveries uncovered in the universal nature of Mereon are profound. Changing your own life is the first step toward a healthy future. It is critical for developing new sciences, new transformations in education, new business models and solving environmental challenges. As you discover your “Youniverse”, experiencing the unity that exists between your physical and spiritual realities, you move closer to Home: your place in the universe.

14. “A Footprint in Eternity: Evidence of Mother Nature’s Form & Fingerprints Imprinted in a Near-Death Experience” About the Mereon Investigation from 2002–2014

Given that Mereon is all about Time, it perfectly understandable how Lynnclaire winds back and forwards through time once again beginning with retrospection. Starting from the lofty realm of a physics meeting at Cambridge University in 1998, Lynnclaire will take you on a round-the-world journey from Europe to Africa, across India and China. As you make this journey with her, you will understand how her experiences deepened her willingness to stick with the scientific approach as the only avenue that might possibly validate the gift she brought back from her NDEs. These books are a starting place where you can quietly hear what Lynnclaire describes as a wake up call to humanity. She says:

“My desire is this: whether it’s turning a page in a book; attending a presentation; participating in a workshop; training in a course to learn to facilitate this process; or gazing through the universal window into a piece of art, you’ll join her on the Path of Transformation. By revisioning our lives, sometimes with every single breath, we can then walk and work side-by-side as we awaken and bring this Dream to Life in real-time.

“May transformation bring you the joy of connections as the world unites on this evolutionary journey. Through loving experiences we move beyond fear, hatred and competition to experience the mutual respect that is inherent within our amazing diversity. The peace we desire, inside and out, is not the mission; it is the by-product of love, the result of mindful compassion.”

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