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Peter Little’s Dream Near-Death Experiences

Top Borobudur Temple, Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia.

The following is Peter Little’s dream NDE testimony sent to Kevin Williams by email.

Ian McEwan

On October 29, 1996, I had a so-called “white light experience.” I never felt comfortable reporting this until I read your “triggers” section which includes other experiences, not necessarily “near-death”.

Just prior to October 29, 1996, I had had some very pleasant life changes and experiences. I was finally able to get my divorce in July of 1994, had just gotten joint custody of my two lovely daughters (Erika, then 9, and Krista, 6), had spent the weekend body surfing on Long Island with my best friend Paul Smaldone, plus I was newly “in love” with a wonderful woman from Guatemala who was living in Connecticut and who I had met through my foreign language club.

I had for a some time been feeling great about life and had episodes of overwhelming feelings of well-being. So over the weekend of October 27, 1996, all these pleasant things seemed to come together. Then on the morning of the 29th, I was about to wake up when I noticed an enrapturing white light in my mind’s eye.

I knew nothing about these things but I had enough curiosity and courage to hold onto the experience for a few moments. I felt myself in a state of bliss and remember looking at the sides of the tunnel which was enveloping me. Then telepathically, I heard a voice say, “We are very happy with you,” which I have attributed to my parents who had both died of cancer a few years before.

With this I became frightened and jumped out of my bed.

But the next night, as I was sleeping, I had the same blissful feelings and saw a procession of Christmas ornaments dancing across my mind’s eye; very overwhelming at the time.

I must tell you that I am not at all religious; actually I must confess I laugh at organized religion, but I also believe in live and let live. But after these experiences my fascination with philosophy, meditation and mysticism exploded.

I have always been a fun-loving fellow and enjoy sharing any good feelings with other people but these experiences were a little too much to share openly. Now I can share these things in a prudent manner depending on the situation knowing that I have the sense from your website that these matters are indeed real.

Having lost my job a few years ago, and returning to it finally, family court is forcing me to make my work the focus of my life. So I do not have much extra time but if you have any comments or suggestions, I am receptive.

Best regards,

Peter Little: plsulli@aol.com