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Humanity and the Near-Death Experience

Every human being is a very, very special person. One proof of this can be found in the reproductive process which led to our birth. Everyone begins life by winning a race against about 250 million other sperm cells. This alone is evidence that everyone is literally one in a million. As a part of life, we are a part of God. People who have a near-death experience often realize this fact first-hand in a very profound way. There is more to humanity than meets the eye. Beyond our visual reality, there exists a higher reality where our true self resides. This reality exists within us.

1. A brief summary of human origins

Kevin Williams

The story of the origin of humanity is a story that resembles the parable of the prodigal son. Long ago, our souls fractaled from the Divine Consciousness to become individualized portions of God. Our souls entered the physical realm and some came to the earth and began inhabiting the bodies of a particular species of ape-man and began to influence them to come out of the trees and create societies. Although humans seem like a small creation in an infinite universe, this is really only an illusion. We are the human part of God and are extensions and thoughts in the Mind of God. We are God developing individual consciousness. We are God becoming human. We are the body, mind and spirit of God. We are a oneness of the Whole and the wholeness of the One. The core of our being is perfect love, perfect God-ness. We are powerful spirit beings.

2. Human origins

“From the light we have come, and to the light we all shall return.” (Josiane Antonette)

“It is God’s love for us that sends us on our journey and it is our love for God that allows us to return to God’s loving arms again.” (David Goines)

“We are all-knowing. But we have chosen to forget most of our knowledge in order to come to earth and have human experiences.” (Laurelynn Martin)

“Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son is the cosmic tale of each and every human being. We have all forgotten that we are children of God and that our spiritual side needs to return to God.” (Dr. George Ritchie)

“We are like babies crawling around, trying to learn how to use the forces within us. They are powerful forces and are governed by laws that will protect us from ourselves. But as we grow and seek the positive all around us, even the laws themselves will be revealed. We will be given all that we are prepared to receive.” (Betty Eadie)

“We are immortal and indestructible. We have always been alive, we always will be, and there is no way in this world that we can ever be lost. It is impossible for anyone to fall into a crack in the universe somewhere and never be heard from again. We are utterly safe and we have always been forever and ever.” (Jayne Smith)

“Upon receiving the plan of creation, we [as spirits] sang in rejoicing and were filled with God’s love. We were filled with joy as we saw the growth we would have here on earth and the joyous bonds we would create with each other.” (Betty Eadie)

“Earth is not our natural home and we did not originate here. Earth is only a temporary place for our schooling and everyone has cultivated a certain degree of light (knowledge) here.” (Betty Eadie)

“The reason we need to experience a separation of our total reality when we take a physical body is because in order for us to appreciate, benefit, and learn all we can from our physical life, we must re-discover what we knew before – now in physical ways. We must also discover how to return to God. By the good that we do to each other here, by the ways we improve our minds, and by the ways that we learn to cope with a physical body and physical life, we earn our right of safe passage back to God; and in so doing, we likewise honor God.” (David Goines)

“We are to make the most of our opportunity for ourselves and God. We will return to God with the knowledge and experience we have gained and God is enhanced by it.” (David Goines)

3. Human evolution through reincarnation

Dannion Brinkley

See the Reincarnation and the Near-Death Experience web page.

Our bodies evolved from the earth. Our minds evolved from the stars. Our spirits evolved from God. We are evolving into the image of God in body, mind and spirit.” (Edgar Cayce)

“Humans are educated at a higher level by spirit beings who bring us into heaven. We grow and increase, and grow and increase, and shed the concerns, desires, and base animal stuff that we have been fighting much of our life. Earthly appetites melt away. It is no longer a struggle to fight them. We become who we truly are, which is part of the divine.” (Howard Storm)

“Humans are immortal beings who have been alive forever. Our bodies come from an unending stream of life, going back to the Big Bang and beyond. Humans are part of a natural living system that recycles itself endlessly.” (Mellen-Thomas Benedict)

“Humanity is progressing up the spiral of evolution. There is no problem, no pain, no ill, no disharmony in the whole universe that eventually will not be made into harmony.” (Margaret Tweddell)

“Life is a cycle for humans to improve and become perfected.” (Dr. Frank Oski)

“Humans have a potential that is so far beyond our wildest dreams. Whatever we want to be we can be. It may take a hundred lifetimes of learning but if we want it we can get it.” (Darren Corlett)

