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Part 8: Reincarnation in the Bible

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2. Resources and Links

a. Reincarnation eBooks
Reincarnation Books from Amazon in Kindle eBook Format
Reincarnation Books from Amazon in Free Kindle Unlimited eBook Format
Google Search for Reincarnation eBooks

b. Reincarnation Books
Reincarnation Books from Amazon

c. Reincarnation Websites

(1) Reincarnation Researchers

Dr. Ian Stevenson’s Reincarnation Research – www.near-death.com
Scientific Proof of Reincarnation: Dr. Ian Stevenson’s Life Work – www.reluctant-messenger.com
Jim B. Tucker, M.D. Official Site – www.jimbtucker.com
Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson, University of Iceland Faculty Site – www.notendur.hi.is
Dr. Satwant Pasricha, Parapsychology Foundation – www.pflyceum.org
Carol Bowman, M.S. Official Site – www.carolbowman.com
Walter Semkiw, M.D., Institute for the Integration of Science, Intuition and Spirit – www.iisis.net
James G. Matlock, Ph.D., Signs of Reincarnation – www.jamesgmatlock.net
Paul Von Ward, Ph.D., The Reincarnation Experiment – www.reincarnationexperiment.org
Rob Schwartz, PLSRt, BLSRt, Your Soul’s Plan – www.yoursoulsplan.com
Brian L. Weiss, M.D. Official Site – www.brianweiss.com
Dr. Bruce Goldberg, Past & Future Life Hypnotherapy – www.drbrucegoldberg.com
Kevin Williams, B.Sc., Reincarnation Evidence of the Afterlife – www.near-death.com

(2) Reincarnation Main Websites
Division of Perceptual Studies, Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences, University of Virginia – med.virginia.edu
Reincarnation Research – www.reincarnationresearch.com
Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment – www.edgarcayce.org
Institute for the Integration of Science, Intuition and Spirit – www.iisis.net
Reincarnation: The Lost Christian Doctrine – www.near-death.com
In Another Life: Reincarnation In America – www.ial.goldthread.com
Skeptiko Podcast, Past Live Archives – www.skeptiko.com
Crystalinks: Reincarnation – www.crystalinks.com
Victor Zammit, A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife: Reincarnation – www.victorzammit.com
The Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy – www.newtoninstitute.org

(3) Reincarnation Cases
IISIS Reincarnation Research Case Studies – www.iisis.net
15 People With REALLY Believable Evidence For Their Claim They’re Reincarnated – www.ranker.com
10 Claims of Physical Evidence For Reincarnation – www.listverse.com
10 Interesting Cases of Supposed Reincarnation – www.listverse.com
The Evidence for Reincarnation: Scientifically Documented True Stories – www.consciouslifestylemag.com
The Case of Shanti Devi – www.carolbowman.com
Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy: Evidence of Reincarnation Through Coincidence and Synchronicity – www.near-death.com
The Reincarnation of General John B. Gordon and Fire Chief Jeffrey Keene– www.near-death.com
John Hogue as the Reincarnation of Nostradamus– www.near-death.com
Peter Teekamp as the Reincarnation of Artist Paul Gauguin– www.near-death.com
David Wilcock as the Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce– www.near-death.com
The Reincarnation of Jenny Cockell: The True Story of a Woman Who Has Lived Before! – www.exemplore.com
The Reincarnation of Carl Edon: The Most Convincing and Bizarre Story Ever Told – www.exemplore.com
Proof of Reincarnation? This Boy Can Remember Specific Details About His Previous Life – www.collective-evolution.com
Submarine Reincarnation: Bruce Kelly Believes He’s a Reincarnated Sailor From World War II – www.unsolved.com
The Society for Psychical Research’s Psi Encyclopedia: Children With Past Life Memories – psi-encyclopedia.spr.ac.uk
Bongkuch Promsin (Thailand)
Duminda Ratnayake (Sri Lankan)
James Leininger (American)
Kumkum Verma (Hindu)
Nazih Al-Danaf (Lebanese)
Pretiba Gunawardana (Sri Lankan)
Ratana Wongsombat (Thailand)
Sumitra Singh (Hindu)
Thusita Silva (Sri Lankan)
Wael Kiwan (Lebanese Druze)

(4) Reincarnation Articles
Ian Stevenson’s Case for the Afterlife: Are We ‘Skeptics’ Really Just Cynics? — blogs.scientificamerican.com
The Science of Reincarnation: UVA Psychiatrist Jim Tucker Investigates Claims of Past Lives — www.uvamagazine.org
NorthWest Spiritism: Reincarnation Articles — www.nwspiritism.com
May a Christian Believe in Reincarnation? — www.ocoy.org
Christian Reincarnation Articles on Near-Death.com — www.near-death.com
Reincarnation in Early Christianity — www.near-death.com
Reincarnation in Early Church History — www.near-death.com
Reincarnation in Christian History — www.near-death.com
Reincarnation In Judaism — www.near-death.com
Christian Classics Ethereal Library: Fathers of the Third Century: Tertullian…Origen, etc. — www.ccel.org
Christian Reincarnation and The Way of the Nazirene Disciple — reincarnation.nazirene.org
Ebionite Restoration: Christian Renewal, Reincarnation in Christianity — www.ebionite.com
The Essene Nazarean Way of Essenic Studies — www.thenazareneway.com
Christians and Reincarnation — www.beliefnet.com
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The Third Testament: Reincarnation in the Bible — en.144000.net

