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Quantum Entanglement and the Near-Death Experience

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1. Introduction to Quantum Entanglement and the NDE

Jack H. Hiller

Quantum entanglement is a phenomenon in quantum mechanics where two or more particles become correlated to each other in such a way that the state of one particle is dependent on the state of the other(s), even when they are on opposite ends of the universe. This “spooky” connection (Einstein’s word) is what physicists call entanglement.. This phenomenon has been experimentally verified and is a fundamental aspect of quantum theory.

The following article by Jack H. Hiller entitled “Quantum Entanglement Explained” is reprinted here by permission.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Jack H. Hiller, Ph.D., J.D., is the author of the book, Near-Death Experience of Space, Time, and Consciousness: How the World Was Created and Functions (2019) and the author of a series of papers in the Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research (2019). His article, Near-Death Experience of Space, Time, and Consciousness, deals with his Frozen Time Theory.

ABOUT THE JOURNAL:  The purpose and mission of Scientific GOD Journal (“SGJ”) are to conduct scientific inquiries on the nature and origins of life, mind, physical laws and mathematics and their possible connections to a scientifically approachable transcendental ground of existence – we call “Scientific GOD.” By “scientific inquiries”, we mean building concrete and testable models and/or hypotheses connected to hard sciences (e.g., physics, neuroscience, biochemistry and physiology) and doing the experimental testing.

2. Quantum Entanglement Explained

By Jack H Hiller

DATE:  March 10, 2024

ABSTRACT:  In this essay, the author explains the “spooky action at a distance” of quantum entanglement based on the frozen time theory.

KEY WORDS:  quantum entanglement, Frozen Time Theory, three world domains.

In Space, Time, and Consciousness [1], I proposed a tripartite world: Domain 1 is God alone; the 2nd Domain is the world of light, Heaven; and the 3rd Domain is the material world attached to Heaven as a subset. There I had identified that quantum entanglement, the “spooky action at a distance” derided by Einstein as impossible, remains a mystery. This essay proposes an explanation for the mechanics of quantum entanglement. There are three specific sources of information/ideas leading to an explanation for “spooky action at a distance.”

First, cosmologists have evidence that the material world we are able to observe is less than 5% of what exists [2]:

“Today, ordinary matter, which includes atoms, stars, galaxies, and life, accounts for only 4.9% of the contents of the universe…The present overall density of this type of matter is very low, roughly 4.5 × 10−31 grams per cubic centimetre, corresponding to a density of the order of only one proton for every four cubic metres of volume…The nature of both dark energy and dark matter is unknown. Dark matter, a mysterious form of matter that has not yet been identified, accounts for 26.8% of the cosmic contents. Dark energy, which is the energy of empty space and is causing the expansion of the universe to accelerate, accounts for the remaining 68.3% of the contents.” [Source]

It is then reasonable to hypothesize that the unseen portion of the universe is Heaven, and if so that fact will help to explain how spooky action at a distance works.

Second, a near-death experience (“NDE”) posted on NDERF [3] described a situation in which a grandmother who was yet alive appeared to the person having the NDE. The individual asked her grandmother how she could be present (in Heaven with her) while she yet lived. Her Grandmother replied that time in Heaven works differently from here:

While in the middle of an emergency c-section, I watched myself flatline as my pulse slowed. I heard my mother call out. The room got brighter. It was quiet, but I felt so much love surrounding me. I was standing in a ‘room’ but it was too bright to see; like standing in a long white room, with all the lights turned on. I knew I wasn’t alone, but could only see shadows of the others. At the end of the room was an even brighter door. The door looked more like sunshine than the bright white light in the room. One of the shadows closest to me spoke to me by saying my name. I asked her who she was, and she replied, ‘Your Grandmother.’ At this point, all my grandmothers were still alive, yet one had cancer at the time. I responded with ‘but your still alive.’ She responded back with ‘Time is different here.’ She then told me that I had something important to do, and I could not stay with her. .. [Source]

This NDE report contains anecdotal evidence that our material world is a shadow of its existence in the second domain, Heaven, and that possibility may be applied to explaining how spooky action at a distance works.

Personal communication from Kevin Williams, webmaster for the IANDS research website, about additional reported cases of living people appearing in NDEs:

Carl Jung encountered his living doctor’s avatar during his NDE where he told Jung to return to life (https://near-death.com/carl-jung-nde/). Another case is the NDE of an orthodox Jew whose living rabbi’s avatar appeared in heaven telling her to return to life (https://near-death.com/orthodox-jew-nde/). There is a very good reason that living people are seen in Heaven. During Dr. Dianne Morrissey’s NDE, she saw all three of her bodies at the same time. She saw (1) her dead physical body, (2) her soul body which was her “NDE body”, and (3) her spirit body which she saw lying asleep in a bed in heaven (https://near-death.com/dianne-morrissey/). Because reality is multi-dimensional, humans are multi-dimensional as well – body, soul, and spirit. There are many NDEs where the NDEr encounters their Higher Self or spirit. The NDE of Jan Price is a good example (https://near-death.com/jan-prices-nde-with-dog/). And, of course, multi-dimensionality is suggested in quantum physics.

Third, time does not run in the 2nd Domain as reported in [1], Part 2, Frozen Time Theory, 11-23. The NDE reports consistently observe that time stood still, so existence was a perpetual Now. All thoughts and actions were instantaneous, because time did not run.

Spooky action at a distance explained

Currently, perhaps the greatest mystery in material science is quantum entanglement, cemented by the 2022 award of the Nobel Prize to the researchers who demonstrated that Einstein’s scoffing about “spooky action at a distance” was mistaken, because empirical research had demonstrated its reality. Material science has no explanation for the nature of signaling between distant particle pairs, even light years apart, or how the signaling could possibly be instantaneous. However, research on the nature of consciousness [1] which includes the concept of a Universal Field of Consciousness, UFC, may explain how quantum entanglement works.

Einstein had realized that Schrodinger’s wave equation led to a result that could not possibly be right (his criticism published as the EPR Paradox paper). The prediction was about two paired particles, say a photon that was split in half to create two paired photons. The Schrodinger wave equation predicted that when one member of the pair (both members assumed to be in superposition states, and therefore not definitely real) was energetically observed, its wave function would collapse, so that the particle became real and definite, and its pairmate would instantly adopt a complimentary existence – however far apart the particles were, even light years apart from each other. Einstein argued that any instantaneous reaction would require a signal from the first particle observed to its pair-mate faster than the speed of light, which is impossible according to Special Relativity. And, there was no known or even hypothesized mechanism for the instantaneous signal.

According to the tripartite theory of world formation [1], God first created the world of light we call Heaven, and then created the physical world as an included subset of Heaven. So the unobservable dark matter and energy may be the 2nd Domain, Heaven. The physical world is attached to the world of light, a world experienced by spirit when out of body, and the material world exists much like a shadow in Heaven. In the world of light, time does not run; instead, existence is an eternal Now. Whatever happens in Heaven takes no time, because all actions are instantaneous.

The subatomic particles that we observe in the physical world are the shadows of themselves in Heaven. Thus, when the first member of a pair of particles formed for an entanglement experiment is acted on here in the physical world, its pair-mate, also existing in the world of light, instantaneously reacts since time does not run in Heaven. This explains the non-locality effect demonstrated by the experiments on quantum entanglement.

We may expect that, until physicists understand that consciousness provides the foundation for the material world, quantum entanglement will remain an unsolved mystery.

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