“It is possible that the near-death experience is an evolutionary device to bring about a transformation in all humanity over a period of years … By transforming ourselves we transform the world around us, and so, by stages, the whole future of humanity.” (Dr. Kenneth Ring)

4. Humanity within the matrix

“Each person’s Higher Self is connected to each other to form a single matrix around the planet which is called the Higher Self matrix. It a sacred circle of human souls that exists within everyone. It is a direct connection to God that makes us all one being.” (Mellen-Thomas Benedict)

“We sailed towards a beautiful nebulous network of interconnected consciousnesses emanating a purple glow that pulsed with the essence of human existence. The Fabric of Humanity, as it was revealed to me, was a tapestry of linked souls, each thread intertwined in a symphony of emotions and knowledge, a testament to the unity of all life. In that fleeting moment, I knew that I had been granted a glimpse of an underlying truth that binds us all, a revelation that transcended the boundaries of human comprehension.” (Mindy Tautfest)

“A cosmic matrix of rainbow light exists around the earth. This matrix provides souls with a number of earthly destinies from which to choose from. Then, before we are born into the world, we are required to forget these memories.” (Plato)

“Everyone has a light connection to their Higher Self which is an extension of our lives. Everyone is interconnected, forming a light grid. We are all one. Our oneness is interconnected by love and this love is connected to the grid. Our love connection to each other is available for us to access.” (Linda Stewart)

“Everything is united by a transparent net, or web, and each thread shines with great radiance. Everything pulses with the same luminosity a magnificent light of unparalleled brilliance.” (Josiane Antonette)

“Within the light, I knew that everyone and everything is connected to the light. God is in everyone, always and forever. Within the light is the cure for all diseases.” (Dr. Dianne Morrissey)

“Humans are actually different aspects of the same being. This being consists of love – the kind of love that cures, heals and regenerates. This is the core of our being. We are all beautiful in our essence, our core. We are very beautiful creations.” (Mellen-Thomas Benedict)

“We all have the innate ability to heal ourselves, if only we have the desire and determination to enable this gift. Life has meaning and we are all connected. It is in finding those connections that we find the secret to good health and a long life.” (Dr. Melvin Morse)

“Everyone’s gain or loss affects everyone else to some degree because we are all connected.” (P.M.H. Atwater)

We are all connected and we know each other. All things are of the LOVING light.” (Kathy Oros)

“We are all collectively bonded to each other while on earth, united in this one supreme purpose: to learn to love one another.” (Betty Eadie)

5. Humanity as a fractal of God and the universe

“Humans are really children of the cosmos – not just children of this world. The deeper part of us travels the entire universe and we chose to dwell in this solar system.” (Edgar Cayce)

“We affect each other because we are all a part of each other. We affect all parts of the universe because all parts of creation interweave and interrelate with all other parts. (P.M.H. Atwater)

“The fact that we are here on earth, shows that we are on the path to developing an individual consciousness that is part of the group consciousness of humanity. There are racial personality clusters, national personality clusters, municipal personality clusters, family personality clusters. Our individual identity is evolving like branches of a fractal. This is the group soul exploring in our individuality.” (Mellen-Thomas Benedict)

“So the problems of individuals, groups, races, and nations, are dealt with from one lifetime to the next through a person’s free will until they are solved. Then the soul is free to move on to other worlds, other solar systems, other universes, and other dimensions.” (Edgar Cayce)

“No matter who we are, we are all joined under one God. Our souls are all one. All living things in the universe are connected to one another.” (May Eulitt)

“There is a hierarchy in the universe that is dedicated to preserving the harmony of the universe. Humans are an integral part of this harmony.” (David Oakford)

“We are multi-dimensional beings. We can access our other dimensions through lucid dreaming. This universe is God’s dream.” (Mellen-Thomas Benedict)

“The solar system we live in is our larger, local body. This is our local body and we are much bigger than we imagine. The solar system is our body. The earth is this great created being that we are, and we are the part of it that knows that it is.” (Mellen-Thomas Benedict)

“The earth, the sun, the moon, the darkness, the light, the planets, and all forms of life plants, rocks, animals, people are interconnected; they come from the same source of light.” (Josiane Antonette)

Everyone is influenced by their body and, in many ways, the influence of the body determines a person’s level of spiritual development. Our body is a temple for the divine spirit. We can find God within us by awakening the spiritual centers of our body to higher spiritual dimensions and realms. (Edgar Cayce)

