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The Trigger of Extreme Stress: Melanie’s NDE

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Melanie was under extreme stress one day and thought her head was going to explode. She laid down on her bed and started to do some muscle relaxing techniques in order to calm down. After a short while, she could no longer feel her body at all. She felt like she was floating outside of her body.

The following is Melanie’s near-death experience which was triggered by experiencing extreme stress.

I was outside of my body. I had my eyes closed. Then suddenly this bright light was in front of me. It was huge, bright white light, but it did not hurt to look at. In fact, it was restful to look at. It engulfed me with calmness and love and yet it did not touch me. I just looked at it for a while.

I then came back [to reality], I opened my eyes and sat bolt upright and I knew without any doubt that:

(1) That bright light was God.

(2) That I had remembered my near-death experience of when I was 11 years old. I had tonsillitis at that time and almost died because of a complicated during surgery.

To this day I KNOW that, that was what this was. I know that the two experiences were one in the same.

What impact has this had on my life? Many. But I have been surrounded with extremely stressful situations (especially in the last 5 years) since that time, and most people have said to me that they would have not been able to cope.

And yet, I seem to be able to cope with anything/everything, because I feel that light is inside of me, protecting me from harm, and coping with me. I have this feeling of fearlessness. I certainly have no fear of death.

I believe that there is one God – whom is that light of love. I believe that light could be the Christian God, the Muslim God, the Hindu God, the Jewish God, the Buddhist God and I believe that does not matter. I also have a strong faith in reincarnation and rebirth (and that these two messages are written in all faiths).