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Susan’s Near-Death Experience with Her Pets

Susan’s Near-Death Experience with Her Pets

The following is Susan’s NDE testimony sent to Kevin Williams by email in her own words.


First of all, I come from a rural town in southeast Alabama. All my life I went to church. I would always see my parent’s praying about things and trusting God. Even with all this though, I never got that close to God. I believed in him and that Jesus came to Earth and died for me, but it wasn’t until 1993 that I totally gave my heart to him.

I had been suffering for years from anorexia. It started when I was fourteen. In 1993, at the age twenty-five, I was so sick and only weighed 64 pounds. I was in and out of therapy for this and even had to be force-fed. Nothing helped. So, after getting the news in September of 1993 that my kidney’s were failing, I refused all further treatment and prayed that God would help me. I told him that I’d live for him if he would. I didn’t really think I would die because I always pulled through before.

Going out in public, when I was able, was a nightmare. People would yell out, “AIDS girl” and things like that. Soon I became housebound, mostly due to my health, and because I couldn’t believe the cruelty of people. Then one night I woke up trying to breathe. I couldn’t. I was very nauseated, shaking violently, and just so sick I couldn’t move. I didn’t think I would die because the doctors were about to put me on dialysis and I thought I’d be ok. But I wasn’t.

Soon I left my body. I didn’t go through a tunnel. I just kind of floated around. Before I knew it, I was in heaven. I knew it was heaven because I had never smelled flowers like that before and had never seen so much beauty.

I went up to my Grandma who had been waiting for me. She looked to be about thirty-years-old even though she died when she was seventy-five. Then I saw my Grandpa. He died at the age of ninety-two.

He kept saying to me, “Look what I can do.”

He was walking on his hands. I didn’t understand this or why he was showing me that he could do that. Then Grandma asked me if I wanted to go and see Jesus. I literally screamed, “YES!!!”

The second I saw him I started to cry. I could feel his compassion for me. He comforted me as I told him how I had been done wronged by people on Earth because of my condition and how I had suffered with anorexia. He was so, so kind. He told me that he knew all of that and that it was going to be alright.

I asked him if he promised and he said, “Yes.”

I told him something that maybe I shouldn’t have. I said to him, “You are a very handsome man.”

He just laughed. Then I laughed. It was such a great time.

I noted his appearance. He was about 5’9 and probably weighed about 150 pounds. He was slim, with dark brown hair and brown eyes. There were so many people around him; but, (and this is what touches me so much) I was able to go right to him and talk to him. It’s not like it would be here. You can’t just go up to someone that important and talk to them. But with Jesus you can.

He then told me to go back and tell everyone what I had seen. I said I would. Then he hugged me. It felt like a million volts of electricity going through my body I found that from his hug, I couldn’t stand up because of the intense power I felt coming from him.

Then, I felt myself falling very, very fast. I was literally slammed back into my body on the bed. I was slammed so hard that I sat up, shocked. I was so disappointed that I was out of his presence and back where everyone was so cruel. And I was so sick. I could still feel the electrified feeling of his touch. But once again, I was very sick. Then I went to sleep.

The next morning when I woke up I felt hungry so I ate. For the first time in 11 years I ate a full meal, not having any of the anorexic feelings I always had from before.

The same day was my doctor’s appointment. When the doctor examined me and took some tests, he called a few days later wanting to see me. He told me that I had healthy kidney’s. I was in shock. He said, “You do not have kidney failure anymore.”

After this I only got better and better. The doctor still couldn’t explain it. Nobody could. But I know why. Jesus touched me, my soul body, and healed me. The doctor just said there was no medical reason for my kidneys to be normal. The next time he saw me I had gained about fifteen pounds. Now, nine years later, I went from weighing 64 to 135 pounds. I have never had any kidney problems nor any other kind of health problems that anorexia can cause. I am fine. I am healthy.

And I will NEVER forget seeing Jesus. Never. I can’t even think of him today without crying. I feel so special to have been touched by him and being able to talk to him and the fact that he had so much compassion for me. I have not encountered anything like that here.

Now to end this, I will tell you why my Grandpa was walking on his hands. My mother never believed me when I told her of my experience. I have only recently told her. I know Jesus said to tell everyone but it took nine years for me to say anything. I told my mother that I saw Grandpa and how he was thrilled to show me that he could walk on his hands. Her face went white. I asked her what was wrong. She said that when he was a teenager, he used to do that to impress people. She said he was very good at it and enjoyed showing off. But she said I must have heard about it from someone. I told her that I have never heard about it from anyone in the family. Many of them didn’t even know it when I questioned them later. My Grandma told my mother when she was a child and that is why she recalled it. Grandpa was very old when I was born and the older he got, the more trouble he had doing anything. I knew nothing about him when he was a child. Nobody ever told me anything about him. So she knows there’s no way I could know that. But she still doesn’t believe that I went to heaven, even though she can’t explain how I knew that Grandpa once could walk on his hands. He was very proud of this in heaven just as he was here.

I forgot to mention that I had seen all the pets I had as a child in heaven. Dogs and even parakeets whom I really loved. They had a caretaker – a man who took care of all the animals. So if anyone ever asks me if animals survive death, I have to say, “Yes!”

That is my story and even though I’ve sinned many times over since then, I know I’m forgiven when I ask to be. I live my life in such a way that if I were to die, heaven would be my home and I’ll be reunited with my family and with Jesus again.

I have told other people on the Internet about this, but they don’t believe in God and think I’m a nut. But I don’t care. I keep remembering that verse in the Bible that says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. This is so true.