The spiritual centers within our bodies are known by science to be the endocrine glands (also known in the East as “chakras“) which are the emotional and motivational centers of the body. They serve as points of contact between the spirit and the body and are the transformers of the divine spirit into physical consciousness and manifestation. Our endocrine glands are the pituitary, the pineal, the thyroid, the thymus, the adrenals, the lyden, and the gonads. (Edgar Cayce)

Chakra chart

Through our spiritual centers, our spiritual force finds a means of expression. It is through these spiritual centers that the physical, mental and spiritual forces all come together. They are the organs of perception through which we can become aware of the spirit realms in the same way that our five senses are organs of perception of the physical realm. These spiritual centers with us are influenced by astrological forces that represent and correspond to the spirit realms. The highest spirit realm we can inhabit after death is determined by the highest spiritual center activated within our body by the spiritual force within. (Edgar Cayce)

The following is a list of the human body’s spiritual centers, their location on the body, the astrological influence on them, and their corresponding connection to afterlife realms. (Edgar Cayce)

Edgar Cayce on Astrology

6. Humanity’s imperfect nature

“There is no evil in any human soul. We seek love to sustain us and it is the lack of love that distorts people. We were designed by God to self-correct, just like the rest of the universe. No one is lost because everyone is already ‘saved.'” (Mellen-Thomas Benedict)

Howard Storm was given the following insights from beings of light after his life review when he was fearful of returning to earth life and afraid he would make mistakes again: “Mistakes are an acceptable part of being human. We are here to make all the mistakes we want because it is through our mistakes that we learn. As long as we try to do what we know to be right, we will be on the right path. If we make a mistake, we should fully recognize it as a mistake, then put it behind us and simply try not to make the same mistake again. The important thing is to try our best, keep our standards of goodness and truth, and not compromise them to win people’s approval. God loves us just the way we are, mistakes and all. When we make a mistake, we should ask for forgiveness. After that, it would be an insult if we don’t accept that we are forgiven. We shouldn’t continue going around with a sense of guilt, and we should try not to repeat our mistakes. We should learn from our mistakes. God wants us to do what we want to do. That means making choices – and there isn’t necessarily any right choice. There are a spectrum of possibilities, and we should make the best choice from those possibilities. If we do that, we will receive help from the Other Side.” (Howard Storm)

“God knew we would make mistakes. Life is all about mistakes. It is constant change and growth. Our greatest challenges in life will one day be known to us as our greatest teachers.” (Betty Eadie)

“Humanity saves, redeems and heals themselves. We always have and we always will.” (Mellen-Thomas Benedict)

“The more we exercised our individual consciousness and free will for self-interest, self-gratification, self-glorification, and self-consciousness, the more we heightened our sense of self apart from the Whole.” (Edgar Cayce)

“The greatest enemy we can face is ourselves.” (George Anderson)

“The conquering of self is truly greater than were one to conquer many worlds.” (Edgar Cayce)

7. Humanity’s divine nature

“Within every human being is perfect love. That is our core – this love, this perfection, this God-ness.” (Jayne Smith)

“God is within us and we are an inseparable part of God. We are perfect love as a creation of God. We and God are one – Creator and created.” (Linda Stewart)

“We must stop trying to become God because God is becoming us.” (Mellen-Thomas Benedict)

“Humans are the true essence of God. We are God creating God. God lives within us and through us. God experiences it all, right along with us.” (Sherry Gideon)

“We were conceived in love spiritually, and love is the center of our beings. It is the energy of our souls, the spark of our divine nature. Being made of love, we cleave to it and seek it in all that we do. When we do not have it, or when we have lost it, we grieve. Its presence or absence colors our every action. It is life. It is happiness. It is salvation itself.” (Betty Eadie)

“We are the human part of God.” (Mellen-Thomas Benedict)

“The human soul has the same power as God. We have exactly the same intensive power as God. We have the same potential as God within the human condition. The oneness of the Whole, or the wholeness of the One, being God, is ultimately powerful and unconditional love.” (Thomas Sawyer)

“God is expanding through us.” (Mellen-Thomas Benedict)

“We call ourselves children of God and co-creators made in the image of God. But it would be closer to the truth if we called ourselves extensions of God or thoughts in the Mind of God.” (P.M.H. Atwater)

“We are an individualized portion of God who has attained a perfect oneness with God – which is also our goal.” (Arthur Yensen)

“God is exploring Self through us in an infinite Dance of Life by every way imaginable, in an ongoing exploration through every one of us, through every piece of hair on our head, through every leaf on every tree, through every atom.” (Mellen-Thomas Benedict)

