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Donna Gatti’s NDE and Angel Visions Research

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Donna Gatti is the owner of Angel Academy (www.angelacademy.com), a website devoted to angel lovers, the study of spirituality, and the attainment of enlightenment. She is also the author of the books When Angels Speak (1997), Angels and Alchemy (2003), and Swedenborg’s Daughter: Memoirs of a Mystic (2012). Her stated goal is to connect people with their guardian angel and spiritual guides.

Donna Gatti

As a translator for these heavenly beings, she delivers personal messages, word for word, from beyond the veil. She describes what is called “The Angel’s Guarantee of Love, Honor, and Truth:

Love: You cannot imagine the depth and magnitude of your angels’ love. They smile upon you as they observe the good things that you do. When you make a mistake, they encourage you to get up and keep going. They shower you with loving thoughts and gentle feelings as you struggle to overcome the difficulties of daily living. Always they are at your side, these faithful and wise companions. In the morning, your guardians greet you with warm enthusiasm, thrilled for another new day of serving you. At night, they stroke your brow with tender affection, as you are serenely cherished. There is nothing on Earth that can compare to the power of an angel’s openhearted love.

Honor: Angels honor you for simply being you. There are no rules in the spiritual realm other than “to be.” Therefore, angels do not judge, condemn or criticize. You do not have to say or do anything at all to be worthy to receive. Angels respect you for the brilliant light that shines forth from your soul. You deserve honor because you possess a noble spirit. As a child of the Creator, you are spiritual royalty.

Truth: Telling someone the truth is an act of love. Your angels want you to know what is true and what is not. As the veil of illusion is lifted, you will see yourself and others differently. When you view the world as it really is, pain and suffering leave you. Grief and sadness dissolve into a greater understanding. Peace of mind comes to those who strive for truth.

Donna Gatti’s NDE and the Wonderful Insights She Learned

Within each of us dwells a mystic, a powerful source of spiritual energy and divine intelligence. This brilliant light inside your soul longs to be set free, to shine and radiate magic in your life. Allow it to come forth and rejuvenate you. As the angels refresh your memories of Home, you will recall why you were born and what you are here to do. You are a child of God, the Creator of the Universe, and you have certain unalienable rights. Step forward and claim your inheritance.

My clients have experienced the joy of communicating with their angels; they have felt the love that exists only in the hidden realms. At this precious moment in time, I have been given permission to perform this sacred work. Many others have learned the names of their angels and received heavenly guidance. You can too. The world is changing. Soon, everybody will be in direct communication with his or her angels and guides.

My angels have granted all of my requests, and your angels can do the same for you. I am deeply indebted to these marvelous beings of light, and they have asked me to do only one thing in return:

“Bring humankind nearer to us. We wish to come closer to them, but their fears place us at a distance. One tiny step towards our dimension gives us the permission we need to work miracles in their lives. We long to embrace them with love; we yearn to guide them and whisper into their mind’s ear the words they need to hear. We pray for them, yet they cannot hear our prayers. They feel desolate and alone. It is now time for angels and humanity to come together, to join hands with one another, and to create Heaven on Earth.”

My first encounter with angels occurred in 1974. While undergoing a surgical procedure, the doctor made a mistake, cut an artery, and I lost too much blood to sustain life. As my physical body lay dying on the operating table, I rose up and surveyed the situation. I noticed that the doctors and nurses were upset, and were working desperately to save me. In my ethereal body, with my mental faculties and personality intact, I went nose-to-nose with each one and told them to relax, that I was okay, but they ignored me. Frustrated, I moved higher up, away from my body, and began to fly. Gravity had no effect on me. Flying was natural and effortless, sort of like swimming underwater, but in an ocean of brilliant white light.

During my near-death experience, two Escort Angels came to take me Home. Since then, I have been in touch with the celestial realm. I have seen angels as big as skyscrapers and others as small as a pinpoint of light. Archangel Michael, the Buddha, White Eagle, Warrior Angels, sepia-colored cherubs, and dancing light beings have shown themselves to me. I have entered the Halls of Knowledge and received instructions from the Great White Brotherhood, an organization on the ethereal plane that is dedicated to the spiritual evolution of humanity. There is no discrimination of any kind on the Other Side. “Great” and “White” refer to the loving white light in the higher dimensions. As no one is above or below another, what one can do all can do. I have seen, and you can too.

