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Sherry Gideons’ Near-Death Experience

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Sherry Gideons (www.sherrygideons.com) emailed me her near-death experience (NDE) testimony many years ago for which I published on my archived website. I recently stumbled upon her NDE testimony in my archives and enjoyed reading it again immensely. For this reason, I decided to republish her testimony on my updated website. I know you will enjoy it.

About Sherry Gideons

Sherry Gideons is the host and creator of the High Vibe Nation Live Show & Podcast, and is an expert in manifestation and metaphysical principles. Sherry is an international #1 best-selling author, thought leader, and spiritual teacher. Sherry is the survivor of two near-death experiences and speaks to audiences worldwide about how to create your “Big Dream.” Her coaching programs have transformed the lives of thousands of private clients worldwide. Currently Sherry coaches and consults with clients interested in defining and achieving their mental, personal, relationship, health, financial and philanthropic goals.

Sherry Gideons’ Near-Death Experience

Sherry Gideons

I had found LOVE! I watched my spirit leave my body and release itself from this world of flesh.

I could see myself traveling through a tunnel of light that was a freedom. It is hard to describe in physical terms. I was moving freely at a high rate of speed, like a bird. Ahead the light became brighter and brighter until it overtook the darkness and left me feeling like I was in a fairy tale of brilliant light. This was the brightest light I had ever seen. But in spite of that, unlike the pain one might feel when walking into sunlight from a dark room, this light was complete love and soft to my eyes.

It was everything all at once: love, freedom, release, and the oneness of all that we are.

Suddenly I was in the presence of powerful spirits and love. I could feel them comforting me and preparing me for what was to come. Their love was that of complete serenity.

Then there was, off to my left, the source of all power. A powerful Being of Light was in front of me. As I gazed into its essence, I could see all shades of color as if a rainbow had exploded. I thought I was hugged with such a powerful source of love. Like a child held in its mother’s arms.

I felt comfortable in its presence – a knowingness that made me believe this energy had felt every feeling I had ever had. Looking at this being, I had the feeling that no one could love me more. No one could have more empathy, sympathy, encouragement, and non-judgmental compassion for me than this being. This being Was Love!

The source that was before me knew the pain I had experienced – knew that I wanted nothing more then to help others.

It was there that the source of God communicated with me. The communication was not the way that you and I communicate here on this planet – but that of power – the knowingness of communication telepathically.

I could hear everything through the senses. Spirits whom had lived with me in the flesh and had passed on before me were there to comfort and love me, as well as a group of spirits, guides and teachers whom all had been there with me to complete my journey and purpose for being on the planet.

Suddenly I was told by the strongest source of energy and love, that I had much work to still do on Earth. That I had not yet finished my purpose. That I was being given the choice of destruction or that of my dreams and goals – my purpose.

I was then shown what I can describe today as my life review – everything that I had experienced in my life as a human up until that point – what I now believe to be what the Bible speaks of as Judgment Day. It is not the brim and fire that seems scary in the Bible, but that of an experience of you judging you. The reliving of all your choices, love, hate, anger, infliction on others. The difference is that, in those moments that you created pain for others, you relive it as if you were inside them. You feel what it was like to feel the pain from their eyes.

I was then given what seemed like a time of reflection on the events of my life – some time to decide which choice to make.

I was then told that I was being given the choice to stay or to be given a second chance to complete my purpose. I was told that my purpose was a big mission. I was then told that I was being given a blessing to be shown what I had not yet finished.

At this point, I could feel this group of beings eliminate or pull from me the negative energy of my life in the physical world and fill me with love beyond what I can describe. I remember the scene was shown to me in a fairy tale city and setting – somewhat like I had always wished for in my life while alive. It was so beautiful. How could I not try? She was so kind and beautiful. I could feel her heart.

At this point, I watched a future that began to pass before my eyes as if it were a movie made to describe a fairytale and all that the princess ever wished for was granted. I was told that I was meant to lead – that I was a healer sent to Earth to pave the way for others to live. I was shown a movie of a woman who came to Earth to help people find their own individual greatness. She would become very well known in life for helping people to discover their own uniqueness, movies, TV, publishing, changing the idea of how the world looks at women, opening up spiritual schools for children, helping the world to understand death, the importance of our internal power. I would become a trendsetter, travel to third world countries and open up humanitarian foundations for the homeless and people in tragedy and need.

My greatest creations would be that of opening healing centers for women and children. I would speak all over the world to large groups of people on topics like anorexia, bulimia, drug abuse, sobriety, and how to discover that unique power within.

This whole time, I was comforted by the enormous love of the other beings. The spirit of my grandmother was also there. When she was alive, during the last year of her life in physical form, I had been afraid of her. I watched her go from a beautiful woman into a lifeless skeleton. She had died of lung cancer. During her last days, I was afraid to be around her, because she was not the woman I had known. She was frail and scary looking. After her death I had dreams for along time, as if she were haunting me. At twelve years old, I had to sleep with my parents. I was sure she was haunting me for me being afraid of her. In my moment of awakening, she was there too. She communicated this memory to me by sharing with me her reason for being there. My grandmother’s spirit shared with me that she was watching over me and protecting me.

The next vision the beings showed me was that of a man who was part of my life during these days of darkness. His name was Phil. I was told that I was to share with Phil the possibilities that would happen in his own life. Phil was given the same choice as I here in the physical world.

I was then shown why we are all here. We are here to experience the human experience. I was told if it were religion, we would all be hoping the religion we chose was the right one. We are not here to kill each other. We are here to help each other rise to the higher level of love.

I was told I would leave a lasting impression on the world that the world would never forget.

My whole life I was taught that sin and Satan was going to come get me if I did something bad. I was told that the sin and Satan we live is that of our own creation. That we are the true essence of God. That we are God creating God. “Ye are Gods.” God lives within us and through us. God experiences it all, right along with us. This is called “free will.” The greatest gift we were ever given was to create our own reality. To experience the biggest, grandest version of ourselves.

Teach the world to play. Teach them to rediscover the children in themselves. Teach the children to love each other and find the power of using their unique greatness together.

I obviously chose to try again. I heard in my head that I had made the promise to return and share with the world my story. I was told to tell. I also remember the beings continuously spoke to me through the words “I AM.”

The last thing that happened was when I watched my spirit descend back into my body. I could suddenly see myself lying on my bed. I could feel a light coming through the window that was so powerful beyond words. As I watched my spirit return to this body on the bed. I could hear the last words spoken to me:

“You must help the world to understand that they must give of themselves freely without expecting and love is all there is!”