8. Humanity’s divine freedom of will

“The greatest gift we were ever given was the free will to create our own reality and experience the biggest, grandest version of ourselves.” (Sherry Gideon)

“God made a promise not to intervene in our lives unless asked.” (Betty Eadie)

“God does nothing to curb human freedom. However humans act, it is within God’s reality. By whatever path, humans return to God.” (Edgar Cayce)

“We are supposed to do whatever we want to do. That means making choices where there isn’t necessarily any right choice. There exists a spectrum of possibilities, and we should make the best choice we can from these possibilities. If we do that, we will receive help from above.” (Howard Storm)

“An important purpose for mortality is to help us learn to recognize and to choose the positive even though the negative more fully surrounds us. We make this choice consciously or unconsciously in every moment of the day, and these millions of tiny choices create the foundation of our identity. We are what we think. We are what we say, what we do, what we fill our lives with. Ultimately, every being creates himself by these countless, crucial choices.” (Betty Eadie)

“The freedom of one person is enough to change the whole universe.” (David Oakford)

“Everyone’s life is shaped to some extent by their karma. But karma is not greater than free will because with free will, anything is possible.” (Edgar Cayce)

“Our ability to accept truth, to live by it, governs our progress in the spirit, and it determines the degree of light we possess. Nobody forces light and truth upon us, and nobody takes it away unless we let them.” (RaNelle Wallace)

9. Humanity’s struggle with imperfection

“The hell fire of purification mentioned in many traditions is symbolic of the divine energy that dwells within the seven chakras of human beings. The struggle between our higher and lower selves grows until finally the destructive elements are completely overcome.” (Betty Bethards)

“Our body is constantly in opposition to our spirit. The flesh is weak but persistent. Although the spirit must battle constantly to overcome the flesh, and this battle strengthens the spirit’s influence over the body.” (Betty Eadie)

“In order to return to God we have to come to ourselves and realize that our lower nature is leading us down the road of materialism and of living only for ourselves. This causes us to turn away from God and our divine destiny. This caused us to forget who we are and it caused our spiritual death.” (Dr. George Ritchie)

“Our Father in Heaven created man in his own image — which is that of a perfect and multifaceted man. Women, too, are in the image of God and are multifaceted. Women’s bodies are co-creators of mortal life, and this makes us Godlike in a literal sense. In heaven, women and men are perfectly balanced in their roles and are equal. Standing side by side, they are perfect complements of each other.” (Betty Eadie)

“During my experience, I learned that there are two parts to every person. They can be described in various ways: male and female, intellectual and emotional, protective and nurturing, right brain and left brain. Often we go through life being one way or the other, but we can learn to balance both parts. Being off balance, too far one way or the other, keeps the spirit away from where it needs to be to achieve its greatest growth.” (Betty Eadie)

10. When human thoughts become deeds

“Our individual actions and thoughts make an impact on the Universal Mind – the Whole.” (Edgar Cayce)

“The small inner voice in our thoughts is the voice of God.” (Sandra Rogers)

“God is aware of the consciousness of every person.” (Edgar Cayce)

“Day by day we are building for eternity, every gentle word, every generous thought, every unselfish deed will become a pillar of eternal beauty in the life to come.” (Rebecca Springer)

“Our thoughts in this world become real things in the spirit world.” (Edgar Cayce)

“There is power in our thoughts. We create our own surroundings by the thoughts we think. Physically, this may take a period of time, but spiritually it is instantaneous. If we understood the power of our thoughts, we would guard them more closely. If we understood the awesome power of our words, we would prefer silence to almost anything negative. In our thoughts and words we create our own weaknesses and our own strengths. Our limitations and joys begin in our hearts.” (Betty Eadie)

“Truth comes to us in stages. As we assimilate and understand a layer, the next layer is peeled away for us to ruminate.” (Lauren Zimmerman)

“We are given knowledge only as we are ready to receive it.” (Betty Bethards)

“We must be ready to accept the possibility that there is a limitless range of awareness that can expand beyond our egos and range of everything we have learned, beyond your notions of space and time, beyond the differences which usually separate people from each other and from the world around them.” (Dr. Timothy Leary)

“We are made up of three different levels of consciousness: mind, soul and spirit. Our conscious mind is our personality. Our subconscious mind is our soul. Our superconscious mind is our spirit. When we “awaken” our superconscious mind, we attain at-one-ment with God.” (Edgar Cayce)