I heard a kind and gentle voice speak. Without my asking, the Voice answered all the big questions about life. Then, my smallest concerns were addressed as if they were matters of great importance. When the Voice told me why Aunt Bettie married Uncle Fred, I giggled with joy and contentment. My curiosity had been completely satisfied, and I felt like a child held in the arms of a loving parent after a hard day at school. The Voice in the Light had anticipated and joyfully fulfilled my needs and desires, with good humor, extreme love and enormous tenderness.

The nurse yelled, “We’re losing her,” and at the sound of distress I was propelled upward. The farther up I went, the brighter the Light became. Two cherubs appeared, one on either side of me, and we slowly drifted to the corner of the ceiling. We communicated through mental telepathy, which is faster and more efficient than mere words. They told me they were Escort Angels and had come to take me Home. But before we could go, I had to look at the body I was leaving behind. She was twenty-five years old and in perfect health, except for the loss of blood and spirit. I determined that the situation was not serious enough, and in less than an instant I reentered my physical body through the navel. I was back on Earth and suffering from Homesickness.

I looked up at the ceiling to see the Escort Angels fly through the wall, and I became emotionally distraught. I was embarrassed because I had forgotten to thank them for coming to get me. Years later, whenever I thought about my lack of good manners, I cringed inside. One day, I heard one of them say, “Why don’t you thank us now?” I laughed, relieved that I could right a wrong. I said, “Thank you,” and I saw balloons, confetti, and two tiny cherubs dancing in celebration.

Donna Gatti’s Reincarnation Experiences

At the age of four, I suddenly recalled my prior lives. Time stood still as I watched my mother on her hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor. The walls and ceiling dissolved into nothingness, and the roof disappeared from our house. A physical sensation came over me, as if an unseen force had placed a Cloak of Protection around my shoulders. Mother’s words could not be heard above that peculiar rushing sound of the ethereal silence. My spiritual eyes witnessed a substance, which looked like grains of black sand, being poured into the crown of my head. At that precise moment, I saw a long line of women who had been my mothers in previous lifetimes. And I knew, with that strange and wonderful sense of knowingness, that I was not a helpless child but a powerful spiritual being on an extended journey, a long way from Home.

A similar episode occurred when I was fifteen. Fighting in Vietnam had just begun and our boys were going off to war. As my girlfriends discussed the situation, I found myself outside of present time. I was transported to airspace over a battlefield, looking down at the bloody carnage. I was one of the dead soldiers wearing an American Civil War uniform. I recalled rising up, out of the confines of my physical body. But before I (my ethereal body) could leave the Earth’s atmosphere, I had to view the scene below. There was a lesson to be learned, and it would reveal itself to me only if I looked to find it.

While gazing at the wounded young man’s body, which I had inhabited only seconds ago, I made a vow. I promised myself that I would never again participate in a war. To lose precious life in a fight against my fellow man, a war declared by men who did not shed a drop of their own blood, was stupid and senseless. I vowed to find another way. Since then, I have reincarnated over and over again, but always as a woman.

I work for the angels. They give me a specific job to do and all the help I need to complete it. My first project was to act as scribe for “When Angels Speak: Messages from the Keepers of The Lion’s Gate,” which I co-authored with Nadira Duran. It is available in paperback at our bookstore.

Angels and Alchemy” is the title of my second book, which was published in the summer of 2003. An e-book version will be out very soon. If you love angels and want to know more about what they do and how they do it, this is the right book for you. Written in novel form, Angels and Alchemy is based on ancient wisdom and spiritual truths. The story reveals secrets nobody knows unless he or she has actually seen and conversed with heavenly beings.

The angels made me their writer, even though I did not go to college and hold no professional degrees of any kind. Universities cannot prepare a person to do spiritual work. My credentials are mystical experiences and encounters with angels. I’ve been to the Other Side on many occasions and have learned the language of Spirit. It is important to know that extraordinary things can and do happen to ordinary people like me. When you know that such wonders actually exist, then you begin to dream of having your own. You can have what you want and everything you need. All is within the ream of possibility. First one, and then another, until everyone has the ability to travel with ease beyond the veil.

My current task is connecting people with their angels and spiritual guides. I walk the bridge between Heaven and Earth, in search of spiritual nourishment. The angels have asked me to step forward and hold my lamp high, so that those who seek can find their way.

Donna Gatti
Angel Academy, donna@angelacademy.com