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The Trigger of Dreams: Ray Meir’s Near-Death Experience

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Throughout history and in many cultures, the phenomenon of contacting the deceased through dreams have been well documented. Such dream experiences of the deceased are reported in many sacred texts such as the Bible. One particular example in the Bible is the story of Jacob’s ladder in Genesis 28:10-17. A more contemporary example is the amazing case of Claire Sylvia who was able to successfully contact the deceased owner of her organ transplant through her dreams. There have also been reports of near-death experiences (NDEs) being triggered through dreams. One example is the case of Ray Meir who, in March of 2002, had to undergo a number (4) catherization involving no anesthesia to determine if there was problems with his heart. The first procedure was exploratory and the results were that Meir had three arteries blocked, one of which was 99% blocked. During the second procedure, Meir had a near-death experience (NDE) triggered by a dream he had while the procedure was taking place. The following article describes Meir’s experience in his own words.


Mellen-Thomas Benedict

“On the last procedure (one week later) we had problems. The local anesthetic was injected and the cath was inserted. Within seconds of the cath incretion I fell asleep … (remember no anesthetics were administered).

“I dreamed that I was in a very dark vast peaceful area (much like floating through outer space, total darkness). However, the feeling was extremely peaceful and I felt very comfortable.

“I was surrounded by a total darkness, and I could not see anything in any direction (including down since I was floating). However, when I looked forward I saw a very (extremely) bright light. Much like looking at headlights in a car on a dark road, except that there was only one light and it was extremely bright. However, I did not have to shade my eyes because instead of bothering me the light was attracting me to it.

“The feeling was extremely peaceful and I felt very much at peace. I felt a great love emanating from the light.”

“As I walked towards the light (I’m still surrounded in darkness except for the light in front of me, which was attracting me to it) much like a child walking to its father, I felt very much at ease, and very much in peace with myself and my surroundings.

“As I walked towards the light I noticed that there were two silhouettes of persons standing on either side of the light. However, I could not make out the persons in the silhouettes.

“I continued to walk towards the light and at one point my entire surroundings light up (much like walking into a lighted room). I was now within the light along with the silhouettes.

“I could now clearly see them. They were my mother and my father. They passed away in 1997 and 1999. There was a another person standing between them. It seemed as if this person was glowing, a halo around him (the light was emanating from the person). I could now clearly see the person also. It was Jesus Christ.

“No words were spoken by anyone. We just looked at each other. Their facial expressions were very comforting, as if looking at me with approval and love. Much the way a mother or a father would look at a child that they had not seen in a long time, but were happy (approved of him/her) to see him/her.

“The time passed quite fast and the next thing that I remember is wakening in the operating room, and asking “What happened.”

“I remember seeing the nurse standing over me and telling me to wake up. I had a pain on my chest, much like getting hit with a baseball bat, and my chest area felt as if was burned. Much like a severe sun burn.

“I was then given medications and transferred to the ICU. I was later told that I had coded. According to the nurse, within minutes of commencing the procedure my blood pressure immediately dropped and my heart stopped beating. I have been told that I flat-lined and had to be paddled 5x before my heart began to beat again. Later my doctor explained that my BP was 120/80, immediately dropped to 0/0, and would not rise. Then immediately returned to 120/80, after the fifth resuscitation procedure. The BP never dropped I just bottomed out and then returned to normal.

“I sincerely believe that I died on the table, and came back. I sincerely believe that I saw my parents and the Son of God. I sincerely believe that God has placed me back on this Earth for a purpose.”