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J. A.’s Dream Near-Death Experience

milky way above body of water

The following is J. A.’s dream NDE testimony sent to Kevin Williams by email.

J. R. R. Tolkien

This happened around 1982 when I was 13 years old.

I remember going to bed at night without any problem. While sleeping, I suddenly found myself flying through space with someone in front of me like a guide. I could not see the person’s face but the love that was oozing from the person was indescribable; it felt like natural love between mother and child multiplied by 1 million. I actually thought this guide was my real mother.

While traveling through space, we passed through stars and they were beautiful.

Suddenly we got into a place that looked like a room or a church or a temple. The only thing was that it was shining brighter than the sun.

I can’t remember what happened after we entered the light, but when I came back I became a different person.

Firstly, I became very sensitive to peoples’ and animals’ feelings. I can’t bear seeing people suffer. Sometimes I would be crying like a baby when I see a sick person. I started to love people unconditionally and I became very religious.

Presently I pastor a Pentecostal church in the UK and the only thing that gives me fulfillment is when I make people happy.

I have also become very sensitive to the Holy Spirit and I always have God visiting me to give me instructions and guidance.

I could not share this with anyone until I stumbled on the near-death website last year out of curiosity trying to find out what that experience was.

Some people still look at me like a strange man whenever I share this experience, while some think I am going crackers. However, I know what I experienced because it was personal.