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John P.’s Near-Death Experience

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The following is John P.’s NDE testimony in his own words sent to me by email.

John P.

“I would like to tell you about my experience. I had a emotionally difficult childhood. I went to a counselor at the age of 37 to help me deal with and get on with my life. The counselor did what she called regressive therapy with me. She was a Christian and prayed at the beginning of the session that the Holy Spirit would work in my heart (soul) through the session.

“She took me down an elevator to a floor that opened up to a hallway. The hallway had doors on both sides with numbers on them. As I walked down the hallway I stopped at different doors, opened them and went into the room to deal with issues in my life. The number on the doors was the age I was when these issues happened.

“I went to my ‘two-year old room’ and dealt with a very traumatic experience. When I came out of the room the counselor prayed again that the Holy Spirit would heal me and give me a new life.

“At that point the counselor wanted to bring me back up the hallway to the elevator. I told her I can’t. I turned and went to the end of the hall, to a corner and the hallway came apart and disappeared. I then was in the presence of the light.

“I knew without having to be told that the light was the son of God, Jesus.

“I saw my deceased father and mother-in-law, along with others who I don’t remember, standing next to Jesus. There were no words, all communication was thought transfer.

“The light said, “Come.” I was compelled to go to the light.

“Standing in front of Jesus, it was communicated to me that He had unconditional love for me and total acceptance. Jesus then reached out and gave me a hug. A hug that was symbolic of the lack of affection that I was neglected as a child. I was healed at that point of my past.

“Jesus then said, ‘Go and hug others.’

“I turned and went back to the elevator, but not up the hallway. I went up a new path with a new life. Needless to say, the face-to-face experience with the light changed my entire life. My ‘Go and hug others’ command is my mission in life.

“I had dreams that came true. I would dream of situations and they then would happen. I had dreams of warfare between demons and angels that were given to teach me. I could see things in people that I couldn’t see before.

God is the source of all love and we aren’t able to love without him. We are spiritual beings like God.

“I have experienced angels with me while awake in everyday life. They are sent to comfort and guide me. I have experienced demons and their attack on me. There is much, much more to the experience and all that has happened afterward.

“When I stumbled across the NDE, I felt like I had something in common with other people and I wasn’t alone – even though I never died.

“I could write a book of my experience too. I now feel that religion is a man-made structure to try to identify and contain God. It just can’t be done!”

With best regards,
John P.