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Asher Elmekiess’ Suicide Near-Death Experience

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The following is Asher Elmekiess’ suicide NDE testimony sent to Kevin Williams by email in his own words.

Asher Elmekiess

I have an ex-life and a new life. My ex-life ended when I tried to take my own life with over 70 medicinal tablets, over 26 of which were aspirin 500 mg. That night I had a “before-death experience.”

It was dark everywhere yet there were sparkles all around like little stars.

I was sitting (don’t know on what, it was like there was no ground or nothing beneath me) and was not breathing or feeling anything. When I tried to touch my body, my hand went right through it.

It was a place of so much love, peace and joy. I did not want to move or come back from there.

Then I saw one “Person” come to me. He was dressed with old brown clothing like cloak or gown. A rope was around his waist and he looked like a monk with a hood covering his head and straps on his sandals. He was what I would say a very Biblical looking person. There was something about him, as if he was the Peace, Love and Joy of that place.

Then he said to me without a voice or sound but in my innermost being, “You are going to go back!”

I wanted to say something like, “I do not want to,” but I could not say a thing. It was like absolute nothing to argue about.

Then he said to me the most amazing thing, “You will go to the Christians and they will show you and teach you how to be with me. We will be together soon.”

I wanted to say, “But I am Jewish.”

“Yes,” he said. “You weren’t thinking much about being Jewish when trying to commit suicide, weren’t you?”

There was deep shame in me for that action, as it is now, yet little did I know where I was heading from there.

Then I saw intensified Light and to my surprise I woke up. I was ok, just a little drowsy. So I phoned a doctor friend of mine. He said that it was very foolish of me and that he must phone an ambulance quickly.

At the hospital, the doctors told me the amount of aspirin I took should have killed me, yet they found no trace of drugs in my blood.

I was released from the hospital the next day as the doctors found no physical damage of concern to my body and concluded that I was just circumstantially depressed. I cried non-stop for 3 days as if it would not stop – that it would go on forever. I was a fool in my disastrous, but merciful failure to end my life because of my wife’s request to divorce me.

Asher Elmekiess