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Roy Mills and His Memories of Pre-Existence

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Roy Mills remembers events that occurred before his birth, events that were as real and vivid as any experiences in his life. When he was born, he just never forgot them. These memories have always been natural and reassuring to him. It wasn’t until age ten that he realized most people don’t have such memories. This was his gift, and he was told by divine beings to share these memories with no one – not with his family, friends, or spiritual leaders – until he was given permission. In 1995, Mills was told by a heavenly messenger to write his story in a book and to tell what he remembers of life before his birth. The Soul’s Remembrance is that book. Now, nearly fifty years after his birth, Roy Mills humbly shares the memories of a glorious world that most of humanity has forgotten.

Roy Mills

In his book, The Soul’s Remembrance, Mills reveals the enormity of this pre-mortal world, an existence in which we grew in love as we prepared for our lives on Earth. He discloses our anxiousness to come here and how we selected challenges to test and strengthen us – challenges that would become sources of joy here and hereafter. He details encounters with Jesus, Mary, and God, revealing how he selected his life’s mission with God’s help, and then how, filled with both sorrow and anticipation, he was escorted from heaven to begin his mortal life.

After a lifetime of quiet trial, Roy was prepared to begin the greater part of his life’s mission: to share these memories that we might gain insights into our lives, the purpose of adversity, and the nature of God.

Throughout the account we see God’s plan for Roy unfold, and we recognize that nothing is without purpose, that everything happens for a reason. Applying the universal truths which Roy learned to our own lives leads to our own discoveries. We begin to see patterns emerging, as lessons we have faced are either learned or repeated. We see the hand of God guiding us to and through adversity. And we begin to see the awesome power of unconditional love – a love with which Roy Mills is filled.

Betty Eadie, the author of the groundbreaking book Embraced by the Light, is promoting Roy Mills’ work. The following is an interview with Roy Mills by Betty Eadie’s husband Tom.

Question: What is the “soul’s remembrance?”

Roy: The ability to remember heaven and never lose contact with it. My soul never had a veil placed over it to shield me from the memories of heaven. I was granted the gift of being born without the veil, and I’m able to remember heaven.

Question: Why can’t everyone have this memory?

Roy: Because if we all remembered heaven, it would alter our earthly experience and our opportunity to learn. That’s why there is a veil put over everyone’s memory. Through prayer, your spirit can tap into these memories and bring them to your mind as truths.

Question: So, when I have inspiration, or just “know” something, it’s my spirit remembering that knowledge from heaven?

Roy: Yes. Through prayer and meditation, you can tap into knowledge and truth from heaven. More than likely, you were shown this information in the Life Book’s long before you left heaven.

Question: What is a Life Book?

Roy: It is a large, white book, about six inches thick. It contains pure white pages that show you information about anything you want to know. I guess you could call it the pure knowledge of God, and it only operates on God’s command. You don’t really read it though, you watch it.

Question: What is heaven like?

Roy: Wonderful! It’s full of light. It’s a joyful place full of learning. You can see all kinds of things and ask questions about anything that you want to know. There’s never a dull moment in heaven. There’s always something going on. I talk about many of these things in my book, The Soul’s Remembrance.

Question: When you were young, was it hard for you to remember heaven and still live here on Earth?

Roy: Well, around the age of twelve, I started to become quite earthbound in my thinking, especially in my teenage years with my friends. I wanted to be just like them. I had a lot of peer pressure, and I went out hootin’ and hollerin’ with them just so I could fit in. I basically tried to shove those memories into the back of my mind and push them aside. I kind of thought everyone had these memories. Nobody talked about them, so I didn’t either. And, too, the angels told me not to talk about them.

Question: Are your friends here on Earth the same friends you had in heaven?

Roy: Yes. Our best friends here were quite often with us there. And it’s the same with our families. We made plans together about things we would do and events we would share on Earth. We really got into the planning part. A lot of the people who are important in our lives here on Earth are people we met in heaven, even if it was just for a short while to discuss a few things that would effect our lives in a small way.

Question: Did we make plans and promises with them?

Roy: Yes. We would make plans and promises, and most people keep them here. In heaven I had three best friends who I remember, and they are all my best friends here.

Question: Are these your soul mates?

Roy: Yes.

Question: Did we each plan our missions for Earth then?

Roy: Yes. The angels in heaven showed us what we needed to grow spiritually and worked with us in choosing life experiences that would teach us the things we needed to learn. They would give us choices from which to choose our life’s experiences. But any experience chosen would teach us the lessons we needed to learn in that area of our spiritual growth.

Question: Our souls seem to have this greatness and knowledge, but there’s quite a struggle with this earthly body.

Roy: There is, especially these days. Children, when they’re younger — sometimes two or three years old — and before they become earthbound, still have those memories. They are still in daily communication with their angel guides.

Question: Is that why children will stare into the corner at apparently nothing, but seem amused and laughing?

Roy: And they’ll look like they see something. Basically, they are seeing something, because their spiritual eyes are still open.

Question: So, are they playing with their angels?

Roy: Yeah, absolutely. The angels used to talk with me until I was several years old.

Question: Do you still talk to angels?

Roy: Yes. Although, it’s much less frequent than during my childhood.

Question: Do angels assist us in our missions here?

Roy: Yes. They help us more than we will ever know. Angels are more aware of what we need than we are. And they are more willing to help us than we are willing to be helped. But never forget that the angels only act as they are directed from our Spirit Father, or God, as people refer to Him

Question: What memories do you have from heaven about the future?

Roy: Well, I know when I’m going to die. Of course, I don’t want to share that. But after I return to heaven, they’ve got quite a bit of stuff lined up for me to do. Most of the things I remember of the future I’m not supposed to share, so I don’t.

Question: What is the message of The Soul’s Remembrance?

Roy: Just know that there is hope out there. Don’t think that this world is a dead-end street when you die, because it isn’t. If anything, in heaven you feel much more alive than you will ever feel here. This physical place is for just a short time, like a vacation. You visit, try to find your way around, and just when you think you’ve got it down, it’s time to go home. When you go home to heaven, you know exactly where you are, what you’re doing. It’s just a wonderful place. There’s no hatred, just love, kindness, and mercy. It’s one huge family there. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Remember, the spirit is strong and willing and understands everything instantly, but this old, slow body, unfortunately, takes a while to learn sometimes. Everybody on this Earth, no matter who they are, is very important. You are watched over and loved by many angels every day, all day. God knows you have problems. He is excited that you are learning and growing, and He can’t wait until you return to Him. Remember that there is no such thing as a worthless person. We are all children of the most loving God, and there is no such thing as death, only separation. I hope this is what people get from my book. I would encourage anyone to read it who wants to know more about heaven.

“Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting,” said Wordsworth. It is clear that Wordsworth didn’t know Roy Mills.