(5) Reincarnation in the News
“Return To Life”: How Some Children Have Memories of Reincarnation — www.today.com
Carl Sagan: “Reincarnation Deserves Serious Study.” Years Later and the Results Are In — www.collective-evolution.com
Did Science Just Prove Reincarnation? A Look At The Soul’s Journey After “Death” — www.collective-evolution.com
Video Interview with Dr. Jim Tucker, Reincarnation Researcher at the University of Virginia — www.theepochtimes.com
Reincarnation and Psychic Research: Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson Discusses — www.theepochtimes.com
Are Birthmarks Connected to Violent Death in Past Life? — www.theepochtimes.com
Revealed: The Scientific Proof That Shows Reincarnation Is Real — www.express.co.uk
Soul Searching Doctor Makes Shock Claim That Reincarnation Is Real – www.thesun.co.uk
One Soul, Many Bodies: The Case For Reincarnation — www.consciouslifenews.com
Scientific Research Finds Evidence That Reincarnation Is a Reality — www.learning-mind.com

(6) Reincarnation YouTube Videos
Scientific Evidence for Reincarnation by Dr. Ian Stevenson – by Reincarnation108 (29 min)
In Another Life: Reincarnation in America – by ssake1(57 min)
By the Emperor’s Command Documentary – by The144000
By the Emperor’s Command (Chapter 1): Banning Reincarnation (24 min)
By the Emperor’s Command (Chapter 2): The Bible’s Reincarnation Code (14 min)
By the Emperor’s Command (Chapter 3): Reincarnation Case Studies (22 min)
By the Emperor’s Command (Chapter 4): Reincarnation as Seen By a True Skeptic (13 min)
Reincarnation and the Bible Documentary – by Spiritualism Network
Reincarnation and the Bible: Part 1 (38 min)
Reincarnation and the Bible: Part 2 (38 min)
Reincarnation and the Bible: Part 3 (7 min)
Bill Donahue’s Lecture’s on Reincarnation – by Bill Donahue
Bill Donahue’s Lecture #55: Jesus On Reincarnation. Born Again & Again & Again (59 min)
Bill Donahue’s Lecture #217: Radical Reincarnation. Second Time Around Is Radical (53 min)
Bill Donahue’s Lecture #397: Gnostics The Great Secret (40 min)
Bill Donahue’s Lecture #609: Carl Jung Gnostics (47 min)
Bill Donahue’s Lecture #776: Preparation For Reincarnation (44 min)
Reincarnation and the Bible – by Real Israelites (56 min)
Gnosis: The Unknown Jesus – by JesusUniverse1 (87 min)
Gnostics Documentary – by lecturesbeyondbeyond
Gnostics (Part 1): Knowledge of the Heart (53 min)
Gnostics (Part 2): Cathars and Bogomils, the True Christians (53 min)
Gnostics (Part 3): The Divinity of Man (52 min)
Gnostics (Part 4): Crack in the Universe (53 min)
Gnostic Cosmology and the Secret Book of John by Dan Attrell – by The Modern Hermeticist (52 min)
Stephan Hoeller’s Seven Sermons to the Dead Documentary – by Source Of Origin
Stephan Hoeller’s Seven Sermons to the Dead (Intro): Jung and the Gnostics (75 min)
Stephan Hoeller’s Seven Sermons to the Dead (Part 1): Jung the Gnostic Prophet and his Seven Sermons (75 min)
Stephan Hoeller’s Seven Sermons to the Dead (Part 2): Fullness, Sun and Abraxas (81 min)
Stephan Hoeller’s Seven Sermons to the Dead (Part 3): Cosmic Opposites (74 min)
Stephan Hoeller’s Seven Sermons to the Dead (Part 4): The Way Beyond the Stars (63 min)
Stephan Hoeller’s Seven Sermons to the Dead (Part 5): Abraxas Amulets in Image and Reality (75 min)
Stephan Hoeller’s Seven Sermons to the Dead (Part 6): Why and Wherefore of Gnostic Gems (84 min)
Mysteries of the Bible: Banned from the Bible – by crazyloverofjesus (89 min)
Gnosis: Secrets of the Kabbalah – by Raphael Panameno (84 min)
The Lost Gospel of Thomas: Unknown Teachings of Yeshua – by Ted Nottingham (65 min)

(7) Christian Reincarnation on Wikipedia

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(8) Reincarnation on Psi Encyclopedia

Adult Past-Life Memories Research – by Karen Wehrstein
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Replacement Reincarnation (Walk-In) – by James G Matlock
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